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        With the new results-based management culture in UNDP globally, the Annual
Results & Competency Assessment (RCA) process has been going through extensive
improvements in order to address staff development and career advancement in light of
staff performance. Long term career advancement and succession planning for staff
includes the prospect of promotion, however, for immediate reinforcement of good
performance, the Country Office needs a mechanism to recognize and reward
competent staff. The result of 2002 Global Staff Survey further endorsed the importance
of staff recognition and implementation of a rewards system.

      In the last quarter of year 2001, a committee was constituted following up on the
Reprofiling Mission’s recommendation to establish a Performance Based Rewards
System in the CO. Performance Rewards Committee came up with various
recommendations, which were shared with the CO management. This policy is an
amalgamation of the committee’s recommendations and CO management’s input.


        The covers all CO staff on whom RCA is applicable (100, 200 & 300 series & SC
holders with over 6 moths of contract). The CRG would review all RCAs with the rating
of ‘outstanding’, ‘exceeded expectations’ and ‘fully met expectations’ separately, to
select eligible staff for rewards under this policy.


Following are the three types of rewards under this policy:

1. The Reward Itself:

   1.1.The spirit behind this reward is to provide competent staff with a learning
       opportunity outside duty station, so that international exposure can further
       enhance the learning value of the reward.

   1.2.Each selected staff member would be presented with an appreciation certificate
       with return ticket to a CO/SURF/Bureau HQ (commensurate with his/her work at
       the CO) with five working days' learning time given to him/her for professional
   1.3.Three awards of this type would be distributed annually to staff. The award
       would be for these categories:
       1.3.1. Country Office Employee of the Year: In recognition of forming
              exceptional cross-thematic linkages; networking & advocacy among
              UNDP partners/donors; and achievement of outstanding results in one’s
              own thematic area.
       1.3.2. Development Division Employee of the Year: One staff member from the
              Division who demonstrated exceptional performance according to the
              criteria given below.
       1.3.3. Operations Division Employee of the Year: One staff member from the
              Division who demonstrated exceptional performance according to the
              criteria given below.

2. Criteria for the Reward:

   2.1.dditional work being done by a staff member is not a performance indicator in
       itself, however, the quality of results and strategies undertaken by the staff
       member to achieve his/her assigned tasks is of more importance.

   2.2.Teamwork/leadership, knowledge management, networking and communication
       skills are of paramount importance. The staff member should also have
       demonstrated commitment to learning throughout the year through achievement
       of the yearly learning plan (Section E of the RCA).

   2.3.The rewards would be based on comparative analysis of staff members’
       behavioral competencies, like leadership skills, inter-personal communication,
       teamwork, etc. if several have the same RCA ratings.

3. The Process:

   3.1.All staff members (and SC holders) who were rated as ‘outstanding’, ‘exceeded
       expectation’ or ‘fully met expectation’ would be eligible for these rewards,
       irrespective of their grade/gender/age/nature of job.

   3.2.The CRG would select 3 staff members, one for each category of the reward,
       based on the criteria described above, after RCA discussions have completed.

   3.3.If a staff member has already been recommended by the CRG for promotion,
       he/she would not be eligible for this award.

  1. The Reward Itself:

  1.2. Tokens of appreciation in the form of certificates and gold-plated
       plaques/shields would be presented to all team members for achievement of the
       team and their individual contribution.

  2. Criteria for the Reward:

  2.1. The selection criteria would be the impact of the results achieved by the team
       and its demonstrated cohesion.

  2.2. Cross-functional teams with a matrixed composition would be given special
       attention with regard to this award. Formal Work Units and Thematic Practice
       Communities are also eligible for this reward.

  3. The Process:

  3.1. The selection of the “Team of the Year” would be done by the CRG after the
       individual RCA discussions are complete and selection for the ‘Employee of the
       year’ award has been finalized.

  3.2. The selection would be done on the basis of criteria described above.


  1. The Reward Itself:

  1.1. The spirit of these awards is to recognize a 100 series staff member’s
       commitment to the UN ideals and dedicated service to UNDP.

  1.2. The certificates received from Head Quarters in this regard would be nicely
       framed at the CO.

  2. Criteria for the Reward:

  2.1. Longevity of service for periods of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years is the basic
       criterion for this award.
3. The Process:

3.1. The Human Resources Unit would prepare the list of eligible staff members &
     Operations Support Services Unit would have their names printed on certificates
     and carved on the shields.


1. to give a fresh and energizing start to the work cycle.

2. All staff members (SC holders included) who received a rating of ‘fully met
   expectation’ or above in their RCAs, would be recognized through certificates
   and small tokens of appreciation, recognizing their contribution to work of the
   office. This would ensure positive reinforcement of good performance and
   further motivation for competent staff.

3. An email listing names of staff members who received the rewards through this
   policy would be sent by the Resident Representative to all CO staff, following the
   awards ceremony at the CO Retreat.

4. A list of all staff members who have received these rewards would be
   maintained in the Human Resources Unit and their names (with pictures) posted
   on UNDP website.

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