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									Multi Login Yahoo! Messenger Software Without Using the additional Taken from the web neighbors (BNCC), I have tried and succeeded. If you want to run or want to login yahoo messenger user id with more than one or a different user id in a single PC then you do not bother looking for this software. All you have to do is do a little tweak in the Windows Registry (Regedit) you. It's easy once kok, follow the steps below: * Start>> Run ...>> regedit * Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>> Software>> yahoo> pager>> test * On the right side, right-click>> New>> DWORD value * Give a Plural hit enter 2 times and give the value 1

To run it, please run Yahoo Messenger as always, then if you want to login with different id you can click on another Yahoo Messenger shortcut in Start Menu / Desktop / Quick Launch. After you click will display the new Yahoo messenger window, and please login with different id. If after running the above steps but you do not succeed, try logging out of Yahoo Messenger and Exit, then run again from the shortcut is available. If you still can not, try to restart your Windows or check whether your Windows Registry in-lock by the administrator (usually for computer office / security reason). These tips have proven effective in the Yahoo Messenger Version, Good try, Good luck ... Translated from :

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