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									Often it was said that if you do not like your job like being a teacher then better
quit teaching. Some may consider it a good solution especially if you are not
satisfied with your work. But quitting is also surrendering. As a young adult and
a professional, such an act is unacceptable.

In fact, you need to really look if quitting teaching is indeed appropriate. In fact,
there are many things to consider before deciding to end the occupation.
Whenever possible, you should be fairly objective in coming to a reasonable
solution. After all you are not the only one dependent on the position. You got
your family to support, as well. Here are the reasons why to quit teaching is not
the right solution.

Reason 1: It is your financial
resource. Education for one is a
major source of income. If this is
your bread and butter as well as
important for you to support your
needs and desires then quitting is
not the answer. Leaving the
teaching profession is not
suggested if this is your primary
monetary resource. Even if you feel
unsatisfied yet you have no other
diversion or career path then it
would be advised that you stick
with it. Just leave the said
profession if you already have a
good job alternative.

Reason 2: If you got no option. We all have choices to make. But if education
is your only fallback, then you have no choice but to stay and remain in it. This is
suggested particularly for those who are already old in age and are already
comfortable with teaching. If you believe that education is the only way to go
until retirement and you do not want to do something else then better stay. What
you do need to change your current view is to have a positive mindset that will
help you continue working.

Reason 3: If many are dependent on you. As a teacher you are not there
alone, your profession is to serve others. Thus, you should note that you are not
only working for you and your family. You are also working for your students,
teachers and for the school administrator. Teaching is perhaps a profession that
touches many lives. You might not be enthusiastic about your profession, but
others are and eager to listen. This reason alone is enough to suffice that you
should not quit teaching.
Some of these reasons actually suggest that to quit teaching is never the right
solution. In fact, there are still many reasons that you can seek. In general, do not
just work for the money, consider those around you and who look forward to
you. When you quit teaching, you lose this noble profession and others as well,
thus think very hard if such a decision is worth it.

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