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									exercise routine

Developing a good exercise routine is critical to maintaining one’s
overall health. People can try many types of sport or weight-bearing
activities that will help to increase their muscle mass, flexibility and
endurance, as well as helping to lift their moods. One of the problems
that some people encounter who exercise is finding the motivation to keep
at it on a weekly basis. It becomes very easy to slip into the habit of
sleeping in and telling oneself to go out for a run. In the end however,
you will feel much better if you develop a more personalized exercise
routine that works for you, and not one that you think is what you should
be doing.

I have never exercised in the conventional way, and have developed over
the years various methods to keep me motivated. Variety in the exercise
routine is a great way to keep it fun, and mixing up where and when you
exercise will put the enjoyment back into the sport. Running outside
instead of on the treadmill, swimming in the sea instead of a pool, or
biking around your town instead of on a stationary bicycle at home in
front of the T.V. These are all ways to bring your exercise routine to
the ‘Great Outdoors’ that will help breathe new life into what your
normal schedule is used to.

I often alternate my exercise routine with different types of aerobic
activity. Running is a great way to get in shape, but doing the same
route consistently each day can become tiresome after a while. I have
made a conscious effort to ride a bike or swim in the nearby ocean to
work different muscles. Just when I thought I was in shape, riding a bike
has taught me that not all of me is exactly as fit as I should be.

Recruiting others to join you in your daily exercise routine can help you
break out of a rut and can help the time pass more quickly. Chatting to a
friend while you run or while you workout at the gym can keep you

The most important thing to remember is that exercise need not be a
chore, but an enjoyable activity that you should want to do throughout
your entire life. It is up to each person to find a routine that works
for them that they can visualize doing for a long time. Keeping an open
mind and trying new ways to exercise will allow you to keep your interest
and motivation up for years to come.

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