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Passive Income Primer _2_


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									                    Passive Income Primer (2)
Any service or product that pays you a commission again and again for renewals is a
continual income or <a href=''>passive income</a>. A good
thing about continual income is that you retain getting paid again and again with no
additional effort. Financially, this makes continual income very lucrative. For all
those in multilevel marketing, it may be financially rewarding.
Continual income is among the keys to a lucrative income in multilevel marketing. If
you are a network marketer with a few streams of income it may be very rewarding.
Let's imagine that you are a network marketer and also you earn commissions of $1,
000 in a single month.
The following month you earn $1, 500 in commissions plus yet another $950 in monthly
renewals (commissions) from the prior month. This makes a two month total of $2,
450. Let us go 30 days further with commissions of $1, 200, as well as the same
renewals from the very first month ($950) plus new renewals of $1, 300 (from the 2nd
month) creating a three-month total of $3, 450. With continual income your earnings
continues to improve month after month. Multiply that times a few streams of income
and you will observe how lucrative continual income is.

If you have continual income arriving, it permits you time for you to do other
activities. You have significantly more time for you to build your company. You are
able to direct your attention on promoting your company and getting new clients. It
permits you the full time to construct other streams of income.
And, it permits you personal time for you to do whatever personal activities you
might want to do. To sum up, continual income is really a valuable supply of
revenue. It's a way to create additional income which could assist you to achieve
personal and financial freedom.

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