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									JVC Digital Video Cameras

Sometimes, there are things going on behind the scenes of which you are
not aware. This comes to be obvious when you are suddenly faced with
something you never expected to happen. There are people in this world
that only wish to make a quick buck at the expense of others. You may not
even know the extent of it until it happens to you. A friend of mine
learned this lesson when she decided to try selling JVC digital video
cameras on eBay. She didn’t get scammed, but she almost did.

My friend found some JVC digital video cameras on an auction site other
than eBay, and they were selling at a very cheap price. She decided to
take a chance and get them, thinking she would make a good profit on eBay
by reselling. When she received the JVC digital video cameras in the
mail, she was pleased to see they were of good quality, and she did
indeed get a good deal. She got three quality cameras, and was very
excited about venturing into the world of eBay selling.

She listed her JVC digital video cameras and sat back and watched. She
was worried that no one seemed to be biting, but I told her to be
patient. There are a lot of cameras out there, and it may take some time
for someone to see her auction. Even with her profit included, the JVC
digital video cameras she listed were still a bargain. She sold one, and
was over the moon. Before she knew it, an order was placed for yet
another, but this order caused her some concern.

The ‘buyer’ suddenly had issues, and needed my friend to make some
special considerations. She smelled a rat immediately. As it turned out,
the buyer was trying to get her to mail the item to an overseas address.
That in itself was not a problem, but the buyer was asking her for her
bank account information so he could wire her the money. She knew better,
thankfully, and she canceled the transaction and told the buyer they had
to send her payment via money order or they item would not be shipped.
She never heard from the buyer again, and she retained her JVC digital
video cameras and avoided the scam. The folks at eBay confirmed her
suspicions, and she counted herself among the lucky few. It happens all
the time, so make sure you know what’s going on before you list high
priced items on eBay.

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