; February 2012 ATS Newsletter
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February 2012 ATS Newsletter


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									        Alpine Treatment Services Newsletter
July 2012                                                                              Accept Trust Serve

Message from

Hello All. Now is a very
exciting time for Alpine
Treatment. We have been
revising our web pages,
Facebook, and all other
marketing campaigns as a
start of this new year. We
are working…(cont. pg. 3).

Message from
the Clinical Team

What is awareness? As you
may recall during our                                    Alpine Treatment Services
morning check-ins,
awareness is defined as             375 Rainbow Lane Midway, UT 84049
intuitive knowledge or
                                    Office: (435)-654-9956
information void of
judgment…(cont. pg. 3).             Admissions Director: Tyler Geldmacher (801) 854-8949

When we refuse to listen to
what life is telling us,
Message from                        Website: www.alpinetreatment.com
the Programming
Staff                                 Outpatient and Aftercare
“We can’t control the direction       Team Night meetings are held every 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 6:30
the wind blows, but we can adjust     p.m. Please contact Marc Turner if you plan on attending at (801)
our sails…”                           850-4917.
                                      Family group meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of
                                      every month at 6:30 p.m. at the Chateau.
                                      To schedule an appointment, call Brad Christensen at (435) 773-
Search for us on
Facebook and Twitter
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                          Alpine Anonymous Aftercare Questionnaire
Only your responses will be included. Neither your name nor email will be included in the use of data
to protect your identity and maintain confidentiality.

Please email your responses to:
   1. How many days have you been sober? ______

   2. Have you relapsed since you completed inpatient care? Yes or No

   3. Did you continue with aftercare at Alpine or with another facility upon inpatient
      completion? (Aftercare is more than attending AA. It includes group therapy
      and/or individual therapy). Yes or No

   4. Are you attending AA/NA or any other 12-step based groups currently? Yes or

   5. How many AA/NA or 12-step based groups are you attending per week? _____

   Additional Comments:
Alpine Treatment Services Newsletter                                                                             3

                          Message from Clinical Team: Julia Winterton, MHC Intern

                                         Awareness: Honoring Your Self

What is awareness? As you may recall during our morning check-ins, awareness is defined as intuitive
knowledge or information void of judgment. People may see things in us that we refuse to see in ourselves. All
too often, we may be unwilling to discuss with others the negative aspects of ourselves. This unwillingness often
leads to criticism, defensiveness and ultimately not feeling understood.

When we refuse to listen to what life is telling us, life has a way of making this point very clear. Life wants us to
be aware of ourselves so we can make necessary adjustments in order to live more harmoniously.

No one wants to be accused of something they did not do. Likewise, criticism when offered in a way that
invalidates us may cause a defensive response. However, criticism can provide us with profound insights about
ourselves. If we can move beyond anger and fear, those who criticize us are using the only means they know of
to make us aware of how we impact the world. When we control the ego to hear what is being said, we may
come to realize the things that people say are the things we have silently said to ourselves.

Becoming aware of ourselves and the impact we have on the world is hard stuff! It requires a willingness to listen
and determination toward growth in loving, accepting and understanding ourselves with all our experiences. The
first step to awareness is looking in the mirror without judgment or self-criticism. Every experience must be
revisited and explored. James Baldwin states “You cannot fix what you will not face”. Successful awareness has
more to do with looking inward rather than trying to fix ourselves. Once we are aware, we become more
empowered to choose what works and what does not. There is no longer a need to fear criticism.

Life makes us aware of what we need to know. We cannot change what we are unwilling to face. Awareness is
the path to better choices and the key to peace. Awareness opens the mind and heart to new possibilities.

Iyanla Vanzant – One Day My Soul Just Opened Up
                                      Message From Administration cont…

Hello All. Now is a very exciting time for Alpine Treatment. We have been revising our web pages, facebook,
and all other marketing campaigns as a start of this new year. We are working hard to get the Alpine name and
image out there, and reach as many people as possible that need our help. We are currently in the midst of
expanding into some additional facilities, and are very excited for the potential we have to make an impact with
so many people. Alpine is a very special place to me personally, and will always have a special place in my
heart, I sincerely believe it is the best place in the world for people struggling with addiction. Thank you all for
being who you are and representing Alpine in your own way. You are all Alpine, Thank You!

Tyler Geldmacher     Director of Admissions


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