How to Use Bathroom Accessories to Fill in Empty Corners

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					How to Use Bathroom Accessories to Fill in Empty Corners

Many bathrooms have a lot of empty space, which can be filled in. Bare
walls make the space seem empty, which one can add a few bathroom
accessories to fill in the gaps. With this in mind, we hope that you will
learn how to make your bathroom more then a bathroom. Perhaps you will
enjoy it more then any other room in the house. I also understand that
the bathroom is most of the time the smallest room in the house. Even
though it is small, you still can make it very enjoyable for one to take
a bath or for whatever the reason maybe. For most of us, we have to fill
in the empty space the best we can.

What can I do with my old chair?
Chairs are nice, since a person can do many things with the item. For
instance, you can turn the chair into a flower stand and place it in a
corner. To get started you would cut the bottom out and place your
favorite plant inside the cut area. The chairs are easy to make and look
very nice in a corner. Creating the chair will inspire your guests, since
they will have something to talk about. In addition, you may want to add
a clothes hamper. The hampers come in different sizes, styles, etc. The
hampers are idea for storing laundry, keeping the clothes out of the
floor. If you have a family like mine, you will want a clothes hamper.
You can find hampers that suit your needs online, or at any local
department store.

How can I fill up a bare wall?
When covering a bare wall, you may want to consider re-painting the walls
and adding a few colorful bathroom accessories to offset the area. On
the other hand, you could hang up some pictures of outdoors items.
Perhaps hang a few candles on the wall, which will add a more comfortable
setting for your bathroom. Remember candles are a relaxing source.

How can I paint my bare wall?
When deciding that you want to paint your bathroom wall there is many
ways to do this
First you have to decide what design you want and color that will match
your style of bathroom. For an example if you have fish patterns in your
bathroom you would not put roses in the room, rather the patterns and
colors should all come together. So maybe some blue greenish color or
even maybe some yellow. You can go to your local store and get some
stencils and design or design your own creation on a marrow on the wall.
You can also purchase many kinds of patterns. That will help you out.
They have everything you might be looking for, from wild life to flowers.
You again have to decide what you want and that will go with your design.

What else can I add to my bathroom?
You can add many things to your bathroom to fill in empty spots. To fill
up a bare wall, you might want to add a towel hanger to the wall in that
way you can put directive towel on it to add contact it the bathroom.

You may want to go on the Internet and get some ideas or maybe go to your
city library if you can’t make up your mind. Sometimes looking in a book
will help you decide if you like the patterns, colors, style, etc. Books
are always great, since the material will give you new ideas.

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