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									Struggling artists have been coming up with new ways of getting their
name out into the mainstream. Many creative people may choose to draw or
paint in parks and coffee shops in the hopes that they may be discovered.
Others have embraced technology which has given the modern-day artist
invaluable online art galleries as a means of self promotion.

Online art galleries are sprouting up all over the Internet. Many of
these sites are created by the artists. Some online art galleries are a
part of a community or talent pool. No matter which method an artist uses
these resources are probably the most useful, convenient and productive
tools for the modern artist.

The artist can create his own online art galleries by purchasing domain
names. There are several sites that offer free web space but they often
lack enough room to display the art adequately. You really want to use a
source that offers a lot of options as well as a lot of space.

The great thing about these online art galleries is that they give the
artists control over the presentations. When working as part of a talent
pool or in a collective project, you may find that your own work might
not gel with the rest of the online gallery. Creating an individual site
is a great way to promote your work as a whole.

Maintaining the site and updating the art quickly becomes second nature.
Online talent pools are also great because they help the artist promote
his work. Even though these online art galleries do not showcase one
single artist they do help in circulating the images.

Many talent pools require a percentage of the final cost of the project.
Using online art galleries is a great way for an artist to apply for
projects without carrying a portfolio or maintaining a one-man gallery
that no one visits.

The talent pool online art galleries are also very useful for
telecommuting jobs. The entire working relationship between artist and
client can be handled over the Internet and by telephone.

The advances in art through computer generated images are astounding. The
use of online art galleries for professional use is also incredible.
Today’s artists have so many more opportunities to be exposed to a wide
audience. Whether you want to find work or whether you just want to share
your creations, online art galleries are the perfect vehicles for your

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