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					I spend a big part of my day in front of a computer. Most of the time I
am working but there are moments when I get a bit distracted. I have been
known to play a computer game from time to time. I was addicted to suduko
puzzles for a while but like most forms of entertainment, they got old.
Fortunately, there are plenty of games out there on the internet and you
can play online without ever having to download a thing.

One of my favorite games at the moment is bejeweled deluxe. I came across
this game after I got bored with playing collapse online. At first I
thought that bejeweled deluxe sounded pretty girly and uncomplicated. I
was pleasantly surprised to find out that I was wrong and girly can be
more fun than I previously thought.

I prefer to play games online because I don’t exactly trust the internet.
I have been burned when downloading games before and I try not to
download anything onto my computer unless it is necessary. Even though I
value my game time as much as the next guy, I do realize that it is not
necessary and definitely not worth compromising my computer for.

If you want to play bejeweled deluxe online, just run a simple google
search. You will be provided with a long list of providers. It is
important that you search for “play online” so that you won’t have to
download anything. I recommend using McAfee Site Advisor when running any
kind of internet search. This handy piece of software will rate websites
and their security so that you never click on a dangerous website.

Now back to the game. I admitted that bejeweled deluxe sounds a wee bit
girly and although you do play with gemstones, the graphics and sound
effects of the game are anything but weak. When you advance levels in
bejeweled deluxe you are transported to a different planet complete with
impressive cosmic scenes. Just to appeal to the manly side of you gamers
out there, you can build “super cubes” and “hyper cubes” in bejeweled
deluxe that explode when they come into play. Now are you intrigued?

Check it out bejeweled deluxe the next time you are looking for a quick
game to play online. It is a visual matching game that can be played in a
few different modes so that you don’t get bored too quickly. I promise
that you won’t feel too girly – even those of you out there with
complexes about that sort of thing.

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