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					                                                       Marlene M. Weems
                                                   1753 West 39th Place, Los Angeles, CA 90062
                              Home: (323) 294-5094 ~ Message Center: (909) 899-3961~ Email:

Objective         Seeking employment with an organization that is stable and looking for a self-motivated, organized, goal-oriented team player.

Hardware          MAC OS, Windows 95/98 & XP, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Lotus 123, Org Plus, PALM, Visio, Internet Savvy, Peoplesoft,
                  Human Resources Information Systems (HR1), Net-Time, Point (Calyx Loan System), Amtel direct communication system and
                  various telephone systems

Professional Experience

                  Palms Mortgage Group, LLC.                                            March 2007 – December 2007
                  Self Employed Contractual Loan Processor

                  Provided contract mortgage processing services for mortgage brokers and lenders throughout the USA . Experienced in
                  Conventional , Subprime, VA and FHA loans.

                                  Meet with clients on a daily basis
                                  Order appraisal and title
                                  Order payoff and subordination agreement (if necessary)
                                  Verify disclosures are accurate and complete
                                  Review credit report, bank statements, pay stubs & W-2's
                                  Submit loan package to lender
                                  Clear lender conditions
                                  Contact hazard insurance company for new mortgagee clause
                                  Prepare fee sheet for review by broker, then submit to lender
                                  Coordinate closing schedule
                                  Follow up to confirm closing was successful
                                  Assemble a Post Closing loan package and deliver to broker
                                  Keep the broker informed throughout the loan process

                  American Loans                                                        June 2004 to February 2007
                  Human Resources/Payroll Administrator

                             Recruited all open positions.
                             Lead Orientation for new hires and process paperwork for payroll and benefits.
                             Provided compensation surveys and maintain department organizational charts.
                             Prepared employee time-off reports for management to review and approve.
                             Arrange travel and prepare expense reports for Brokers and Sales Agents.
                             Set-up and lead training classes for new office software products.
                             Direct contact for all vendors.
                             Ran checks monthly for all office payables.
                             Prepared and maintained the monthly department budget.
                             Maintain petty cash safe and security backup tapes.
                             Handled the weekly bank deposits.
                             Assisted Owner with personal errands and was provided security access to personal bank/credit
                              accounts to handle personal matters with strict confidentiality.

                  American Communications Group Inc.                                    September 2003 to May 2004
                  Office Manager

                             Reports directly to Vice President- Administration/Business Manager
                             Supported the President and Chief Financial Officer/Owners with administrative support
                             Responsible for day-to-day operation of the facility
                             Lead contact on all computer –related issues in the office
                                  Maintain nightly back-up tapes
                                  Trouble-shoot individual workstation issues
                                  Set-up e-mail on new employee workstation
                             Maintained weekly surveillance tape videos
                             Set-up voicemail system for new employee
                             Arranged all office travel requests and process expense reports
                             Maintained the office Fixed Asset Inventory
                                  Received all new office equipment
                                  Assigned property tags
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                          Recruited and post all open positions
                          Maintained employee files
                          Prepared new hire packages
                          Set-up benefits after employee pass 90-days probation
                          Maintained the Net-Time system
                          Developed Employee Recognition Programs
                               Service Awards
                               Employee Appreciation Quarterly events
                          Developed a Paper Recycle and Records Management Program
                          Applied Federal and State Retention Guidelines where necessary

                  Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation                      April 1994 thru October 2002
                  Supervisor, Human Resources
                  * four years prior - Executive Assistant to SVP, Human Resources

                     Managed the office services for the Human Resources and Payroll Departments.
                     Liaison between senior management, business partners and subordinates.
                     Interfaced with outside vendors for service products and equipment needed for the department.
                     Assisted department executives in researching and compiling data for management reports or company audits.
                     Worked with the CSM, Information Technology for all department upgrades and hardware changes.
                     Supervised the Reception and File Room areas.
                     Proactively improved the processes in the Office Services, Reception and File Room areas to better service our customers and
                      improve the perception of the Human Resources Department.
                     Managed staff goals and objectives, special projects, time-off schedules, employee relations, career
                      training and development, and annual performance reviews.
                     Prepared and maintained company organizational charts.
                     Implemented a rolling phone system within the department to ensure that no calls went unanswered.
                     Successfully relocated the Human Resources department staff of 32. Ensuring that all office equipment was moved
                      undamaged and the reconnection of all the office equipment was setup in a timely and organized manner.
                     Prepared for review and approval Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp. - Human Resources and Employee Activities Fiscal
                     Maintained and reconciled the HR and Employee Activities budgets on a monthly basis. Providing a written explanation of
                      budget variances to SVP Human Resources and/or SVP Finance.
                     Managed the cash, check and money order payments for Amusement Park tickets and Trips purchased by employees.
                     Prepared all bank deposits and account credit notices for the Employee Activities department.
                     Supported the Director of HRIS and Compensation on several special projects (i.e., EEOC, Department of Labor, Corporate
                      and HR department audits of processes).
                     Maintained and updated the Company’s’ Intranet site. Updating all changes on a monthly basis, preparing flyers for mass
                      distribution to those departments that did not have intranet access.
                     Reviewed and approved all e-mail communications prior to lot-wide distribution.
                     Worked with the Information Technology Specialists on the design, navigation functions and security boundaries of a series of
                      online special event registration sites.
                     Assumed the role of Project Manager for the new file room conversion system.
                           Stayed within the department budget approved by senior financial executives.
                           Implemented a new alpha color coded filing system. To eliminate inaccuracies when retrieving and returning files.
                           Successfully integrated 75K payroll files into the personnel department new filing system. Demonstrating effective
                            interpersonal skills with various department executives who were involved.
                           Ensuring that two departments (Human Resources and Payroll) were in compliance with that State and Federal
                            Retention Requirements.


                  Certificate of Excellence – Received, September 2005
                  Outstanding Customer Service and Communication

                  Certificate of Completion - Received, May 2001
                  Leaves of Absence Training Workshop

                  Certificate of Excellence - Received, October 2000
                  Outstanding Communication, Service and Team Work

Education                  High School Diploma - Susan Miller Dorsey High School, Los Angeles, CA

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