Mom by maswinarko


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One heart is crying and the other patient, Oh! Lost mother feels lonely now And this thy
self ... It used to be sad when his mother came sweeping all lara, when the happy mother
behind. Dear mother always gave everything. Spirit, strength, lara in the nine-month
battle between life and death when the son was born. Mom always made me happy and
everything you gave me, but you do not expect a reply. Only a string of prayer thy
mother ..... paradise of peace and forgiveness to ............................. for his mother who
was given time to share love with my mother .... she gave birth to us ......... whimpering in
pain. Masihkah we hurt him? Can we still laugh at his misery? She swore insults?
Against it? Hit her? Ignore it? Leave while crying and hurt? She never complained when
I was cleaning up our little baby Breastfeeding our time, washing our dirty underwear,
suffered Holding, Holding us alone. Realize that in this world no one person was willing
to die for MOM, but ..... He was actually the only people willing to die for our birth.

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