Security_Retirement by MaggieMills1


									                                “Security & Retirement”

The word retirement should always be equated to “security”. This should be both
financial and emotional security.

Once a person has reached the ripe age of 50, he or she is bound to think of retiring. It all
boils down to how your picture yourself living once you retire.

The key here is to prepare early. Here are some tips on how you can enjoy your
retirement to the fullest by living comfortably:

   1. Clean up your “financial closet.”

You might have unknown debts or liabilities which you are accountable for. Make sure
that you clear everything up before you retire.
Also, talk with your broker about the pension plan that you have been paying for.
Once you know the monthly „income‟ that would be coming from the pension plan and
the benefits that you have as a retiree – including Social Security – then you would more
or less have an idea of the lifestyle that you can afford upon retirement.

   2. Decide where you plan to spend the rest of your leisure years in.

You might plan to globe-trot or just spend your retirement with your family in the United
States. Before you retire, make sure that you have reached a final decision and you can
picture yourself living in that particular place.

   3. Make plans for your health care.

Some retirees go out of the country and this is where they spend their retirement. Before
going for such an option, check out the health care options and benefits that are available
for you there.

If you have a previous ailment or a recurring illness, allot a certain amount of your
budget for your health care needs. There are Medicare benefits that you can take
advantage of, but it is still better to have something saved in case of emergencies.

Upon retirement, you can rest assured that you will feel safer and more secure if you take
these considerations in mind.

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