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									Breaking windows 7 password without software
         On follow up 2010's tips bajax force has been delivered. only, because it was only 2010 only
child in attendance. So there's no harm in me to document this tutorial into the first bulletin bajax.
These tips are not intended to educate you a cracker, but as the solution when you forget the password
on windows. If you are abusing, it's your own risk, so do not blame on me. : D
Break (bypass) password windows 7 without using software. Purpose without using the software here
does not mean not using the tool at all, but we will use the linux tools.
Prior to the POC (proof of concept) and practice, I try to explain first the concept of this technique on
the tips.
In Windows 7 there is a useful facility for the sticky keys allow a user when working with the keyboard.
For example, the key combination Ctrl + P for printing can be replaced with a single button, so it's very
helpful for those who need a specific button combination on the keyboard.
To enable sticky keys, how to press the shift key 5 times in a row until it comes out sticky key dialog box.
So .. what are we gone do with this sticky the key concept here .. OK ..: D. The concept we will adjust this
to be sticky key file cmd (command prompt). So we can bypass the password through the sticky
windows 7 key has been replaced with cmd. OK .. let's get started

Tools needed:

    1. Cd linux (ubuntu, fedora, backtrack, or the other)
    2. black coffee that is not sleepy:D

I assume you forgot your Windows password and can not enter into the system.

    1.   Boot cd linux live cd mode.
    2.   Go to the file explorer, then go to the directory C: \ windows \ system32 \.
    3.   Rename the file so oldsetch.exe sethc.exe example.
    4.   then do the duplication uplikasi cmd.exe file by copying it and renaming cmd.exe file duplication
         become sethc.exe.

    So now we can have two files with the name of cmd.exe cmd and duplikasinya sethc.exe.
    Restart the computer and get into windows. When you get to logon screen where it asks for login
    with a password, press shift 5 times in a row, until the exit cmd box.
    Typing the following command in the cmd box:
    Net user test / add
    Net localgroup administrators test / add
The first command is to create a new user with the name of the test. And the second command to give
admin rights to user test.
Restart the computer, log back into windows and now you are a new user has access to the test by
super admin. Login with the new user and you just forgot to change the password before. then you are
sucessfully bypass window7 password. : D congrat;
Sekrang you have to boot back into linux live cd to replace the re-duplication sethc.exe cmd file had to
be the original file sethc.exe. Delete the file name back sethc.exe and oldsethc.exe be sethc.exe
ok .. so troubleshooting time, see you later in the next newsletter with more interesting topic.


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