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					                          PART I
Respected Chief Guest, Members of the Management,
Guests, Parents, and my dear students. I would like to
take this opportunity to welcome you all to the annual
thanksgiving, prize distribution, and graduation

I am Niren Thomas, quality administrator at Sinclairs
High School and teacher for primary school.

We are gathered here to give Thanks and Glory to God
for all the wonderful things he has done for us through
this year. What better a time can we ask for than this. I
praise God for the blessing He has bestowed upon
Sinclairs High School. We the Sinclairs High School
family have a lot to thank Him for.

Opening Prayer
As always, we would like to start this program with a
word of Prayer. I invite our distinguished Principal Mrs.
Violet Paul Raj to please come forward and lead us in a
word of prayer.

(After Prayer)
Thank you Mrs. Paul Raj for leading us in Prayer.

Bible Reading
Next, is a reading from the Holy Bible. I request Mrs.
Victoria Margaret to come please forward and read from
the Holy scriptures.
(After Bible Reading)
Thank you Mrs. Victoria
Invite the Guests to the Stage
I would like to invite our General Manager Mrs.
Priyadarshini Paul Raj to please come forward and
invite the guests.

Thank you for doing the honors.

Management’s Address
I would now request the President and Executive
Director of Board of Bangalore City mission and
Sinclairs High School Mr. Jonathan Sinclair Paul to
please come forward and give us an overview the

(After managements address) I thank the management
for their purpose in education and efforts in upliftment
of people in the country.

Lighting of the Lamp
The Bible teaches that You are the light of the World,
the Bible also says that where there is light the
darkness passes away. Light symbolized knowledge
and wisdom. I now invite our chief guest along with our
distinguished guests to kindly come forward and
according to the tradition of India light the lamp of
prosperity and knowledge.

Graduation Song
As the lamp is being lit, I request the graduating students of Std X to
please come on stage and Sing a Song praising their maker.

After Song
Thank you students. You may now be seated down.

Graduation Program
We now move on to our Graduation Service. The
students of Standard 10, are going to pass out of this
Institution ready to take on the challenges of this world.
Like the many who have passed out before them, these
students too will take forth the qualities of Hard work,
selflessness, good morals, honesty, and compassion.
They promise to live upto our moto “the fear of the Lord
is the Beginning of Wisdom”. Now is the time to
prayerfully submit their future into the Hands that
created them.

Chief Guest’s Address
I now request our Distinguished Chief Guest, Mrs.
Sarah Spiker, CEO of Bright Futures Child Aid Australia,
to please come forward and address our out going

(After address)Thank you Mrs. Sarah Spiker Your
message was INDEED inspirational to our out going


I now request our Head Mistress Mrs. Catherine Francis
to come forward and lead the Graduation program.

(Niren leaves stage)

Catherine Francis - Invite students to recite their verses
After the students recite their promise verse from the

Special Prayer
I now request Professor Donald Robertson to please
lead us in a special word of prayer for our graduating
(After prayer)Thank you sir.

Thank you students, I am sure God is standing by your
side in all that you do in the Future.

Now the Principal of Sinclairs High School, Mrs. Violet
Paul Raj, will hand over the light of Prosperity into the
Hands of the Graduating students.

(After Graduation service)

(Niren Thomas) - Dear Students of standard 10, May
God bless you all. On behalf of the Sinclairs Family, I
want to congratulate you for your accomplishments. I
also want to wish you well for your upcoming public
examination. May you have a life filled with prosperity
in God. I now request you to proceed back to your

(Niren leaves stage)

Prize distribution (Priya)
Next we go into the prize distributions. Sinclairs High
School has taken part in various events and many
students have excelled. When I called out the names, I
request the students to come forward and collect your
I kindly request the Chief guest to give away the Prizes.

Thank you madam.

Now I kindly request Prof.Donald Robertson……

Jamie Chivers……

2 board members…..

I more guest……

Annual Report
(Niren Thomas) - It is time for the annual report, I once
again request Mrs. Catherine Francis, Head mistress of
Sinclair High School to come and deliver the annual
report for the year 2011- 2012.

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