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									I guess you could say I know a little about weddings. I did have one of
my own after all. That does give me some authority on the topic. The way
I see it, weddings should be done for under a week's income. This way
there is no future debt to pay, or financial affliction to deal with.
It's sort of like the wedding I watched on a local news channel. The
wedding reception was help at a White Castle fast food joint. Now that's
classy. The cake wasn't even a cake. It was actually a cardboard stand
covered with Hostess cakes. Let me tell you, these folks are living it
up. So what's your take on the wedding routine? Okay, calm down. I am
only joking about the week's income thing. Personally I think that every
couple should put some time, money and effort into their wedding. This is
a priceless day that hopefully only occurs once in your life. Oh and, I
wasn't joking about the White Castle thing. Sadly that was totally true.
The good news is most people have more class than this and prefer
Caribbean, Hawaii, and savannah weddings. You know, places that demand
our attention.

I love the South. This could have something to do with the fact that I
was raised in North Carolina. Regardless, the southern states have much
to offer. Take Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina for
example. These to cities are the epitome of Southern charm. Frankly I
can't get enough of either of them. I even checked into savannah weddings
when my wife and I decided to tie the knot. This worked out splendidly
and we ended up cruising the cobblestone streets in a carriage. Trust me
when I say there are numerous things to do while visiting Savannah. And
since we're discussing savannah weddings, I have to mention the Bed and
Breakfast we stayed in. It's known as the Ballastone Inn. They have a
room called the China Trade Suite that's phenomenal. I highly recommend
this Inn due to it's ideal service and decor. It's also right in the
midst of the historic district.

Are you convinced about savannah weddings yet? Hey, if I haven't swayed
you, then my guess is the Internet will. Pop open a few Savannah websites
and see what's cooking. I'll bet that you'll be thinking of this little
spot when your wedding date draws near.

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