transparency subscription letter by keralaguest


									August 28, 2008

Dear NPA Executive:

NISH has always been committed to fostering positive and supportive business
relationships with the Products and Services CRP/NPA community. In the past year, we
have placed even greater focus on improving CRP/NPA customer service satisfaction. A
key component of this has been the NPA Customer Satisfaction Surveys. This effort
started with the distribution of a Products Producing, NPA-focused survey last fall and
continued with two NPA Roundtable events in January and April. As a result of direct
feedback from this NPA Customer Satisfaction Survey, NISH is excited to announce the
launch of a new “transparency subscription service.”

Effective on September 2, 2008, Products and Services CRP/NPAs will have the ability
to receive an automatic e-mail notification when a new document is posted to the
AbilityOne Opportunities page on the NISH Extranet. This is an optional service so it
will require each Products and Services CRP/NPA team member with an active NISH
Extranet User Account to subscribe to the automatic notification service (see attachment
for further details). Once subscribed, CRP/NPA personnel will have real-time access to
new project opportunities as well as project distribution actions.

In conjunction with this service, NISH is also extending the time that a document is
posted to the NISH Extranet for Products and Services CRP/NPA viewing. Documents
are currently posted to the NISH Extranet for seven (7) calendar days, whenever possible.
Effective September 2, 2008, NISH will make every effort to post all documents related
to both undistributed and distributed project opportunities to the NISH Extranet for a
minimum of fourteen (14) calendar days. An exception to this practice will be when the
Federal customer demands a response within a timeframe sooner than 14 days. In
addition, it should be noted an opportunity’s response time may vary from its posting
time. Therefore, CRP/NPAs are encouraged to continue to make special note of the
response due date included within the posted document.

For further explanation of the transparency subscription service, please refer to the
attached document. Additional assistance can be obtained by contacting your Regional
Office. Each Regional Office has a team member serving as a “Subscription Service
Point of Contact (POC).” This POC will be available to answer general questions
regarding the service and to provide troubleshooting if you have difficulty subscribing to
the service. We also encourage you to provide your input and feedback regarding the
subscription service to your POC. The POC list can be found below as well as on the
attached document.
Region               POC                   Phone                 E-mail

South                Helena Prindle        678-581-7284

East                 Temeka (TJ) Blue      571-226-4676

Northwest            SharonLee Langsford 206-272-502   

Pacific West         Alicia Pagan          925-543-5101

South Central        Matt Worsham          817-622-7005

North Central        Frank Gidcumb         847-789-8424

We extend our thanks to our Products and Services CRP/NPA community for your input,
which made this resource possible. We look forward to your future input so that we can
continue to meet the needs of our Products and Services CRP/NPA customers.

/Dennis Fields/

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