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                            St. Francis Xavier University
                         School of Education Student Society

September 26th, 2011                     Minutes                                    XH 123

Attendance: Courtnay Malcolm, Anthony Jackson, Laura Connors, Ryan Chisholm,
Ericka Webb, Brittany Andersen, Thomas Woodbury, Julia MacPherson, Jason White,
Laura Patterson, Scott Bowman, Katie Archibald, Heidi Soares, Leeann LeBlanc, Lacey
Venner, Gavin Rutledge, Allison Bain, Lloyd Francis, Beth Ferguson, Andrew Foran

Regrets: Sarah Hart and Jennifer MacNeil (unavailable to attend as they were selling
Homecoming tickets to students during the meeting)

Brittany called the meeting to order at 12:15 pm.

Agenda Additions
         N/A

Jason moves to approve the agenda, seconded by Julia. Motion carried.

             Thomas mentioned in error in last week’s minutes. He did not say that
              “last year the Social Reps. used some of their budget for the tournament,
              so Scott should talk to him if he is in need of finances,” rather he said that
              last year the money raised from the X-tinguish Hunger Softball
              Tournament went into the Exec account and then the former treasurer
              wrote the organizers a cheque to give to Feed Nova Scotia. Laura C. said
              that she will change this error in last weeks’ minutes.

Lloyd moves to approve last week’s minutes, seconded by Thomas. Motion carried.

Treasurer Report: Thomas

   -   Thomas had a meeting at the bank with Garnet last Wednesday
   -   He mentioned that there was an old account under the Exec name for Kenya
       which Andrew said was approximately 7 years old. The money has just been
       sitting there and the bank has been taking out banking fees over the years. Thus,
       Thomas put this money in our account. He mentioned that perhaps the money
       could be put towards the Ottilia Chareka fund.

      -   Courtnay explained who Ottilia Chareka was and what the in memoriam bursary
          is to the First Year Representatives.

      Julia moves to put the $500 from the old Kenya account towards the scholarship
      fund for Ottilia Chareka. Jason seconds. Motion carried.
      -   Thomas also stated that he has a finalized budget with Crystal Cliffs and
          Yearbook budgeted in which he will be sending out to all Exec members via
      -   Thomas said he will be making cheques up for anyone who bought items
          recently for Executive purposes. He would like any Exec members who have
          other receipts to please give them to him by this Thursday, September 29th.

    Julia moves approve the treasurer’s report, seconded by Heidi. Motion carried.

Executive Reports:

President: Courtnay

      -   Courtnay attended a President’s meeting last Thursday, September 22nd and an
          Events meeting last night (Sunday, September 25th)
      -   Courtnay mentioned that for any on campus events which we organize, there are
          a few forms which we have to fill out. For example, if you would like to promote
          an event, there is a form you can fill out and the marketing committee will help
          prepare advertisements as well as cover the costs. Also, the Student Event Risk
          Assessment form needs to be filled out for on campus events. Courtnay said that
          if you go through the planning process properly, there should be no issues. She
          mentioned that we will have to fill out these forms for Yr. I vs Yr. II intramural
          events which are on campus.
      -   Jason wanted to know if there was a deadline to have the forms in before an
      -   Courtnay responded that it has to be in 7 days before the Tuesday prior to the
          event as the forms are reviewed on Wednesdays.
      -   Ericka wanted to know where they need to be passed in and Courtnay said you
          could give them to Ryan as he has office hours on Mondays
      -   Courtnay also informed Exec that if we do not have a First Aider present for our
          events then we need to pay one. However, several Exec members mentioned
          that they have First Aid training such as Jason and Scott so as long as one of
          them are there then we are covered.
      -   Courtnay mentioned that there is also a post event evaluation form, which will
          also be in the folder if you need them.

Vice President: Anthony

      -   Nothing to report at this time.

Student Union Rep: Ryan

   -   Courtnay and Ryan will be filling out papers this week in order for us to
       potentially get money for our society from the Student Union. They need to
       submit a report of what we would use the money for and the Student Union will
       review it and make a decision.
   -   Ryan also mentioned that if any one has any issues he has office hours from 4-

Professional Development: Laura P. & Sarah

   -   Laura said this Wednesday, September 28th is the Safe and Caring Schools
       Workshop being held at St. Ninian’s from 8:30am-4pm. Students attending must
       bring a lunch and make sure their professors are aware they are attending.
   -   Sarah and Laura P. met with Coady representatives for PD day who are
       presenting different workshops that day as a part of their class mark. They are
       asking us to give a survey to all classes with options of what we would like to see
       that day in order to better prepare.
   -   Laura P. and Sarah will pick up the surveys on their lunch break on Wednesday,
       and she would like representatives to give them out to their classes. The surveys
       need to be back at the end of the day on Wednesday for Year II’s and Thursday
       for Year I’s.
   -   Laura P said that an email will be sent out Oct. 3rd of all the descriptions of the
       PD day so students will know what they would like to sign up for. Sign ups will
       be Wednesday, October 5th. She said that it seems early, but due to
       Thanksgiving, it needs to be done next week.
   -   Thomas wanted to know if sign up would start right before lunch and Laura
       responded yes.
   -   Julia said last year for PD there were early morning sign ups. She wonders if
       there is any way to put them up before the 820am to avoid congestion.
   -   Laura P. said she just did not want to confuse the morning workshops with the
       afternoon workshops, but she will take that into consideration.
   -   Scott wondered if there would be more student involvement in terms of
       presenters this year as many students wanted that last year. Laura P. said that
       they are showcasing our own talent for the PD day.
   -   Julia mentioned that First Year Reps should explain to their classes what PD day
       is as there might be confusion about it.
   -   Laura P. described PD to the First Year Reps. She said that this year, there are
       two sessions in the morning by Coady participants and two sessions of your
       choice in the afternoon. It is mandatory for all students. This day will improve
       your professionalism and students must dress professionally.

Intramural Reps: Jason & Ericka

   -   Jason said that Year II’s won softball this Sunday with a final score of 11-4.

   -   He said that the next event will probably be soccer in about two weeks because
       next week is Homecoming then the week after is Thanksgiving.
   -   Jason explained that this Sunday at 3pm there will be a golf tournament at
       Fiddler’s Green. The sign-up sheet is on the intramural board. He will be sending
       out an email containing more details.
   -   Ericka wondered if Yr. I’s could push participation more in intramural events as
       only 9 First years came out to softball.
   -   Andrew wanted to know if Fiddler’s Green would arrange for rentals. Jason
       responded that $2.50 will cover club rental and then you can purchase balls and
   -   Jason would like to get information about the golf tournament out to faculty but
       he wondered how to get an email list. Courtnay said he can forward it to Garnet
       and he will send it out.
   -   Jason discussed how people who do not play golf well can still play because
       team mates will always be shooting from the best shot. He mentioned that people
       are signing up in groups of 4.
   -   Heidi wanted to know if the teams have to be co-ed, Jason said no.

Social Reps: Scott & Jenn

   -   Scott said that the Homecoming Breakfast is this Saturday. There are still quite a
       few tickets left. They will be continuing to sell them in the next few days. The
       tickets cost $15 which covers a t-shirt and breakfast at Piper’s Pub which starts
       at 10am.
   -   Sarah joined the meeting briefly to inform Exec that so far there are only 50
       tickets left.
   -   Laura wanted to know if we get our t-shirts before Saturday and Scott said no,
       they will be given out at the bar.
   -   Courtnay said that is important to promote this event in a certain way as there
       are no pub crawls allowed. She said that we cannot advertise that it will be at the
       pub and then at the football game. We can only advertise it as an event at the
   -   Thomas wanted to know if there were any Social events this week besides
       homecoming, and Scott responded no.

Yearbook Reps: Brittany & Julia

   -   Britt and Julia put pictures of first years up on the board in the second floor
       hallway. Julia said that there are quite a few empty spots, but they gave a
       deadline last week to students to get their pictures done. She is willing to take
       some more pictures but this week will be it. If students do not have it done this
       week, they will have to wait until next year.
   -   Julia said that they have been keeping the bulletin board updated across from
       fish tank, so we should take a look. They are planning to update it at least every
       two weeks.

   -   Julia would like to remind students that anyone taking B. Ed pictures should send
       them to the email found in the newsletter.

First Year Reps:

   -   Nothing to report.

Julia moves to approve the Executive Reports, seconded by Thomas. Motion carried.

Unfinished Business

Executive retreat

      Courtnay said that we were able to have a pot luck last week, but that we were
       originally going to do more of a team bonding activity and we decided to wait for
       all of the First Year Reps to join. We were looking into geocaching and kayaking
       and splitting into two groups and swapping activities. However, she said that we
       need to find a time that works for everyone.
      Julia said perhaps we should choose 2 or 3 dates after Thanksgiving and have a
       sign up sheet and the most names on a date will be the date we go with.
      Thomas wanted to know if everyone would be comfortable with geocaching and
      Scott said he would not be able to attend the week following Thanksgiving.

Homecoming shirts/tickets update

      We were updated partway through the meeting that there are now only 40 tickets
       left for the Homecoming breakfast.

B. Ed clothing update

       Ericka said that Jenn has been working on getting the clothing order ready and
       she will be able to update us during our next meeting.

Microwaves update

      Courtnay said she talked to one of the faculty members today and in terms of
       getting a microwave, he said the best thing we could do would be to get an
       industrial one which would last longer. She mentioned that downstairs there is a
       couch, and if we get a table from facilities management, we could put the new
       microwave there as it will be less likely to blow a fuse than upstairs where there
       are other microwaves.
      Andrew said that will not work as we are not allowed change the first floor of
       Xavier Hall in any way. Any changes to the first floors have to be approved

      through Sean Riley and Andrew knows that he would not approve of a
      microwave being placed there. Andrew mentioned however that he likes the idea
      of getting an industrial microwave which will last longer and that we could put it in
      the faculty lounge.

Julia moves to approve the Unfinished Business, Lloyd seconds. Motion carried.

New Business

Off-campus professionalism

         Courtnay wants us to promote to students that during social events we are
          professionals and that we should be maintaining our professional reputation.
          She said that we are representing the profession and ourselves as future
          teachers. During any social events, she would like Exec to push to students to
          maintain their professionalism as we are representing the department and the
          University. We should be acting in a professional manner at all times.

CRC being closed on Sundays

          Laura C mentioned that students have been asking about the CRC and
          wondering why it is not open on Sundays like it was last year. She has not
          been sure how to respond to them so she added this item to the agenda and
          is hoping perhaps Andrew could clarify this issue.
         Andrew responded that his budget pays for the center to be open. A portion of
          his budget goes towards paying staff. He mentioned that attendance was
          down on Sundays in the past, but we can choose to have it open on Sundays
          if we think it is important. He said that Exec could use some of their funds
          towards having it open on Sunday. He said that we as Exec will have to come
          to him with a budget and he make a decision on perhaps matching what we
          can offer.
         Laura C mentioned that students suggested perhaps having people volunteer
          on Sundays at the centre. She wondered if this could be a possibility.
         Andrew said that we should put together budget and determine when peak
          hours will be. He thinks it is a disservice to people who were hired to work
          there if we were to have volunteers fill their place on Sundays. Ryan wanted
          to know if those employees would be available Sundays and Andrew said that
          if they are not, we could find someone else.
         Courtnay wanted to know if we could put a feeler out to see if students are
          interested in spending money on having more CRC hours. Would it be of
          use? She thinks there is no sense in it being open if students are not going to
          use it.
         Anthony thinks we should suggest the hours it will be open, such as 1-5pm
          when we discuss this with our classes.

          Andrew said the cost would be roughly $820, which is not much if we split it.
           He thinks we should find out if the students want it. If they don’t, then there is
           no need to spend the money.
          Julia suggested mentioning that the computer lab is open until 11pm, so that
           students understand that the CRC is not the only place to go to study or have
           internet access on the weekends.


          Brittany wanted to know if there are any items to be added to this week’s
           newsletter. No one had anything to add.
          Jason said he wanted to mention something about the golf tournament before
           the end of the meeting: he will be charging a fee of $20 per person, which will
           go towards green fees and prizes. However, if there is enough interest the
           price could drop down to $15. He also said that depending on the number of
           teams, there might be a surplus in money. He wanted to know if any extra
           money could go towards future intramural events and wanted to know if he
           needs to make a motion for that
          Laura P. said that we could just wait to see if there is a surplus or not before
           making a motion.

Thomas moves to approve new business, Anthony seconds.

Individual Task List

      Courtnay will be looking into buying an industrial microwave
      Jenn will be updating us on the B. Ed clothing order and Homecoming tickets
       along with Scott
      Thomas will send the finalized budget via email to all Exec members
      Submit your expense forms to Thomas by Thursday, September 29th
      Forms for on-campus events will be located in the Office if you need them
      Mention to classes that the last day for the Health opt-out is September 30th

Jason moves to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Ryan. Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 12:59 pm.

Submitted by,

Laura Connors, Secretary
St. FX Education Student Executive Society

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