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									Honey & Mumford Learning Styles
Questionnaire (LSQ)
We all have preferred ways of learning and learn better from some
activities than others. The tried and tested Learning Styles Questionnaire
will help you become a better all round learner.

Which format is best for you?
Both versions of the Learning Styles Questionnaire are available as:

      NEW! Desktop software. Download and install the software on your PC(s) or
       Mac(s) and buy as many licenses as you need in our eShop - 80-item desktop license
       or 40-item desktop license.
      Hardcopy booklet. Buy the 80-item booklet or 40-item booklet in our eShop.
      Online "Pay as you go". Ideal for individuals who want to do the questionnaire
       online. Buy the 80-item or 40-item in our eShop.
      Online Licence. Ideal if you have a group of users and want them to do the
       questionnaire online. More information and pricing.
      Licence to Print. A PDF file with the Questionnaire, Score Key and all supporting
       material. More information and pricing.

Which Learning Styles Questionnaire is best for you?
There are two versions of the Learning Styles Questionnaire. The 80-item is the original
questionnaire and has 80 questions. The 40-item is shorter with only 40 questions.

Advantages of the 80-item questionnaire

      Ideal for people who want a more comprehensive questionnaire (i.e. 20 items per style
       instead of 10)
      Better for a longer session where there is time to explore learning styles and the
       suggestions for action in more depth
      More appropriate for people who can relate to the business references
      More likely to appeal to traditionalists who want to use the original Honey &
       Mumford questionnaire.

Advantages of the 40-item questionnaire

      Ideal as an initial introduction for people who have not previously given much
       consideration to how they learn
      Useful if time is at a premium - the questionnaire takes less time to complete and
      Helps people stay focused - there are fewer suggestions for action to choose between
      The wording is concise and better suited to a more diverse audience.

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