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					                        Research Methods: Useful Links and Resources

Compiled by:
Dr Simon Busby (The Research Centre, City College Norwich)
Dr Becky Turner (Teaching and Learning Directorate, University of Plymouth)
Dr Angus Carpenter (The Research Centre, City College Norwich)

In developing this list we have sought to provide a range of freely available resources to support
researchers in undertaking their work. Although this list is comprehensive, it is by no means
exhaustive and should be viewed as a starting point for your reading. In addition to the general
resources, which address all aspects of research methods, we have identified specific resources
which complement the PowerPoint sessions.

General Resources - An international forum which hosts discussion boards, resources
(including papers, videos etc.) and research relating to research methods. - This is the National Centre for Research Methods website, which is
supported by the ESRC. It provides a wealth of resources that can inform the development and
application of research methods. - This is part of
an online resource guide to support the design and application of qualitative research methods
within education. - This is part of an online
resource guide to support the design and application of quantitative research methods within

Data Types and Collection - This slide show
provides an overview of quantitative data types and approaches for its collection. – A 60 second video explaining
when to use quantitative data and when to use qualitative data. - A slide show which presents recommendations to optimising
responses from electronic surveys. - A slide show which discusses the ESRC question bank, a free
resource of questionnaire materials for use in social research (the question bank itself can be found
at -, is a tool which can be used for development,
distribution and collection of web based questionnaires. It is free to use for up to 500 respondents. - A slide show / audio
which discusses practical considerations regarding the use of focus groups to collect qualitative
data. - This resources provides access to short audio files
which explain the categories used in Flanders Interaction Analysis, a method used in the collection
of data through structured observation.
Data Management - This
document offers guidance relating to the management, considering issues relating to storage and
accessibility of records.

Data Analysis - This is an online guide to support the analysis of
qualitative and quantitative data. It considers the principles and practices of analysing data
collecting from photographic, textual and numeric data. – This is a video of a lecture which provides a
clear summary of grounded theory and how it can be applied in the collection and analysis of
qualitative data. - This PowerPoint presentation provides an overview of the use and
process of grounded theory.

Data Presentation - This website provides a series of series of
short guides offering advice relating to the appropriate presentation of quantitative data. - This websites provides a guide to
presenting statistical information.

Corden, A. (2007). Using verbatim quotations in reporting qualitative social research: A review of
selected publications. Social Policy Research Unit, University of York. - This publication offers guidance on the
practice of using quotations in the presentation of qualitative data.

Prossor, J. (2006). Researching with visual images: some guidance notes and a glossary for
beginners. National Centre for Research Methods, Southampton. -This publication offers useful
tips and advice regarding the use of images in social research.

Wiles, R., Prosser, J., Bagnoli, A., Clark, A., Davies, K., Holland, S. & Renold, E. (2008). Visual
Ethics: Ethical Issues in Visual Research. National Centre for Research Methods, Southampton. - This publication considers the
ethical issues researchers need to consider in using images in social research.

Burke, H. (2010). Getting your message across: Events for different audiences. In: NCRM Research
Methods Festival 2010, 5th - 8th July 2010, St. Catherine's College, Oxford. - This PowerPoint presentation offers advice regarding the
dissemination of research outcomes to diverse audiences.

Smart, C. (2010). Qualitative Research Impact Beyond Academia.
_impact/ - This short audio recording considers the impact social research can have beyond the
research community and the steps researchers need to take to achieve this.

The Research Observatory hosted by UWE:
ation=49 – This website provides advice and guidance regarding the process of writing for

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