Create a Public Registry for Animal Abusers in India - Sukanya Kadyan

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					To:        Chairperson, NAC (Smt. Sonia Gandhi), Hon'ble Speaker Lok Sabha, Minister for
           Environment and Forest (Smt. Jayanthi Natarajan), OIPA in India, Director, AWD
           (Shri Anjani Kumar), Vice President of India (Hon'ble Shri Hamid Ansari), Prime
           Minister of India (Hon'ble Sardar Manmohan Sngh), and President of India, New
           Delhi (HE Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil)
Subject:   Create a Public Registry for Animal Abusers in India - Abhishek Kadyan

Letter:    Greetings,

           Please ask Animal Welfare Board of India - AWBI and Animal Welfare Division to
           Prepare Nation's First Public Database Tracking Animal Cruelty Offenders in the
           interest of animals because with out this database, all concerned enforcement
           agencies are failed to prove second offense against animals.
           OIPA in India and PFA Haryana will appreciate if a website be launched for online
           registration crime against animals, updates as well till final judgements, said
           Sukanya Kadyan.
           Matter taken up vide No. MOEAF/E/2011/00282 dated 18th July, 2011 via
           Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances and vide
           PRSEC/E/2011/11509 with the President of India's office by Naresh Kadyan,
           founder chairman, PFA Haryana and representing OIPA in India.

           Please take the necessary steps to ensure a registry to identify animal abusers is
           put into effect. Animals and humans alike deserve your best efforts to keep them

           Animal Welfare Board of India - AWBI is going to celebrate its golden jubilee but till
           date they never prepared a list of animal abusers in India, where as UN affiliated
           OIPA chapter in India along with the PFA Haryana are going to release a list of
           animal abusers in India on the eve of golden jubilee celebrations of AWBI. It is
           advised to AWBI:
           1. Prepare and release a list of animal abusers - Souvenir.
           2. All registered AWO's be asked to celebrate adopting stray animals / on spot
           3. AWBI head quarter be shifted from Chennai to NCR.
           4. Advertisement / donations / Event sponsorship and active participation required
           from the MNC's / Corporate houses.
           5. Award / Recognition to the active and result oriented activist be given and funds
           be generated by the AWBI its own.
Name                    Location                                  Date

Abhishek Kadyan         Delhi, India                              2011-07-18
lisbeth Jensen          Dronninglund, Denmark                     2011-07-18
Linda Szymoniak         Schererville, IN                          2011-07-18
Rochat Sylvie           La Sarraz, Switzerland                    2011-07-18
Paula Lloyd             Burton on Trent, United Kingdom           2011-07-18
JOHN RICHARD YOUNG      East Norriton Township / Norristown, PA   2011-07-18
cheryl monroe           Redlands,, Afghanistan                    2011-07-18
Andy andyMaidlow        Brighton, United Kingdom                  2011-07-18
Jon Spinac              New York, NY                              2011-07-18
BEVERLEY HOLDEN         CONWY, United Kingdom                     2011-07-18
lee day                 stanhope, NM                              2011-07-18
Ioana Mitu              Bucharest, Romania                        2011-07-18
Sarah D'Agostino        San Diego, CA                             2011-07-18
DW                      Lakewood, WA                              2011-07-18
rochelle perry          Willingboro, NJ                           2011-07-18
Paul Taeza              Oxnard, CA                                2011-07-18
Paul Brogan             Concord, NH                               2011-07-18
Paola Ghidotti          Vigevano, Italy                           2011-07-18
kenneth knoppik         boca raton, FL                            2011-07-18
Lori Kegler             San Pedro, CA                             2011-07-18
Akiko Motomura          London,, United Kingdom                   2011-07-18
Humanitarianism First   Ridley Park, PA                           2011-07-18
Michal Kolman           Kozojedy u Kralovic, Czech Republic       2011-07-18
Mary Truelove           Martinsville, IN                          2011-07-18
BT                      Huntsville, AL                            2011-07-18
Dr Manolas              Queens, NY                                2011-07-18
Yee Yean Lim            Seri Kembangan, Malaysia                  2011-07-18
Name                    Location                   Date

Ginger Geronimo         Birmingham, AL             2011-07-18
Valerie Hildebrand      Winnipeg, MB., Canada      2011-07-18
Elisabeth Bechmann      St. Pölten, Austria        2011-07-18
Iwona Janeczko          Warsaw, Poland             2011-07-18
Lisa Koehl              Brooklyn, CT               2011-07-18
Colin Rajah             San Leandro, CA            2011-07-18
Edmund Weisberg         Philadelphia, PA           2011-07-18
john lopez              reno, NV                   2011-07-18
petra cruijs            tocco da casauria, Italy   2011-07-18
Alex P                  Scranton, PA               2011-07-18
Irena Gabut             Krakow, Poland             2011-07-18
Mervi Rantala           Tampere, Finland           2011-07-18
Renate Thomee           Limburg, Netherlands       2011-07-18
Dick Lee                Grand Rapids, MI           2011-07-18
Mary Ann Smale          Steuben, ME                2011-07-18
Lilo Prinz              Au/ZH, AL                  2011-07-18
Alicia Guevara          Buenos Aires, Argentina    2011-07-18
dragana granic          bugojno, AZ                2011-07-18
andrea steinke          london, AL                 2011-07-18
Anne Kirkwood           Bradenton, FL              2011-07-18
Carol E McCormick       Rockville, MD              2011-07-18
Patricia Tinney         Penn Yan, NY               2011-07-18
Ángel Marina            Palma de Mallorca, Spain   2011-07-18
gro ottesen             stavanger, NV              2011-07-18
OUAI Dalila             PARIS, France              2011-07-18
Kelsey Miller           Brick, NJ                  2011-07-18
Angela Pryce Hemmings   Mallorca, Spain            2011-07-18
Nicole Weber            Pasadena, MD               2011-07-18
Ingrid Peetermans       Dilbeek, Belgium           2011-07-18
Name                           Location                         Date

Kathleen Basiewicz             Dana, NC                         2011-07-18
Julia Tawyea'                  Lake Ariel, PA                   2011-07-18
Alison O.                      Augusta, GA                      2011-07-18
Carina Eriksson                Billesholm, Sweden               2011-07-18
Josh Alfonso                   Deerfield Beach, FL              2011-07-18
Lorri Makela                   Angel Fire, NM                   2011-07-18
Lindsey Powell                 Essex, United Kingdom            2011-07-18
Marilyn Martin                 Rockville, MD                    2011-07-18
inez in 't Veld                gouda, WY                        2011-07-18
Aleasha Casaretto              Collyeville, TX                  2011-07-18
katira tejeda                  plano, TX                        2011-07-18
Beth Animal Protector          galt, CA                         2011-07-18
Paige Harrison, R.N.           New York, NY                     2011-07-18
NR                             Ste-Florence, Canada             2011-07-18
Filomena Viana                 melksham, NY                     2011-07-18
Paul Haider                    Chicago, IL                      2011-07-18
Tatiana Torres                 Bogota, Colombia                 2011-07-18
Cristina Seica                 Anadia, Portugal                 2011-07-18
Tracey Redmond                 Congleton, United Kingdom        2011-07-18
chris beal                     louth, TX                        2011-07-18
Bobbie Murray                  Raleigh, NC                      2011-07-18
joelle coudriou                paris, France                    2011-07-18
Laurie Brewer                  Barberton, OH                    2011-07-18
jake wolfhart     Peace Dude   Capitan, NM                      2011-07-18
annmarie devine                the rosses co donegal, Ireland   2011-07-18
Daniela Passini                Frankfurt am Main, Germany       2011-07-18
JOAN YIELDING                  ST LOUIS, MO                     2011-07-18
Andrea Da Costa                Melbourne, Australia             2011-07-18
Cassandra Browning             Salem, OR                        2011-07-18
Name                 Location                     Date

Jackie Tryggeseth    Sauk City, WI                2011-07-18
Stephen Mead         Albany, NY                   2011-07-18
Albert Mah           Como, Australia              2011-07-18
Joy Bergstrom        Wake Forest, NC              2011-07-18
Gabrielle Sweet      Palm Harbor, FL              2011-07-18
june bullied         toronto, CA                  2011-07-18
Arlene Robins        Surrey, Canada               2011-07-18
Paulina Hoppel       Poznan, Poland               2011-07-18
Marina Asher         Brooklyn, NY                 2011-07-18
Cindy Brower         Chicago, IL                  2011-07-18
Larry D. Grazier     Lexington, TX                2011-07-18
me                   glen waverley, Australia     2011-07-18
Samantha L           Chicago, IL                  2011-07-18
Jade Kiran           San Francisco, CA            2011-07-18
Mike Antone          Buckeye, AZ                  2011-07-18
annie cowling        danbury, CT                  2011-07-18
Kate Kenner          Jamaica Plain, MA            2011-07-18
Agi Straková         UIO, Ecuador                 2011-07-18
Denise L.            Fords, NJ                    2011-07-18
valérie DISLE        SAINT LEU LA FORET, France   2011-07-18
Catherine Turley     Orange, CA                   2011-07-18
ARTURITU DE SIMONS   MEXICO, Mexico               2011-07-18
Kim Trebesch         Victoria, TX                 2011-07-18
Ellen G              Sussex, WI                   2011-07-18
Ron Avila            San Francisco, CA            2011-07-18
KO                   N. Saanich, Canada           2011-07-18
Michelle McCaulley   Corrales, NM                 2011-07-18
kd                   Chicago, IL                  2011-07-18
Elsie Au             St. Louis, MO                2011-07-18
Name                       Location                     Date

olivier GOMES              SAINT LEU LA FORET, France   2011-07-18
MG                         Hillsborough, NC             2011-07-18
Simone Duffin              Australia, Australia         2011-07-18
Julie Halvorson            Westminster, CO              2011-07-18
laura raforth              rochester, NY                2011-07-18
Claire Czajkowski          Portland, OR                 2011-07-18
dogan ozkan                istanbul turkey, DC          2011-07-18
Dimple Wanchoo             Noida, India                 2011-07-18
Andrea Morehouse           St. Louis Park, MN           2011-07-18
BonnieLaila Bhattacharya   Gurgaon, India               2011-07-18
Phyllis Pleasants          Richmond, VA                 2011-07-18
James Walker               janesville, WI               2011-07-18
DS                         Los Angeles, CA              2011-07-18
Animesh Bhattacharya       Gurgaon, India               2011-07-18
cathala corine             Pierrelatte, France          2011-07-18
Christine Pinehill         Brisbane, Australia          2011-07-18
Yvette Tapp                Santa Fe, NM                 2011-07-18
Shernaz Italia             New Delhi, India             2011-07-18
Penni Norman               Des Moines, IA               2011-07-18
Laurie Sudol               Clarkdale, AZ                2011-07-18
elisabetta rossi           savona, Italy                2011-07-18
Fay Vohra                  Nilgiris, IA                 2011-07-18
Nirupama Sarma             Delhi, India                 2011-07-18
DONA SEN GUPTA             Ahmedabad, GU                2011-07-18
James Sullivan             Chicago, IL                  2011-07-18
M.A. Gansevoort-Buijs      De Weere, Netherlands        2011-07-18
Anna Bonick                orland park, IL              2011-07-18
Pia Mustonen               Tampere, Finland             2011-07-18
dolores cardenas           Highland Falls, NY           2011-07-19
Name                      Location                      Date

Eva Zaharieva             Sofia, Bulgaria               2011-07-19
Theodore Spachidakis      piraeus, Greece               2011-07-19
mahesh agarwal            hyderabad, AR                 2011-07-19
carol hugli               yelm, WA                      2011-07-19
Beate Michl               Nandlstadt, DE                2011-07-19
Shirley McBurney          N. Ireland, United Kingdom    2011-07-19
elizabeth carter          chicago, IL                   2011-07-19
Eileen Hennessy           Melrose, MA                   2011-07-19
carolyn hayton            evandale, Australia           2011-07-19
Ronni Goddard             Mansfield, United Kingdom     2011-07-19
Maria Schneider           Munich, Germany               2011-07-19
jyotsna n                 bangalore, India              2011-07-19
Kelly Johnson             Bangalore, India              2011-07-19
Constance Franklin        Los Angeles, CA               2011-07-19
nicolette ludolphi        bremen, DE                    2011-07-19
Kuhu Roy                  Baroda, India                 2011-07-19
Arild Warud               Ericeira, CA                  2011-07-19
TC                        Kitamoto-shi, Japan           2011-07-19
Annika Pettersson         Boden, NY                     2011-07-19
Madhu Goyal               Delhi, India                  2011-07-19
grace nelson              england, United Kingdom       2011-07-19
Manpreeth Singh Nishter   Hyderabad, India              2011-07-19
Angel Warrior             Jersey, United Kingdom        2011-07-19
fiona curran              Galway, Ireland               2011-07-19
Rajashree Khalap          Mumbai, India                 2011-07-19
Helen Nicholas            Cirencester, United Kingdom   2011-07-19
Chantal Buslot            Hasselt, Belgium              2011-07-19
Jen Dale                  Vaughan, Canada               2011-07-19
Chetna Gandhiok           New Delhi, ND                 2011-07-19
Name                         Location                     Date

Nishant Shah                 Hyderabad, India             2011-07-19
Sonia Rowland                Wiesbaden, Germany           2011-07-19
Maja Hranisavljevic          Belgrade, Serbia             2011-07-19
Ana Rumbak                   Zagreb, Croatia              2011-07-19
MARIA SONIA ESTRADA-         Torrelavega, Spain           2011-07-19
heidi wollum                 goteborg, Sweden             2011-07-19
ELISENDA TODA                BARCELONA, Spain             2011-07-19
Judith Abel                  Basel, Switzerland           2011-07-19
Karine Michel                Bruxelles, Belgium           2011-07-19
Wendy Forster                Manchester, United Kingdom   2011-07-19
Pam Fioretti                 Adelaide, Australia          2011-07-19
Juliet Reynolds              New Delhi, IA                2011-07-19
GT                           Adelaide, Australia          2011-07-19
Mike Mountjoy                Herndon, VA                  2011-07-19
hutokshi ichhaporia          pune, India                  2011-07-19
nadja budimirovic            novi sad, Senegal            2011-07-19
Sarah Gilmer Payne           Martin, GA                   2011-07-19
Pooja Bansal                 Gurgaon, India               2011-07-19
shweta sharma                mumbai, MH                   2011-07-19
carol_ crunkhorn             Auckland, New Zealand        2011-07-19
Caryn Boyd                   Wollondilly, Australia       2011-07-19
brittany Dudas               Bridgeport, PA               2011-07-19
isabel esteve                Castelloli, Spain            2011-07-19
Jovana Kesic                 Belgrade, Serbia             2011-07-19
Marco_ Baracca               Milano, Italy                2011-07-19
Marianna Alexandros          Normandie, France            2011-07-19
ANAT BETHECHANGER ACTNOW Sintra, Portugal                 2011-07-19
Tahoe Leigh                  Ilford, AL                   2011-07-19
Name                    Location                     Date

Laura Simpson           Holden, MA                   2011-07-19
Whitney Metz            Mannington, WV               2011-07-19
Carol Hupp              JACKSONVILLE, FL             2011-07-19
Sylvie Bermannová       Prague, Czech Republic       2011-07-19
NILANJANA RAY           75016 Paris, AA              2011-07-19
Gloriana Burgers        Johannesburg, South Africa   2011-07-19
Billie Reed             Quincy, IL                   2011-07-19
Panagiotis Rigopoulos   Patra, Greece                2011-07-19
Christiane H            Gelsenkirchen, Germany       2011-07-19
Monica Esteve           Vilanova del Camí, Spain     2011-07-19
patricia m lasek        barneveld, NY                2011-07-19
Anne Warren             Geneva, WY                   2011-07-19
Delliana Ofthesea       Manitou Springs, CO          2011-07-19
sandra sheehy           Dublin., IL                  2011-07-19
Jo Cairns               Livingston, United Kingdom   2011-07-19
marcela sabata          buenos aires, AL             2011-07-19
Joy Wong                Penang, Malaysia             2011-07-19
Maria F.                Verona, Italy                2011-07-19
Sandeshika Sharma       New Delhi, India             2011-07-19
Nari Kannan             Prospect, KY                 2011-07-19
jorge belloso-curiel    richmond, CA                 2011-07-19
Lena Rehberger          Grebenhain, Germany          2011-07-19
Rekha Juncker           Geneva, Switzerland          2011-07-19
Asker Akbar             Palakkad, India              2011-07-19
Maria Borremans         Antwerp, Belgium             2011-07-19
Cristina Cristache      Bucharest, Romania           2011-07-19
Aram Alekyan            Los Angeles, CA              2011-07-19
Julie Goldman           Chesterfield, MO             2011-07-19
Lynn Scanlon            Sligo, Ireland               2011-07-19
Name                   Location                            Date

Andrea Nemec           Osijek, Croatia                     2011-07-19
Nicole Verbist         Belgium, KY                         2011-07-19
Nicole de Beukelaer    braine l'alleud                     2011-07-19
Kimberly Tilley        Pelham, NH                          2011-07-19
suzanne wiseman        st albans, MN                       2011-07-19
Elena Belikova         Moscow, IL                          2011-07-19
Carol Leuenberger      San Carlos, CA                      2011-07-19
Elizabeth O'Halloran   Kettering, United Kingdom           2011-07-19
Carmen Rico            Toronto, Canada                     2011-07-19
*.                     Greeneville, TN                     2011-07-19
Aditya Dhopatkar       Navi Mumbai, India                  2011-07-19
Berissa Bubic          Frankfurt, Germany                  2011-07-19
georgeta predeanu      slatina, Romania                    2011-07-19
Daniela Gatti Cats     Pieve Emanuele, Italy               2011-07-19
Chelsea Madison        Oakand, CA                          2011-07-19
Lisa Shaw              Saint Petersburg, FL                2011-07-19
Dawn Edwards           chicago, IL                         2011-07-19
Beatriz Fernandes      São Paulo, Brazil                   2011-07-19
Chris Drumright        Murfreesboro, TN                    2011-07-19
Cristi Sturgill        Mount Vernon, KY                    2011-07-19
John Peterson          McMinnville, OR                     2011-07-19
Michele Wilkinson      Ashton Under Lyne, United Kingdom   2011-07-19
Brady Root             New Brunswick, NJ                   2011-07-19
Ed Zink                Vista, CA                           2011-07-19
Victoria Molinari      poulsbo, WA                         2011-07-19
Dawn Mason             Pottsville, PA                      2011-07-19
Declan Gordon          Astoria, NY                         2011-07-19
KN                     Rijeka, Croatia                     2011-07-19
Anando Das Gupta       New Delhi, India                    2011-07-19
Name                           Location                  Date

Elizabeth And Family           Ontario, Canada           2011-07-19
Karuna Society For Animals &   Puttaparthi, India        2011-07-19
PAMELA VINCENT                 KINSTON, NC               2011-07-19
erin reese                     houston, TX               2011-07-19
Romula Dsilva                  Puttaparthi, India        2011-07-19
Fatima Pestana                 Cascais, Portugal         2011-07-19
ZP                             NY, NY                    2011-07-19
linda van singel               brasschaat, Belgium       2011-07-19
Gillian Lauder                 Ashburn, Bangladesh       2011-07-19
Angel Richardson               Hyderabad, India          2011-07-19
Anne Holmberg                  Copenhagen, Denmark       2011-07-19
debra claessens                antwerp, NY               2011-07-19
Gudrun D                       Gainesville, FL           2011-07-19
Kristina Golemanova            Gabrovo, Bulgaria         2011-07-19
malini raman                   nagpur, MH                2011-07-19
FERRY Anne                     MONTROUGE, FL             2011-07-19
Miwa Kunz-Kuwahara             Heddesheim, Germany       2011-07-19
Jason J Green                  Spotsylvania, VA          2011-07-19
Ioannis Zambartas              Athens, DE                2011-07-19
Padissis Michèle               Mons en Baroeul, France   2011-07-19
sarah vanbelle                 bruxelles, Belgium        2011-07-19
ambika shukla                  New Delhi, DE             2011-07-19
Annette Kaeser                 Pfaffenhofen, Germany     2011-07-19
Yasiu Kruszynski               Chicago, IL               2011-07-19
Wietse Haak                    Fallbrook, CA             2011-07-19
Eileen Novak                   Omaha, NE                 2011-07-19
rochelle suri                  Mumbai, India             2011-07-19
Alison Macpherson              Hamilton, VA              2011-07-19
Name                    Location                   Date

Carin Zellerman         Stockholm, Sweden          2011-07-19
Eileen McKay            New York City, NY          2011-07-19
karen lyons kalmenson   allenwood, NY              2011-07-19
Andreas Chevallier      Wiesbaden, Germany         2011-07-19
Susan Esposito          Staten Island, NY          2011-07-19
Aa                      Ft Pierce, FL              2011-07-19
Pearl Carter            Denver, CO                 2011-07-19
Beth Gwinn              Brunswick, OH              2011-07-19
Mary Foley              cork, Ireland              2011-07-19
MM                      Miami, FL                  2011-07-19
BB                      Montgomery, IL             2011-07-19
Beatriz Lozano          Barcelona, SC              2011-07-19
Israel Ovalle           san luis potosi, Mexico    2011-07-19
Cyndi Mears             Chicago, IL                2011-07-19
Alison Arnold           Dagenham, United Kingdom   2011-07-19
kelly shea              Long Beach, CA             2011-07-19
Nadezhda Peneva         Karlsruhe, Germany         2011-07-19
Jennifer Kilgore        pine bluff, AR             2011-07-19
Kay HelpSaveAnimals     Sax., Germany              2011-07-19
bonnie pelton           phx., AZ                   2011-07-19
katherine lunn          everett, WA                2011-07-19
Charles Procter         Strathmore, Canada         2011-07-19
patricia quiroz         atlanta, GA                2011-07-19
Daniela Brzobohata      Vienne, Austria            2011-07-19
Jordan Kasteler         Sandy, UT                  2011-07-19
Ally Mack               Bethlehem, PA              2011-07-19
Ewa Piasecka            Warsaw, Poland             2011-07-19
Michele Mercer          Casa Grande, AZ            2011-07-19
Isabelle Leclaire       New Delhi, DE              2011-07-19
Name                  Location                     Date

Nadine Slavinski      Frankfurt am Main, Germany   2011-07-19
Ira Mak               Jerusalem, Israel            2011-07-19
Jaen Lawrence         Houston, TX                  2011-07-19
Manuela arioli        Milano, Italy                2011-07-19
Bev Brewis            Victoria, Canada             2011-07-19
Vivien Green          Gt. London, United Kingdom   2011-07-19
Christian Rodriguez   Deerfield Beach, FL          2011-07-19
Tierney Grinavic      Huntingtown, MD              2011-07-19
Pamela Page           Hancock, ME                  2011-07-19
Kim Larsen            Rockledge, FL                2011-07-19
karen ericson         bothell, WA                  2011-07-19
Concerned Citizen     New City, NY                 2011-07-19
Rita Kerkhofs         Antwerp/BE, AL               2011-07-19
Fayth Hendrickson     Apopka, FL                   2011-07-19
Sonia Riddall         Sydney, Australia            2011-07-19
Darlene Davis         Detroit, MI                  2011-07-19
lisa salazar          Foster City, CA              2011-07-19
J Colon               Columbus, OH                 2011-07-19
Jeannine Barrett      Oakhurst, Australia          2011-07-19
Karen Sheaffer        Vandergrift, PA              2011-07-19
Ali Hamilton          little falls, NJ             2011-07-19
Carol Knight          Loganville, GA               2011-07-19
Dardian Lawson        New York, NY                 2011-07-19
navneet chawla        new delhi, IN                2011-07-19
max quijano           toronto, Canada              2011-07-19
LEIGH ERLACHER        GAINESVILLE, GA              2011-07-19
Laura Foggiato        Arzergrande, IL              2011-07-19
Lea Mohr              Wildomar, CA                 2011-07-19
Nick Hardy            Clearwater, FL               2011-07-20
Name                              Location                       Date

Ted Heard                         Taunton, United Kingdom        2011-07-20
Shawlinee Chopra                  Gurgaon, AL                    2011-07-20
Lois Robinson                     West gosford, Australia        2011-07-20
EILEEN BOND                       MERSEYSIDE, United Kingdom     2011-07-20
Raluca Keskin                     Bucharest, Romania             2011-07-20
cristiano pinnow                  viamão, Brazil                 2011-07-20
Eliette Bozzola                   St MARTIN de CRAU, France      2011-07-20
beatriz gomes                     porto alegre, Brazil           2011-07-20
Stephanie Grice                   Dadford, United Kingdom        2011-07-20
Camille Momal                     Bazoches sur le Betz, France   2011-07-20
Bruna Porto                       Praia Grande, Brazil           2011-07-20
Maurício Cláudio Guedes Pereira   Coimbra, Portugal              2011-07-20
Kim Gelinas                       West Springfield, MA           2011-07-20
Antara B                          Mumbai, India                  2011-07-20
marleen geudens                   westerlo, Belgium              2011-07-20
Lori Hesler                       Stoney Creek, Canada           2011-07-20
WANIA ESTEVES                     Rio de Janeiro, Brazil         2011-07-20
Grace Ng                          IPOH, Malaysia                 2011-07-20
Yasmine Saad                      Gliwice, Poland                2011-07-20
param kaur                        Gurgaon - 122002, India        2011-07-20
mary marineau                     boston, MA                     2011-07-20
Alcantara Alessandra              rio de janeiro, IN             2011-07-20
Tulika Mehra                      GURGAON, India                 2011-07-20
S Voltolin                        Loganville, GA                 2011-07-20
Kelly R.                          Lexington, SC                  2011-07-20
Mary Brooks                       Somerset, KY                   2011-07-20
sara lima                         portugal, PR                   2011-07-20
Waheeda Smith                     Toronto, Canada                2011-07-20
Elke Winkler                      Berlin, Germany                2011-07-20
Name                      Location                             Date

Alexandra Chevrand        Nova Friburgo, Brazil                2011-07-20
deepika sharma            delhi, India                         2011-07-20
Amla Ramsaran             Cunupia, Trinidad and Tobago         2011-07-20
JUNE WALTERS              derby, CT                            2011-07-20
Nathalie Girardin         Geneva, Switzerland                  2011-07-20
Carolyn Ross- Brattelli   Springfield, PA                      2011-07-20
Nandini Kakar             Chandigarh, India                    2011-07-20
Monika Holikova           Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic   2011-07-20
Haydée Pisa               Aveiro, Portugal                     2011-07-20
Rachael Pahl              Chicago, Afghanistan                 2011-07-20
Henri De Decker           Tisselt, NE                          2011-07-20
ivonne carlson            Bonita Springs, FL                   2011-07-20
darius dirzinskas         london, United Kingdom               2011-07-20
Graciela Patrón Mederos   León, Spain                          2011-07-20
Maria Teresa PINTOS       Berazategui, IN                      2011-07-20
Natalie Van Leekwijck     Beaverton, OR                        2011-07-20
Courtney Drake            Holley, NY                           2011-07-20
Morgan WEBER              Wattrelos, NY                        2011-07-20
wcks Jaon                 Pinnacle, NC                         2011-07-20
Elizabeth Patten          Chichester, NH                       2011-07-20
Jay Krishna               Agra, IN                             2011-07-20
carolina nunes            lisbon, PR                           2011-07-20
JM                        portland, OR                         2011-07-20
Karen Tucker              Pensacola, FL                        2011-07-20
Debra Gulley              Squaw Valley, CA                     2011-07-20
Sue McGuey nee Bliss      BRAMPTON, Canada                     2011-07-20
Rob Smith                 Aurora, OH                           2011-07-20
ivonne reyes              chihuahua, ME                        2011-07-20
David Tsosie              Phx, AZ                              2011-07-20
Name                        Location                  Date

jeannine wouters            leuven, NE                2011-07-20
Jimmy Armstrong             Poplarville, MS           2011-07-20
Kenny Vaher                 NYC, NY                   2011-07-20
joan fleming                shelbyville, TN           2011-07-20
martine reuse               brugge belgie, AA         2011-07-20
Denise LaChance             Los Angeles, CA           2011-07-20
sushil gopal singh          new delhi, India          2011-07-20
Victoria Basavilbaso        buenos aires, Argentina   2011-07-20
wouter deroover             Machelen (Bt.), Belgium   2011-07-20
Jennifer selvaraj           New delhi, India          2011-07-20
Julie van Niekerk           South Africa, SD          2011-07-20
Monique Moerenhout          Leuven, WY                2011-07-21
Tony Menechella             Frankfort, KY             2011-07-21
Sonal Tripathi              NEW DELHI, IN             2011-07-21
Tanwi Sandelwood            Onbekend, Belgium         2011-07-21
Ricardo Delgado Rodríguez   Benalmádena, Spain        2011-07-21
Sydney Engelke              Round Rock, TX            2011-07-21
Mary Conti                  West Warwick, RI          2011-07-21
Fernanda Albuquerque        Carazinho, Brazil         2011-07-21
Mark Noble                  Los Angeles, CA           2011-07-21
SAMITA RATHOR               DELHI, India              2011-07-21
Rebecca Fulco               South Plainfield, NJ      2011-07-21
LM                          Philadelphia, PA          2011-07-21
JT                          Miami, FL                 2011-07-21
LISA COOK                   FORT WORTH, TX            2011-07-21
Barb Holznagel              Bismarck, ND              2011-07-21
Estela Salles               São Paulo, Brazil         2011-07-21
Daniella Marreiros          Teresina, Brazil          2011-07-21
Roxane DuShane              Fremont, CA               2011-07-21
Name                   Location                          Date

Edward Laurson         Denver, CO                        2011-07-21
Neerja Ahluwalia       New Delhi, India                  2011-07-21
ivana prpic            opatija, Croatia                  2011-07-21
YVETTE RODRIGUEZ       RIVERSIDE, CA                     2011-07-21
Darya Tumanova         Arkhangelsk, Russian Federation   2011-07-22
Sanjay Gupta           Gurgaon, India                    2011-07-22
Diana Ferreira         Paços de Ferreira, Portugal       2011-07-22
Jyoti Gulati           Gurgaon, IN                       2011-07-22
alessandra lopes       sao paulo, Brazil                 2011-07-22
Christine Lebsch       Plano, TX                         2011-07-22
Deepika P              Bangalore, India                  2011-07-22
Zara Ivanova           Sofia, Bulgaria                   2011-07-22
Ivan Stoyanov          plovdiv, Bulgaria                 2011-07-22
S and B Stephens       Ontario, Canada                   2011-07-22
Mary Julkowski         Bloomington, MN                   2011-07-22
Yrna Miryana           Jakarta, Indonesia                2011-07-22
Suresh Bhambani        Goa, India                        2011-07-22
Danuta Watola          Kalety, Poland                    2011-07-22
Danny Wilson           Las Vegas, NV                     2011-07-22
CL                     Aurora, TX                        2011-07-22
Amélie Laurent         Nevers, France                    2011-07-22
Leonor Rico            Bogota, Colombia                  2011-07-22
Gail Costic            Bushkill, PA                      2011-07-22
RJ                     Marion, IL                        2011-07-22
Calliope Skoumbourdi   Rhodes Island, Greece             2011-07-22
Susan Sinotte          Whitehorse, Canada                2011-07-22
snehal bhavsar         Vadodara, IN                      2011-07-22
nancy sands            brooklyn, NY                      2011-07-22
james m nordlund       Fargo, ND                         2011-07-22
Name                  Location                 Date

Sarah Williams        Bethesda, MD             2011-07-22
joyce cardozo         Mumbai, India            2011-07-23
Rajesh C. Maun        Bangalore, India         2011-07-23
Pamela Lampe          Belm, Germany            2011-07-23
Ingrid Fuerstenau     Duisburg, Germany        2011-07-23
Melissa Webber        Koddak, TN               2011-07-23
John Nathan Contrea   Boulder, CO              2011-07-23
chantal Brixy         Rixensart, WY            2011-07-23
charu shah            mumbai, AL               2011-07-23
Ella Chernovian       Rockford, GA             2011-07-23
Mary Ann giacometti   garden city, NY          2011-07-23
Meghna Sinha          Mumbai, MA               2011-07-23
süheyla caliskan      istanbul, TX             2011-07-23
CR                    New York, NY             2011-07-23
Diana Elder           covina, CA               2011-07-23
Vivian Seckold        =, LA                    2011-07-24
Yannis Karaouzas      Athens, Greece           2011-07-24
Shunmuga Nathan       Chennai, India           2011-07-24
Marla de Vries        Eibergen, Netherlands    2011-07-24
Mary Mammen           Chennai, India           2011-07-24
Norah André           Rio de Janeiro, Brazil   2011-07-24
carlee trent          springfield, OH          2011-07-24
FERNANDA LEOMIL       SÃO PAULO, Brazil        2011-07-24
Lilian Andrade        Sao Paulo, NY            2011-07-24
Luzia Cavalcante      MontClair, CA            2011-07-24
Simone Ravazzolli     Brasília, Brazil         2011-07-24
Ana Werner            Florianópolis, SC        2011-07-24
Anna Soghomonian      São Paulo, Brazil        2011-07-24
Andrea Brescancini    São Paulo, Brazil        2011-07-24
Name                            Location                         Date

Marcia U.                       Nürnberg, Germany                2011-07-24
marielle motta                  Brazil, ME                       2011-07-24
Rosane Santos                   Niterói, Brazil                  2011-07-24
Joana Teixeira                  porto, Portugal                  2011-07-24
Anacy lehmkuhl                  Brasília, Brazil                 2011-07-24
Maria Raquel Ferreira Bastos    Peruibe, Brazil                  2011-07-24
Elizabeth Alvarim               niteroi, PR                      2011-07-24
silvana louro                   niteroi, CA                      2011-07-24
Vinícius Wolpert                Juquiá, Brazil                   2011-07-24
Regina Lucia de Oliveira        Niterói - RJ - Brazil, AA        2011-07-24
eliane paes                     Vitória, NY                      2011-07-24
Liliane Barki                   Brasilia, Brazil                 2011-07-24
ADRIANI hass                    brasilia, Brazil                 2011-07-24
Rosemery de Oliveira            Rio das Ostras - RJ, Brazil      2011-07-24
Maria Delgado                   Sintra, Portugal                 2011-07-24
Renata Santos                   Rio de Janeiro, Brazil           2011-07-24
Vitor Freire                    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil           2011-07-24
Cristina Reder                  Watford - UK, United Kingdom     2011-07-24
karen batistella                santa rosa, Brazil               2011-07-24
ines vasquez                    caracas, Venezuela               2011-07-24
elisa de jesus silva cordeiro   matosinhos, Portugal             2011-07-24
Maria Ralha                     Braga, Portugal                  2011-07-24
Mariliz Constantino             São Paulo, MO                    2011-07-24
HILDA CRENZEL                   Rio de Janeiro, Brazil           2011-07-24
Patricia Luana Sgarbi           Santo andré, Brazil              2011-07-24
veralda lauritzen               recife, Brazil                   2011-07-24
Morgana Tavares de Almeida      Balneário Camboriú /SC, Brazil   2011-07-24
Fernando de Jesus               Coimbra, Portugal                2011-07-24
Michelle Ziegler                São Paulo, Brazil                2011-07-24
Name                            Location                     Date

catarina eugenio                lisboa, PR                   2011-07-24
Paulo Rocha                     Rio Brilhante Ms, Brazil     2011-07-24
Sarah Silva                     Franca, Brazil               2011-07-24
Fatima Silva                    Nova Lima, Brazil            2011-07-24
PRISCILA CORREGIO               SP, Brazil                   2011-07-24
Evelyn da Silva                 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil       2011-07-24
bernadette de lara              sao paulo, Brazil            2011-07-24
joao praxedes                   Rio de janeiro, Brazil       2011-07-24
Maria Bernardo                  Atlantic Beach, FL           2011-07-24
Susan Paris                     West Haven, CT               2011-07-24
rosane agnoleto                 Cascavel, MS                 2011-07-24
Shimone Sauerman                Juquitiba, Brazil            2011-07-24
alzira mara de azevedo novaes   jales, Brazil                2011-07-24
Mariana Zampieri                Barretos, Brazil             2011-07-24
Lisa Zarafonetis                Dallas, TX                   2011-07-24
Stephanie Schützinger           Hamburg, Germany             2011-07-24
Garreth D'Mello                 Bombay, India                2011-07-25
Natasha Leite de Moura          Rio de Janeiro, Brazil       2011-07-25
Laura Mora                      mairiporã, Brazil            2011-07-25
Susan Aylott                    Teddington, United Kingdom   2011-07-25
Eugenia Shields                 Cinnaminson, NJ              2011-07-25
Melissa McCage                  Phoenix, AZ                  2011-07-25
Ana Valéria Shu                 São Paulo, Brazil            2011-07-25
Rosario Carvalho                Maia, Portugal               2011-07-25
claudia pessoac                 Belo Horizonte, CA           2011-07-25
Kim Garside                     Las Vegas, NV                2011-07-25
Fátima Marques                  Porto, PR                    2011-07-25
Lilian Alvim                    São Paulo, MI                2011-07-25
Amanda vincelette               eationville, WA              2011-07-25
Name                             Location                   Date

Chris Sigler                     Owensboro, KY              2011-07-25
Erika Johnson                    Ellicott City, MD          2011-07-26
Ailed Rivera                     Cayey, Puerto Rico         2011-07-26
clifford and christine schmutz   boonton township, NJ       2011-07-26
Rachel Nahon                     Mill Creek, WA             2011-07-26
Debra Bradford                   San Marcos, TX             2011-07-26
Melissa Wise                     Benbrook, TX               2011-07-26
Lindsey Hicks                    Woodstock, IL              2011-07-27
isabel alves                     coimbra, PA                2011-07-28
carol anderberg.                 langley, WA                2011-07-28
PATRICIA GAMA                    AMADORA LISBOA, Portugal   2011-07-29
Robert Redmon                    Dayton, OH                 2011-07-29
Caleb Laieski                    Phoenix, AZ                2011-07-29
Cynthia Henley                   Houston, TX                2011-07-29
Deborah Degnan                   West Chester, PA           2011-07-30
diane van maderen                aalst, Belgium             2011-07-30
Deanna Mok                       Singapore, Singapore       2011-07-31
Sandra dos Santos                Balto., MD                 2011-07-31
Sandra Seiça                     Aveiro, Portugal           2011-07-31
Irma Fleischeuer                 Sittard, Netherlands       2011-07-31
Natalie Hodapp                   Mankato, MN                2011-07-31
Robin ouellette                  burlington, Canada         2011-07-31
Aly Griffin                      Gilbert, AZ                2011-07-31
Mary Alexander                   Glen Allen, VA             2011-08-01
Bherta Taiba                     Jakarta, Indonesia         2011-08-01
cr                               toronto, AS                2011-08-01
Vanditta Diwakar                 Suva, HI                   2011-08-02
Dario Lembo                      Catania, Italy             2011-08-03
Nicole Spies                     Antwerpen, Belgium         2011-08-03
Name                 Location                              Date

Alyse Infante        Greeley, CO                           2011-08-03
Elizabeth Lister     Wichita, KS                           2011-08-03
Ann Tweedy           Littleton, MA                         2011-08-03
CA                   Albuquerque, NM                       2011-08-03
SJ Champ             Los Angeles, CA                       2011-08-03
Kitty Autumn         Catopia, United Kingdom               2011-08-04
tortiller jean luc   nevers, France                        2011-08-04
Levin Manabat        Portland, OR                          2011-08-04
Jessica Nyquist      Colton, OR                            2011-08-05
azlimi yaakop        singapore, Singapore                  2011-08-05
Vishnee Backory      Quatre-Bornes, MS                     2011-08-05
amy cohen            sanford, FL                           2011-08-05
Ericka Lepe          Buín, Chile                           2011-08-05
Kathleen Slaven      Clearwater Beach, FL                  2011-08-06
Arlene Hoffer        clearwater, FL                        2011-08-06
Caroline Williams    Adelaide, Australia                   2011-08-06
Tereza Rizos         montreal, Canada                      2011-08-06
Dr.Shenita Etwaroo   New York, NY                          2011-08-06
marilyn miller       San Diego, CA                         2011-08-07
Vineet sharma        New Delhi, India                      2011-08-07
Tom Maxwell          Los Angeles, CA                       2011-08-07
Mackenna Carr        Fayetteville, NC                      2011-08-08
Ruth Stefano         San Jose, CA                          2011-08-08
John Weber           Staten Island, NY                     2011-08-08
Michelle Sibinovic   Temple City, CA                       2011-08-08
Agnes Hall           Langwarrin      Victoria, Australia   2011-08-10
sandra noti          allentown, PA                         2011-08-10
liesel serbst        towanda, IL                           2011-08-11
rae mckenzie         riverton, UT                          2011-08-11
Name                      Location                    Date

jeff hopkins              Lindenhurst, IL             2011-08-12
Berissa Bubic             wiesbaden, Germany          2011-08-14
Leia Cairns               Beachwood, NJ               2011-08-14
LUCY BEACH                JOHNSTOWN, PA               2011-08-16
Cynthia Marie Lippman     New York, NY                2011-08-16
Deborah Burgio            Southgate, MI               2011-08-16
Elisabeth Kelly           Washington, DC              2011-08-17
Rachel Hayes              Wigan, United Kingdom       2011-08-20
terezia ildiko fogarasi   oradea, Romania             2011-08-23
Saskia Hopff              Plettenberg Bay             2011-08-23
Yvonne Wise               San Diego, CA               2011-08-23
Cassandra Alayon          Staten Island, NY           2011-08-30
Tracey Smith              Lumberton, NC               2011-08-30
Jen Dowdy                 Paducah, KY                 2011-08-31
Mia Huolman               Vasa, Finland               2011-09-01
Ryan Bradley              Greenbelt, MD               2011-09-02
Joan for peace Fleming    shelbyville, TN             2011-09-05
RB                        Escondido, CA               2011-09-05
Patricia Tinney           Penn Yan, NY                2011-09-05
regina powell             Concord, CA                 2011-09-05
Ruth McD                  Redmond, OR                 2011-09-05
Pam Bonaventura           Taormina, Italy             2011-09-05
Marzia Falcone            Palermo, Italy              2011-09-06
Erica Bastow              Altamonte Springs, FL       2011-09-06
ryan mckenzie             CA                          2011-09-06
Fulvia Marino             Torre Annunziata, Italy     2011-09-06
alicia vázquez            Madrid/Spain, AL            2011-09-06
annette janson            gbg, Sweden                 2011-09-06
tracey purnell            edinburgh, United Kingdom   2011-09-06
Name                            Location                     Date

kathleen wissenz                warminster, PA               2011-09-06
jennifer stratton               grapevine, TX                2011-09-06
Maryanne Campbell               Greenville, SC               2011-09-07
Janice Goodacre                 London, United Kingdom       2011-09-07
D Sliman                        amherst, OH                  2011-09-07
Liliana Danel                   laval, Canada                2011-09-07
don and irene fewell and koch   silver spring, MD            2011-09-09
Preethi Krishnamoorthy          Bangalore, India             2011-09-10
Brigid Courtney                 Boston, MA                   2011-09-10
Judith C                        Melb, Australia              2011-09-10
Michela Messineo                Roma, Italy                  2011-09-10
Henriette Matthijssen           Boyle, Alberta,, Canada      2011-09-10
val munchow                     Johannesburg, South Africa   2011-09-11
Sally McIntyre                  Evergreen, CO                2011-09-12
Jenny Dooley                    Sydney Au, Australia         2011-09-13
Beth McHenry                    Easton, PA                   2011-09-13
Leila Jackson                   Beverly Hills, CA            2011-09-15
Swaroopa Madala                 Hyderabad, India             2011-09-15
Sharon Balloch                  ardoise, Canada              2011-09-15
Vlado Gasperov                  Rijeka, Croatia              2011-09-16
Natalie Sorokopud               Kharkov, Ukraine             2011-09-16
desanka sandulovic              belgrade, Serbia             2011-09-16
pete giacca                     warminster, PA               2011-09-17
J. Bahmgartner                  New Haven, CT                2011-09-17
Rosalie Cortez                  Tulare, CA                   2011-09-17
Barbara Parker                  Smithfield, VA               2011-09-19
Amit Korpal                     Gurgaon, India               2011-09-19
Stephen Greene                  Medford, OR                  2011-09-20
Bryan D. Freehling              Lahaska, PA                  2011-09-22
Name                         Location                           Date

Emily Dudow                  Meriden, CT                        2011-09-22
Siva Kumar                   Bangalore, India                   2011-09-22
dian wright                  garland, TX                        2011-09-22
charles mclachlan            none, KS                           2011-09-23
Jacqueline Lavanchy          Martigny, Switzerland              2011-09-23
Eva Fidjeland                Orrefors, Sweden                   2011-09-24
Tabitha Coffin               Plano, TX                          2011-09-28
Angie Starling               Hickory, NC                        2011-09-28
Adrienne Kneis               Krefeld, Germany                   2011-09-29
Billie Trahan                Nashua, NH                         2011-09-30
Peggy Acosta                 Womelsdorf, PA                     2011-09-30
Judi Plouffe                 Columbia, CT                       2011-09-30
beatrice de filippis         sana'a, Yemen                      2011-10-05
Joan Braun                   Garfield Heights, OH               2011-10-05
Mary Ann Clark               Weatogue, CT                       2011-10-06
Christine Abel               Anchorage, AK                      2011-10-08
Deborah Shillam              Keighley, United Kingdom           2011-10-08
Rosemarie Sardinas Herrera   Willemstad, Netherlands Antilles   2011-10-09
Nedelcu Doru                 constanta, Romania                 2011-10-09
Monica Kaiser                Edlibach, Switzerland              2011-10-09
Giuseppe Cappelli            London, United Kingdom             2011-10-09
Emil Schmidt                 Svendborg, Denmark                 2011-10-09
TEODORA PETROVA              Sofia, Bulgaria                    2011-10-11
josephine skitt              willenhall, United Kingdom         2011-10-11
Georgina Hill                Wigan, United Kingdom              2011-10-12
Karina Kuker                 singapore, Singapore               2011-10-13
Daniela Bress                Salzgitter, Germany                2011-10-13
Marc Andreas                 El Paso, TX                        2011-10-13
Juie Divecha                 Mumbai, India                      2011-10-13
Name                  Location               Date

michael harris        new york, NY           2011-10-14
M. Soreno             Jamestown, NY          2011-10-14
Samantha Reetz        Seattle, WA            2011-10-15
Cortney Marie         Phoenix, AZ            2011-10-16
Andrew Papadopoulos   St.Paul, MN            2011-10-17
Sami Signorino        Kokomo, IN             2011-10-19
Adam Jones            Avon, IN               2011-10-20
Laura Bayza           Carnegie, PA           2011-10-20
Helene Beck           Beder, Denmark         2011-10-26
billy williams        rochester, NY          2011-10-27
Julia Rudas           Szentendre, Hungary    2011-11-12
Crystal Bundy         Sanford, FL            2011-11-16
Eunice Cruz           yorktown heights, NY   2011-11-19
Lin Westler           Peoria, IL             2011-11-19
David Ulibarri        Chicago, IL            2011-11-21
Julia Tawyea'         Lake Ariel, PA         2011-11-21
David McMurtrie       Melvindale, MI         2011-11-22
Lynn Wolf             Saugus, CA             2011-11-23
Joyce Bower           Rancho Cordova, CA     2011-11-23
MacKenzie Serpe       Everet, WA             2011-11-23
Anne L                oneida, NY             2011-11-24
Kira Kashino          Sacramento, CA         2011-11-26
Fight Right           Ulm, DE                2011-11-26
Alexander Dean        Miami, FL              2011-11-26
Anthony fiallos       staten island, NY      2011-12-05
Ouriane Joseph        Tarbes, France         2011-12-08
aman lthania          amritsar, IN           2011-12-08
carole palmade        Paris, France          2011-12-08
Anumeha Shankar       agra, India            2011-12-08
Name                     Location                                      Date

Melissa Ratisher         Staten Island, NY                             2011-12-09
Zephyr Chau              Hong Kong, Hong Kong                          2011-12-09
Shell S                  Aberdeen, SD                                  2011-12-10
Howard Spina             Tampa, FL                                     2011-12-13
Georgi Penev             Marhshville, NC                               2011-12-14
NATHALIE LAZAREVSKI      MONTREUIL<script type=, WY                 2011-12-14
Lisa Floyd               Chicago, IL                                   2011-12-15
Preethi Krishnamoorthy   Karnataka, India                              2011-12-16
Emily Hu                 Redondo Beach, CA                             2011-12-17
Monique Buijs            De Weere, Netherlands                         2011-12-19
Edeltraud F. Moraes      Rio de Janeiro, Brazil                        2011-12-19
Kevin Sewell             Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Notts., England, United   2011-12-19
Carina Batista           Setúbal, Portugal                             2011-12-19
neil moorcroft           skelmersdale, United Kingdom                  2011-12-19
Fernanda Bueno           rio de janeiro, Brazil                        2011-12-19
nath yates               norton, VT                                    2011-12-20
Judyta Nowakowska        Torun, Poland                                 2011-12-21
Lana La Fata             Florissant, MO                                2011-12-21
Walter Shinn             Oakland, CA                                   2011-12-26

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