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									                              Michigan Food Safety Needs Survey
At MSU, we are currently reviewing our information, research, and teaching activities concerning food and
agriculture. To help us with that review and to assist our planning better to meet the food and agriculture
needs in MI, we would appreciate it very much if you would answer 4 short questions. It should take just a
couple of minutes of your time.

INSTRUCTION: Please mark all of the following that you would relate to yourself.

1. First, we would like to know a little bit about who you are . . .
          Food industry
                 food industry input production ___
                 grow or raise food ___
                 food processing industry ___
                 food distribution
                          wholesale __
                          retail ___
                 food service industry
                          institutional __
                          commercial (restaurants, take-aways) __
               food industry services (training, consulting) __
               other (please specify) _______________________________________
        Other than food industry
               K-12 teacher
               college or university professor
               government (policy, regulatory)
               4-H leader
               other (please specify) _______________________________________

2. What are your main concerns about food safety or foodborne illness ?
       hand washing ___
       flies ___
       handling of leftovers ____
       employee health and sick employees ____
       employee hygiene ____
       allergens in food ____
       other (please specify) ____________________________________________

3. Where do you get food safety information
       newspapers ___                                       radio ___
       internet, websites ___                        TV ____
       colleagues ___                                Government agencies ___
       family members ____                           Universities ___
       MSU extension ____
4. Finally we would like to know something about your food safety education needs.
   a. First, what topics do you need more information about . . .
         Food safety equipment ___               Sources of information ___
         Safe food handling ___                  Sources of training ___
         Food safety certification ___           Others (pls. specify) _____________
         Food laws and regulations ____

  b. Second, which groups of people need this information
        restaurant employees
        restaurant managers
        retail food distribution employees
        retail food distribution managers
        food processing employees and/or managers
        food growing/raising employees and/or managers
        government employees (policy and/or regulatory)
        other (please specify) ______________________________________________

  c. Third, how should the information be provided
        training sessions _____
        short courses _____
        professional development programs _____
        internet websites _____
        internet listservs _____
        telephone or internet hotline _____
        paper bulletins or handouts _____
        other (please specify) ______________________________________________

Thank you very much for your time and assistance in helping us plan how better to meet
your needs in the future

If there is any other information you would like to share with us, please feel free to write
it here _________________________________________________________________

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