; Pokemon Valentine cards, lollipops recalled
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Pokemon Valentine cards, lollipops recalled


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									Pokemon Valentine cards, lollipops recalled
Here is a report from Rockville, Maryland State in USA received on February 14:
Sherwood Brands LLC is voluntarily recalling approximately 400,000 packages of
Pokémon® branded "Valentine Cards and Pops." (Item# 073964209109 and Item#
073964289804), because of reports that metal fragments were found in two lollipops
purchased in Florida. There are no reports of injury. People who bite into or swallow a
metal fragment could possibly be injured.
The products being recalled are packages of ten and thirty Pokémon branded Valentine
cards and lollipops featuring a variety of characters. Sherwood Brands is advising its
distribution network to remove the Pokémon branded Valentine cards and lollipops
the shelves immediately. The product was sold at retailers nationwide in the US.
"Our utmost concern is the safety of our customers. We took immediate action upon
learning of this incident and Sherwood is working with the FDA to recall the products,"
said Amir Frydman, president of Sherwood Brands. "Pokémon is committed to
safety and we.re working closely with our licensee, Sherwood Brands, to
investigate this
matter completely," said J.C. Smith, Pokémon USA.s director of marketing.
Consumers who have purchased the above products are advised not to consume them and
to return them to Sherwood Brands for a full refund. Send affected products to: Sherwood
Brands LLC Attn: Product Recall, 350 Shaw Drive, Keysville, VA 23947
Ford recalls more trucks for fire hazard
Ford has recalled another 57,199 trucks and SUVs warning that the vehicles might catch
fire because of a design flaw. The latest Ford fire recall covers 2006 and 2007 trucks and
SUV equipped with the 5.4 liter engine. They are the 2006-2007 E-150, E-250, E-350
trucks and the 2007 Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator. The new recall issued on
February 4 is not scheduled to begin until March when Ford dealers will replace the fuel
rail assembly The fire hazard in the Ford vehicles is caused by the fuel rail cross-over
hose, according to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).
NHTSA reports that the hose may crack, which could cause a fuel odour or a fuel leak.
.Fuel leakage in the presence of an ignition source could result in a fire,. NHTSA

The recall is the latest in a lengthy series of Ford recalls to repair engineering errors that
could cause a car or truck to catch fire. Ford has recalled almost 11 million vehicles
beginning with the 1992 model year to repair fire hazard flaws in the cruise control
system and anti-lock braking system.
ConsumerAffairs.com reported last month that more than 1.8 million cars and trucks
remain at risk of erupting into flames five months after the automaker recalled an
additional 3.6 million vehicles because of a fire hazard in the cruise control system.
Earlier in February, Ford concluded that a previous recall to prevent faulty cruise
control system from erupting in flames was ineffective in abou 225,000 of the almost 11
million Ford vehicles recalled because of a fire hazard since the automaker first
acknowledged the fire hazard in 1999.
As a result, Ford is issuing a second recall for the almost 225,000 vehicles that were
previously recalled for a faulty cruise control system that might fail and cause the vehicle
to burn even when parked and turned off. (Source: Consumer Affairs.com)

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