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					                                     Customer Satisfaction Services

Example of Questions / Inquiry / Market Research/ questionnaire

How would you rate the following statements on a scale of 1 to 5
Scale 1 = totally disagree
       2 = disagree
       3 = neither agree nor disagree
       4 = agree
       5 = totally agree


1        The brochure gave a good impression of the products and services
2        The layout of the brochure was easily to follow.
3        The employees are dressed representatively.
4        The employees are friendly.
5        The Account manager is a good point of contact.
6        The Account manager is convincing.
7        The Account manager seems competent.


    8         The service staff come almost always after their appointment.
    9         The service staff come up to expectations.
    10        Mistakes are accepted.
    11        Mistakes were quickly corrected
    12        It is very clear with problems who you need to contact.
    13        With problems you can always reach the service staff.
    14        Complaints are reasonably dealt with
    15        Complaints are quickly dealt with.


    16        The person in question is easily accessible.
    17        Communications with the staff run smoothly.
    18        The Account managers are prepared to discuss your questions.


    19        Trust has developed through continuity.
    20        Trust has developed through the specific points of contact.
    21        Trust has developed through the involvement and commitment of the staff.
    22        The Contact person and the staff have the right knowledge and experience to
              answer questions.
    23        The contact person and staff speak in a friendly manner.
    24        The contact person and staff treat me with respect.
    25        My details are treated confidentially.

   26       The quality provided reflects correctly the cost
   27       There are good arrangements made in advance over the price


   28       There is a central point for questions.
   29       There is a central point for complaints.
   30       There is a central point for problems.
   31       There is a central point for comments and suggestions.
   32       Good information is provided over the various products and services.
   33       Good information is provided about the various working practices.
   34       The service personnel have a client friendly approach
   35       The Service personnel give individual attention.
   36       The Service personnel pay attention to the customers individual wishes.
   37       The Service personnel evaluate situations well.
   38       Pre arranged goals are achieved.
   39       I can advise the Service personnel.

If you need more demographic information about the respondent or the
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Here you can find example questions about demograpic information.

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