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This is not so much about how to market a dental practice, as it is an illustration of how smart marketing strategy can permeate every aspect of a busy professional service firm. During my last appointment, Dr. Penski and I talked about her practice and approach to marketing. Here's what I learned: Clear Positioning: Fresh out of Georgetown University's Dental School, she couldn't get funding for her vision of a practice that would cater to women. In her words, "Anger was a great motivator," so she set out to fulfill her dream by catering to private-pay professional women and moms, two very influential forces when it comes to how families spend their dental dollars. From the start, she and her business partner knew they would best serve this niche by offering "dentistry with a caring touch." This vision permeates everything, setting a baseline for how they package and promote their services, their approach to sales, the care they provide, and day-to-day performance for the entire staff. Thoughtful Packaging: Dr. Penski explained how they created their practice "identity" on a dime. Over dinner with spouses, the couples discussed how to "package" the new practice including uniforms, office decor, business stationary, and welcome brochure. A husband suggested they use the symbol of a fern, since it was "old, natural, and graceful -- just like they were!" The silhouette of a fern, plucked from Dr. Penski's garden and created on her copy machine, shows up everywhere. Nature is also the theme in the waiting room where you can relax browsing nature art books, listen to soothing spa music and a fountain, and enjoy an herbal neck wrap. The caring touch is reinforced with an album bursting with patient letters, baby announcements, wedding photos, and thank you cards. A photo album of before and after shots demonstrates credibility in yet another way. Smart Promotion: I found Dr. Penski on the Washingtonian Magazine list of top dentists. A smart place to appear, if y

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Cosmetic dentistry - appreciated at its true value

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As we all now, our appearance is very important these days. People are
quite concerned with how they look. It is a very competitive society.
Words like teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry are part of our daily

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As we all now, our appearance is very important these days. People are
quite concerned with how they look. It is a very competitive society.
Words like teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry are part of our daily
vocabulary. The whitening procedure is used by almost everybody. People
consider it simple and effective. At the same time, they are glad that
this option has become available for everyone, not only for famous public
persons. The good news is that this field is getting more and more
advanced every day allowing everyone to obtain the perfect smile easier
and faster.

Cosmetic dentistry is mostly performed by a doctor, but, considering the
fact that the operation of bleaching teeth is very simple, it can be done
at home. Nevertheless, there are some advantages in doing this procedure
in the doctor’s office because it allows the patient to be supervised by
a professional more closely.

So, to remove stains and discoloration, thus lightening the teeth, one
has to choose bleaching. There are two main types of teeth whitening
procedures: the non-vital whitening, which means that the tooth no longer
has a live nerve, and the vital whitening procedure, that is done on
teeth that have live nerves. One other important characteristic is the
fact that this procedure is not permanent.

Teeth whitening implies the doctor or yourself will first apply a special
gel for the gums to protect them from the whitening agent and, then,
apply the agent on your teeth. In office procedures usually take about 30
to 90 minutes. They can require more appointments depending on the type
of discoloration of the teeth. Besides whitening gel, one can choose to
use whitening toothpaste, bleaching strips, bleaching gel with a fitted
mouth tray, or laser bleaching. Laser bleaching is sometimes called in-
office bleaching and it is rarely recommended.
It is important to mention that pregnant women and children under 16
years old are not allowed to have this procedure of teeth whitening.
People with sensitive teeth and allergies to whitening products are also
advised to avoid getting their teeth bleached.

It has to be said that there are people with unrealistic expectations,
who think that teeth whitening is not efficient. Those individuals have
darkly stained teeth, they are smokers and they expect to have teeth of
blinding white after the procedure is done. They have to understand that
any bleaching procedure will be less successful in these circumstances.

For a long time in cosmetic dentistry the tooth veneers, which are thin
pieces of porcelain glued to the front of the teeth, were the only
alternative. They were the solution for teeth that are severely
discolored, chipped or misshapen. And it has been proven that tooth
veneers are very difficult to stain.

The new fashion in cosmetic dentistry is the use of lumineers and the
reason for which they have replaced the regular veneers is the fact that
they are super thin and can be placed on your teeth without all the
drilling and work associated with standard porcelain veneers.

Cosmetic dentistry is considered as a life changing factor and that is
true, if we realize the fact that you can make your smile brighter and
more charming. From stained teeth to a crooked smile, it can turn any
frown upside down. The term itself has come to mean a lot of things. That
is because there are many procedures performed in and out of the dental
office that come under the heading of cosmetic dentistry. The available
cosmetic treatments of your teeth are teeth whitening, veneers, implants,
crowns and shaping, bonding and orthodontic treatment. In order to
determine which one will work the best in transforming your smile you
have to consult your dentist.

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