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					         The Nursing Workplace Satisfaction Questionnaire (NWSQ) user guide

The Nursing Workplace Satisfaction Questionnaire (NWSQ) was designed for use in an
Australian study to evaluate nurse satisfaction with a new team model of nursing care
delivery (Fairbrother, Jones & Rivas, 2010). The NWSQ can be used to assist in identifying
the satisfaction of the staff on your ward/unit.

The survey should be conducted before the new WOW is implemented and resurveyed at
least six months after implementation. The NWSQ can be used to identify nurse satisfaction
on an ongoing basis and you might decide to administer it yearly apart from this project and
compare your findings.

Pre evaluation is one of the first things you will need to perform.

One copy of the NWSQ should be printed for each member of the nursing staff. You will
need to develop a cover sheet which explains the following:

       Thank the nurse for completing;
       State that the answers to the individual survey will remain anonymous and not to put
        his/her name on it;
       The results will be shared with all nurses;
       Date that the survey will need to be returned by (usually 2 weeks after distribution);
       Place to return the survey to.

The higher the response rate for your survey the more relevant the findings. You might need
to encourage a good response rate by frequent reminders.

NB if you are going to get the staff to fill out the Nursing Teamwork Survey you might
consider giving it out at the same time.

Data entry and analysis sheet for (NWSQ)

An Excel 2007 version workbook has been provided to enter the data for analysis.

There are 5 worksheets within the Excel workbook.

   1          NWSQ data entry 1                    3            NWSQ data entry 2

   2       NWSQ free text entry 1                  4         NWSQ free text entry 2

   5                                    Comparative graphs

There are 5 worksheets to allow for data entry for both the pre and post implementation
NWSQ surveys. Worksheet 5 is where you will find the comparative graphs once you have
entered the survey results.

NWSQ user guide – NSW Dept Health, Nursing and Midwifery Office, 2011                   Page 1
How to use the NWSQ data entry work sheets

The data entry worksheets have been designed so that the entry can be performed by
someone with limited Excel experience.

NWSQ data entry work sheets - explanation

The numbers across the top of the data entry worksheet represent responses to the
individual nurses’ surveys. Enough columns have been provided for the entry of 50 surveys
but you only need to add the surveys for your staff be it 10 or 50 nurses. As data is entered a
progressive total of the number of surveys appears in the box at the top.

The nurses are asked to circle response 1-5 and it is these numbers which are entered using
the drop down box next to the question in the worksheet. If there is no response to the
question choose 3. A total score for each individual survey will appear at row 24. The
lowest possible score per survey is 17 and the highest possible score is 85. The
lower the score the higher the nurse satisfaction.
When all data for the survey questions has been entered scroll across to the end of the table
and the total score for the ward/unit will appear in BA 24. In the next column will appear the
average scores for each question and a total average score for the ward/unit in box BB 24.
The lower the average score the better the result.

Table 2 on this worksheet is where data on nurse category can be entered. Click on the cell
and select the category from the dropdown list. The total number in each staff category will
then be available at BA/BB if you scroll to the end of the worksheet.

NWSQ Free text data entry work sheets – explanation

It is not possible to score the free text questions at the bottom of the survey. Responses can
be entered in the free text worksheet and themes or common responses can be gleaned
from the data and discussed and actioned in an attempt to improve satisfaction.

Comparative graphs work sheet – explanation

Graphs will automatically appear in this work sheet. When data has been entered from the
second survey you will have comparisons and you will be able to identify whether there have
been improvements in nurse satisfaction.

NB that satisfaction depends on a number of variables and there may be other issues
internal or external to the ward/unit impinging on nurse satisfaction.


Fairbrother, G., Jones, A. & Rivas, K. (2010) Development and validation of the Nursing Workplace Satisfaction
Questionnaire. Contemporary Nurse 34(1) pp10-18.

NWSQ user guide – NSW Dept Health, Nursing and Midwifery Office, 2011                                  Page 2

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