MINUTES OF AGM OF IDSE ASSOCIATION HELD ON 24 OCT 2010

1.    AGM OF IDSE was held on 24 Oct 2010. Members from all chapters spread across India attended the AGM. Retired
members in large numbers also attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Sh AK Jain (President). Sh R A Dubey,
DG (Pers) graced the occasion as Chief Guest. Agenda points along with the resolution passed is shown below:

SL NO                                POINTs                                             RESOLUTION/DECISION

1       Re-calculation of EE vacancy as per 1st Cadre review In the       House approved the proposal with voice vote. It was
        past some DPC of EEs has been conducted on the sanctioned         decided that any mistake committed in the past must
        strength of cadre review. It is proposed that DPC section         be rectified and number of vacancies should be
        should do the needful to rectify the mistake done in the past     calculated based on the cadre strength. It was also
        in a judicious manner.                                            proposed that if need be separate cell may be
                                                                          activated to resolve the cases of revised DPC.
2       CADRE REVIEW: It is proposed to authorise the National            National Council was authorised to take the
        Council to finalize Cadre Review in the best interest of the      appropriate decision in the interest of Cadre
        cadre.                                                            depending upon the situation.
3       PAY PARITY: Pay-parity has been progressed now considering        It was intimated by pay parity cell that screening
        minimum qualifying service criterion. It is proposed to get the   committee for the EEs is being held on 28 Oct 2010.
        pay parity at the earliest in a time bound manner at it is        The effort made by the cell was appreciated by the
        already over delayed.                                             house.
4       ESTT SANCTION: The MoD’s Estt sanction with the new ranks         It has been resolved that National Council shall
        of PD/Dir/ Jt Dir etc has not yet been implemented. It is         request DG (Pers) to take the issue with MOD for
        proposed that matter to be referred again to MOD for              implementation of order on establishment.
        immediate implementation.
5    REGULAR HOLDING OF DPCs : DPCs has to be finished in a            DG (Pers) highlighted the problem that as per latest
     time bound manner. DG (Pers) Secretariat should publish time      policy below benchmark ACRs are to be resolved
     line for DPC with target dates of each DPC.                       before conducting any DPC. For expediting the matter
                                                                       DG (Pers) agreed that case will be taken up with MOD
                                                                       to take MIS (Civ) under the DG (Pers) fold.
6    ON LINE POLLS FOR VARIOUS ISSUES: It is proposed to               Council was authorised to carryout online polls
     conduct on line polls on various issues regularly to assess the   wherever felt essential.
     attitude of the cadre on IDSE web site.
7    DEPUTATION POLICY: Policy should be made to send max              House resolved that guidelines issued by DOP&T
     offrs on deputation to give respite to our most severely          should be followed in respect of cooling off period. It
     stagnated cadre. Effort should be made to enhance existing        was also projected that if Dir level officer goes on
     limit of deputation. It is also proposed that DOP&T guidelines    deputation, it provides a vacancy for promotion to EE
     on deputation should not be diluted and existing policy letter    officers. Efforts may be made by DG (Pers) to
     be modified.                                                      nominate one officer every year for NDC course
                                                                       Deputation post shall be shared by SE and EE level
                                                                       officer in the ratio of 30 and 20.
8    Annual Membership: It is proposed to charge Rs 20/ as              The national council was authorised to take the
     yearly membership fee.                                            decision in this regard.
9    UNIFORM INTAKE FOR AEE: It is proposed to have regular            House resolved that while projecting the requirement
     uniform recruitment of AEE through UPSC as per DOPT norms         attrition factor may be taken into account and
     and not in bulk to avoid stagnation in promotion and to           number of vacancies may be increased accordingly.
     continue the cadre.
10   Hierarchy of Pers Dte.The hierarchy of DG (Pers) sect is          DG (Pers) agreed that he will look into the matter
     DG (Pers)- DDG(Pers) (Mil) - Dir (pers) (Mil) - SO1 Pers (mil)    again.
     It is proposed to have alternate post held by Army and civilian
     as per the letter issued by MoD.
11      Posting Policy – It is proposed to give the human face to the        DG (Pers) intimated that organisational requirement
        postings so that there is satisfaction in the cadre. The revised     is also taken into account while carrying out the
        policy should be got approved from the MOD at the earliest.          postings. However it was requested to DG (Pers) to
                                                                             consider the individual requirement also.
12      MES FLAG and LOGO National council has made attempt to               House approved the MES FLAG and MES LOGO as
        bring all the cadres under one umbrella. The MES flag and            recommended by the Associations. It was also
        Logo was unanimously agreed by all cadres. It is proposed to         resolved that 24th June will be recommended to be
        celebrate 24th June as MES day.                                      celebrated as MES Day.
13      Post of CCEs it was proposed by the house to equally divide          House fully agreed that case should be sent to MOD
        the post of newly raised CCEs between civilian and Army              for the equal distribution of the seats.

2. After the agenda points various relevant issues were discussed in Zero hour after the lunch break.

3. The last activity was election of new council. Following is the list of elected persons:

Sh BB Dhamija, CE         President

Sh G S Singh, ACE         Vice president


Sh Sorabh Mathur, SE

Sh Lalit Kumar, SE

Sh V K Reddy, SE
Sh Pyare Lal, SE

Sh SM K Sinha, SE

Sh SC Omar, SE

Sh A K Sharma, SE

Sh Manoj Kumar, SE

Sh J Acharya, EE (SG)

Sh D N Arya, EE (SG)

4. Session ended with vote of thanks by Sh G S Singh Vice president.

01 Nov 2010                                                            (Lalit Kumar)
                                                                       IDSE Association
1.     Secretary
       Min of Defence
       South Block
2.     Addl Secretary
       Min of Defence
       South Block
3.     Joint Secretary (C&W)
       Min of Defence
       South Block
4.     Engr-in Chief
       IHQ of MOD (ARMY)
       Kashmir House
5.     DG (Pers)
       E-in-C Branch

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