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									Can we bind data to a server control without writing code in .NET?
What is a Masterpage? What is a ContentPage?
Can there be a master page inside a masterpage?
What is a SiteMapPath control in ASP.NET 2.0?
How to sort the contents of a GridView control?
What does the Hotspot class in .NET do? What is an ImageMap in ASP.NET?
How do we update and delete data in a gridview? Datakeynames property in

How to redirect a user to a new page?
How to pass values between pages?
What is the role of the ASP.NET worker process?
Explain the page life cycle in ASP.NET 1.1 & 2.0
How to store global variables?
How to store values between postbacks?
What is a server control?
What is a viewstate?
How to send an email using ASP.NET?
Which namespace does a webpage belong?
How to store information about a user's locale?
How to add an event handler for a server control?
What are validation controls? How do validation controls work?
What is global.asax? Application_start, Session_start?
What is an HTTP handler? Can we use it to upload files?
What is a session? Different ways to maintain session?
What is the @Register directive used for?
What is a cookie? Limitations of cookie? Permanent cookie?
How to implement a web farm and a web garden?
Can dataset be stored in a viewstate?
How to set view state for a server control? Enableviewstate property?
What is smart navigation?

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