Tips for the CIO’s to Overcome the IT Infrastructure Management Challenges by HCLISD


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									   Tips for the CIO’s to Overcome the IT Infrastructure Management Challenges

As the CIO of your company you are plagued with many concerns that can impact your business
influentially. The challenges of providing quality services faster in the market within a limited budget,
ensuring a safe environment for storage of confidential business information, providing support for both
internal and external customers, aligning the IT processes with the business objectives and optimizing the
IT infrastructure to gain maximum benefits are overwhelming. The IT infrastructure that you employ
should have the capabilities to respond positively to the changing requirements. It should provide a
flexible platform that facilitates integration amongst the processes.

The IT infrastructure management service model has moved on from rental servers in a remote data
center to customized and standardized services across varied environments. The IT infrastructure
management service today is a cloud based process that gives you the benefit of paying only for the IT
services that you use, thereby controlling your costs. You require a collaborative service model that
provides remote infrastructure management services and facilitates an onshore-offshore model for
service deliveries. Here are few pointers that will help you assess the qualities of a befitting service


The worth of an ideal model can be gauged by its ability to provide quality services consistently while
adapting to the changing demands in the environment. A versatile IT infrastructure that can smoothly
incorporate the changes provides your business a competitive edge.


The IT infrastructure that helps in optimization of resources, aligns the processes with the business
objectives and eliminates time consuming procedures leverages the efficiency of your business
operations and delivers productive results.


The service model should provide cost-effective solutions and help in extracting maximum revenues
without the need for any heavy investments


The IT infrastructure that delivers high speed services, demonstrates admirable proficiency in information
security and disaster recovery and mitigates risks is the best model that will render positive results.

An infrastructure with immense interoperability capabilities provides significant support to your business
when adapting to the changes in the environment while maintaining the consistency in the standards.

        Green Technology

The deployment of energy-efficient processes with the establishment of a green datacenter helps in
saving on costs and ensuring the release of non toxic elements in the environment.

Automated solutions that provide you with consistent, real-time online monitoring services, enhanced
visibility, optimized management and datacenter virtualization processes deliver profitable results.

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