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					Rescue Canine-1-1: Boston Terrier Dog Rescue

The following article provides some questions most people are assumed ask
about the organization and its endeavors. Answers are provided after each

Just what is Boston Terrier Rescue?

This is an association devoted to housing abandoned or unwanted Boston
terriers. They set emergency rescues and conducts appropriate adoption of
these terriers to their permanent homes.

However, the network does not house Boston terriers that are already in
poor health, aggressive, old, and/or are disease-carriers since they will
not be even suitable for adoption afterwards. The least the BTR will do
is to advise the owners of such terriers on better options.

Why are these dogs being rescued?

Most dogs that are rescued by the network were simply unwanted. Most
owners would admit that they were unable to provide their pets with the
attention, time, and level of activity that are appropriate for this
lovely little dog to thrive and be healthy. There were cases when life
situations or jobs made it hard for the owners to keep their pets with
them. They considered the abandonment of the terriers as the easy or even
sole option.

Can the adopted dog be used for breeding?

The association will definitely disapprove of the idea!

In fact, they firmly advise every new owner to have the dog strictly as
pets. As part of the placement process, Bostons are being spayed or
neutered to avoid reproduction. Moreover, most of the rescued terriers
are not excellent strains of the breed standard. More often, they do not
have a record of ancestry or pedigree that can be consulted before the
breeding process.
May I adopt a female terrier?

Most Boston terriers that are being abandoned are males aging between two
and six since most owners think that the female variety is more
affectionate. Surprisingly, the male variety is a responsive and sweet
companion given proper attention and care. However, since all rescued
Bostons are spared as breeders, the gender of the dog should not matter
at all during the adoption. Appropriate placement shall be executed by

Is there a charge if an owner surrenders a Boston?

There are owners who volunteer themselves of paying their dogs' medical
requirements, which also include spaying or neutering. Likewise,
donations assist in the expenditures that cover the dogs' preparations
for placement in a new home and with a new owner.
If I adopt a dog, will I be charged for it?

Apparently, owning a dog requires the owner to be financially capable for
health care expenditures and even for the registry of Bostons.

How does the adoption process happen?

The procedure can be summarized as follows:

1.   Screening

a.    BT Rescue filters potential owners by filling out extensive
application papers for adoption.
b.    Possible owners' financial capability and lifestyle are being
researched by the network.
c.    Application forms are screened between 7 and 10 days.

2.   Approval/Disapproval

a.    Once the application is approved, a dog that is available at the
time shall be presented to its new owner.
b.    Otherwise, the application shall be placed on a waiting list. If
circumstances make the application possible, the new owner is notified
later on.

What must be done to help?

The answer depends on the clientele.

1.   For Breeders

Breeders are advised not to sell their Boston Terrier to anyone if the
new home will be inappropriate. Instead, have good homes reserved for
them and plan litters.

Also, if breeders do not have a competent and proper breeding program,
reproduction should be avoided.

2.   For everyone else

Be informed about the special nature and various mental and physical
requirements of Boston Terrier. Then educate others about these things.

It should be made clear to everyone that Bostons do not fit the lifestyle
of just anyone and everyone. If possible, look for breeds that may
warrant a new shelter.

Moreover, donations are greatly appreciated for they usually assist in
the placement process of the dogs. BTR runs entirely on the dedication of

Report an unwanted Boston. Rescue an abandoned canine! Dial Rescue

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