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									Simple Basic .NET Interview Questions May 19th, 2006

Simple Basic .NET Interview Questions May 19th, 2006

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All answers to the below interview questions are at What is a IL? What is MSIL or CIL , What is JIT? What is a CLR? What is a CTS? What is a CLS(Common Language Specification)? What is a Managed Code? What is a Assembly ? What are different types of Assembly? What is NameSpace? What is Difference between NameSpace and Assembly? If you want to view a Assembly how to you go about it ? Twist : What is ILDASM ? What is Manifest? Where is version information stored of a assembly ? Is versioning applicable to private assemblies? What is GAC ? Twist :− What are situations when you register .NET assembly in GAC ? What is concept of strong names ? Twist :− How do we generate strong names or what is the process of generating strong names , What is use of SN.EXE , How do we apply strong names to assembly ? , How do you sign an assembly? How to add and remove a assembly from GAC? What is Delay signing ? What is garbage collection? Can we force garbage collector to run ? What is reflection? What are different type of JIT ? What are Value types and Reference types ? What is concept of Boxing and Unboxing ? What's difference between VB.NET and C# ? What's difference between System exceptions and Application exceptions? What is CODE Access security? Simple Basic .NET Interview Questions May 19th, 2006 1

Simple Basic .NET Interview Questions May 19th, 2006 What is a satellite assembly? How to prevent my .NET DLL to be decompiled? What's the difference between Convert.toString and .toString() method ? What is Native Image Generator (Ngen.exe)? We have two version of the same assembly in GAC? I want my client to make choice of which assembly to choose?

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Simple Basic .NET Interview Questions May 19th, 2006


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