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                           JOB DESCRIPTION
Post Title:                    Post Nos.                   Grade:

CASE MANAGER:COURTS H030090109/H030090128                         SCP 34 – 42

Directorate:                   Division:                   Section:

     Children’s Services            Children’s               Youth Offending Team
                                    Social Care
Responsible to:      Team Manager

Responsible for: n/a


    1.   To prevent offending by young people by providing an effective social
         work/youth offending service to young people and their carers.

    2.   The Youth Offending Team has overall responsibility for policy
         formulation, co-ordination and service delivery to those young people in
         Tower Hamlets who come into contact with or are in danger of coming
         into contact with the Criminal Justice System. Additionally, the Team has
         responsibility for overseeing the operation of and attendant matters in
         the Tower Hamlets Youth Court.


    1.   To prevent offending and re-offending by children and young people by
         providing effective services as required by the Crime and Disorder Act
         1998 [C&D Act 1998], Criminal Justice & Immigration Act 2008 [CJ&I Act
         2008] and other legislation.

    2.   To work in partnership with colleagues from other agencies and
         disciplines seconded into the Youth Offending Team in order to plan and
         deliver services aimed at reducing and preventing youth crime.

3.    To carry out assessments, prepare reports and manage all appropriate
      orders made under the C&D Act 1998/CJ&I Act 2008 and subsequent

4.    To provide practical focused programmes for young people (and their
      families) demonstrating effective practice to agreed standards and
      performance indicators.

5.    To understand the role and function of, and also to service the Youth,
      Magistrates and Crown Court.

6.    To take responsibility for specialist or designated roles within the Team if

7.    To liaise with and advise field and residential social workers relevant
      departmental staff and other professionals and voluntary agencies on
      issues relating to youth crime.

8.    To deliver all services in accordance with the Department’s Equal
      Opportunities Policy and to ensure practice is within an anti-
      discriminatory framework.

9.    Supervision of Tower Hamlets young people subject to bail conditions,
      Remand into Local Authority Accommodation [Open and Secure],
      Remand into Custody, community sentences, through care/post custody
      licence and other statutory services. Programmes may include work in
      social skills, offending behaviour, victim awareness, reparation and
      assisting clients with employment/ training, accommodation, health and
      substance use issues.

10. To carry out assessments (including vulnerability and risk) for bail and
    remand decisions and also provide appropriate reports for the court(s).

11. To take part in an office duty system to provide the following: - act as an
    “appropriate adult” (Police & Criminal Evidence Act 1984) when required;
    a service to Tower Hamlets young people appearing before the Youth
    and Adult courts who may be remanded to local authority or secure
    accommodation; cover for absent colleagues and, to undertake court
    duty and all work emanating from this duty.

12. To contribute to all monitoring/evaluation systems ensuring effective
    practice and to meet performance indicators and targets.

13. To initiate, chair and participate in reviews, cases conferences and other
    meetings, and provide reports as required.

14. To maintain appropriate and timely written records e.g. case files,
    regarding clients and other related issues.

Children’s Services Directorate/YOT Social Worker (Courts) /Nov 2006   Page 2 of 5

     15. To develop and maintain all administration, referral and procedural
         systems established for the team and specialist schemes or

     16. To keep abreast of current legislation and contemporary debate
         regarding work with young offenders and their families.

     17. To liaise with colleagues in Childrens Social Care and other
         professionals in accordance with agreed protocols and other guidance
         e.g Safeguarding and promoting the Welfare of Children, Common
         Assessment Framework.

     18. To act as a Practice Teacher, student supervisor or supervise sessional
         staff or volunteers as required. Also to have responsibility for the
         recruitment, training and support of sessional and volunteer staff.

     19. To undertake and attend internal and external training as required.

     20. To keep up-to-date with local, regional and national resources and to be
         aware of council and departmental procedures.

     21. To be aware of and adhere to the Department’s Health and Safety Policy
         as applicable to staff and clients. Also, to take particular care of one’s
         health and safety and for the health and safety of all other persons,
         (including clients), affected by their actions during their work and whilst
         on Council premises.

     22. To have knowledge of emergency procedures in case of accident, fire
         and so on following laid down instructions, i.e. contacting emergency
         services and/or responsible officers.



Adhere to the Council’s Equal Opportunities policies and ensure anti-discriminatory
practice within the service area.


Undertake any other reasonable duties commensurate with the grade as
determined by the manager.

     Children’s Services Directorate/YOT Social Worker (Courts) /Nov 2006   Page 3 of 5

            Person Specification for the Post of
               CASE MANAGER (COURTS),
                YOUTH OFFENDING TEAM
Knowledge           1.    To have an up-to-date knowledge of childcare & young
                          justice legislation, (particularly the Crime and Disorder
                          Act 1998, Powers of Criminal Courts [Sentencing] Act
                          2000 , Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001, Criminal
                          Justice Act 2003).

                    2.    To have an up-to-date knowledge of current practice
                          issues and developments in working with young
                          offenders and their carers.

Qualifications      3.    CQSW, DipSW [A current GSCC certificate will be a
& Experience              condition of appointment and employment for all staff
                          with a CQSW or Diploma in Social Work] or BA in
                          Community Justice/NVQ Level 4 Community Justice/
                          Diploma In Probation Studies.

                    4.    Experience of working within the Criminal Youth
                          Justice System.

                    5.    Experience of working with disaffected, disenchanted
                          and delinquent youth.

                    6.    Experience of working with ethnic minority youths in an
                          urban setting.

Leadership          Achieving Results
Management          7.    Skills in producing and presenting reports for the
Framework                 courts.

                    8.    An ability to interpret legislation and translate into

                    9.    To be able to set up and maintain monitoring systems.

                    10. An ability to work corporately in a multi-disciplinary

                    11. An ability to work on own initiative under pressure
                        within policy and procedure guidelines.

Children’s Services Directorate/YOT Social Worker (Courts) /Nov 2006    Page 4 of 5

                    Engaging With Others

                    12. An ability to communicate with clients, their carers and
                        other agencies sensitively in order to give and receive

                    13. An ability to supervise sessional staff, students and

                    Valuing Diversity

                    14. To have an understanding of Tower Hamlets’ Equal
                        Opportunities Policy and an ability to translate the
                        principles of the policy into day to day practice. An
                        ability to represent these policies in a wider forum.

                    Learning Effectively

                    15. IT literate and willing to undertake further training as

Other               16. A satisfactory attendance record (normally less than 5
                        days absence in a year) but taking into account
                        individual circumstances.

                    17. A CRB enhanced disclosure that is satisfactory to us
                        will be a condition of your appointment.

Children’s Services Directorate/YOT Social Worker (Courts) /Nov 2006    Page 5 of 5

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