leg waxing 34 (DOC) by MaggieMills1


									In my stupid high school years, which was longer ago than I would like to
admit, I foolishly thought that I could handle doing leg waxing on
myself. They sold the kits at the stores and I was a pretty bright kid,
so it should have been a no brainer. Boy, was I wrong. It started out
ok, but once I got deeper into the self leg waxing I was screaming in
pain and ended up with half of a waxed leg and a whole bunch of pain.
Phone calls were made to those that said I should be able to do it with
no problem, and they all laughed and said that they wouldn’t be trying it
for themselves. It was from that moment that I decided to leave the leg
waxing up to professionals.

Leg waxing in salons is fairly inexpensive. To a high school or college
aged girl it seems like it is one million dollars, but really if you beak
it down it is most likely less expensive to get leg waxing done than it
is to purchase insanely expensive razors every few weeks. Pricing
depends on the type of spa or salon and your area, but keep in mind that
leg waxing does last up to six weeks and the more you get it done, the
finer your hair will grow back in and the less often you will need to
have it done. So while the initial cost does seem a little high, you may
end up saving money. Not to mention, the pain you will spare yourself is
beyond priceless!

Professional leg waxing is usually done by hot wax being brushed or
spread onto your leg. The professional will then press down a sheet and
ripping it off quickly. The first few times hurt like hell, but once you
get past the initial pain it really is not that bad. If you want to get
really adventurous you can move from leg waxing on to bikini waxing.
That skin is much more sensitive, so the pain factor is higher. Once you
have mastered the bikini waxing, you can move on to the oh so trendy
Brazilian wax which will leave you completely hairless in your nether
regions – and you can bet it will hurt. If you really want to be like
Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan, the less painful way would be to go out
and buy a dog or designer cell phone. If it were me, I’d skip the
Brazilian wax, even if it is done by a professional.

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