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									                                               REVISED SERVICE CHARTER OF
                                               COMPENSATION DEPARTMENT

The compensation Department under the general direction and supervision of the Director, performs the following specific functions
as stipulated in the National Salaries, Incomes and Wages Commission Decree (Act) No. 99 of 1993, among others:
       (i)    “examine, streamline and recommend salary scales applicable to each post in the public service”
       (ii)   “examine the salary structures in the Public and Private sectors and recommend a general wages framework with
              reasonable features of relativity and maximum levels which are in consonance with the national economy”
       The Department also compiles regular reports on International Labour Organisation (ILO) Conventions relating to
       workers’ remuneration, which have been ratified by Nigeria and responds to enquiries on salaries, wages and
       allowances from other international organizations.
       To assist Government and employers of labour especially in the Public Service to formulate appropriate compensation policies
       that would lead to best pay practice.
2.     VISION
       To offer appropriate advice to organizations on matters relating to Wages and salaries and other forms of compensation so that
       every worker is adequately remunerated to enhance performance and productivity.
3.     Clients:       Public Sector and Private Sector Agencies, International Organizations and the General Public.
     i.      responsible for the preparation of draft recommendations to Government on appropriate increase on Wages,
             Salaries and Allowances in the Federal Public Service as well as the cost implications of such increases;
     ii.     originates proposals by the Commission to Government on key compensation issues such as the National Minimum
             Wage and monetisation of fringe benefits in the Federal Public Service;
     iii.    renders technical advice on remuneration issues which feature at the meetings of the National Council on
             Establishments and the National Joint Negotiation Councils;
     iv.     makes appropriate recommendations to the Commission concerning adjustments in Wages, Salaries and allowances of
             all Federal parastatals and Agencies usually referred to the Commission;
     v.      prepares draft circulars on Salaries, Allowances and Pension matters which are issued by the Commission;
     vi.     handles and gives responses on remuneration and related matters forwarded to the Commission from agencies and
             ministries in the public service;
     vii.    represents the commission at negotiations between staff Unions and the Federal Government on compensation matters
             where it always gives the Government side, the necessary technical guidance required at such negotiations; and
     viii.   compiles regular reports on International Labour Organization (ILO) Conventions relating to workers
             remuneration and submits same to the Federal Ministry of Labour for presentation at ILO meetings.

     The Department is segmented into two main Divisions. These are:
             i.     Salary Administrative Division; and
             ii.    Pay Research Division
     The Salary Administration Division has the following branches:
            i.      Harmonised Public Service; and
            ii.     Self-funded Agencies
     The Pay Research Division has the following branches:
            -       Public Sector;
            -       Private Sector;
            -       International Organizations
     The Department is periodically involved in pay research. This includes, national remuneration surveys of the private and
     public sectors and regional pay comparability studies. In addition, salary inspection and monitoring of Ministries, Agencies
     and Departments in the Public Service is being carried out as a regular check on unauthorized wage payments in the Public
     Service. The Department is also involved in job classification, productivity measurement and survey of salaries and wages in
     the Federal Civil Service. Is jointly carried out by the Operational Departments
6    Grievance Redress Mechanism
            If any citizen or client is dissatisfied with the services or activities of Compensation
     Department, such complaint should be forwarded in writing through the supervisory Ministry to the
     Chairman, and such complain will be treated within two weeks.
     Our Clients should provide us with accurate information when requested.
8.   Stakeholders participation
             Our stakeholders include public and private sector Agencies, international organizations and
      the general public. They contribute to our activities by providing accurate information on request
      from    the    department        within    a    specified      time.      Besides,      the Department           welcomes
      criticism/suggestions, which are freely expressed at an interactive for a, or through writing.
9.    Obligations
             The Department is obliged to provide clients with unclassified information and provide useful
      guidance to Government in decision-making on public salaries and wages determination and
10.   Existing Limitations
             There are constraints caused by inability of our clients (organizations) to forward to the Department on time, the
      required documents that will help to speed up its operations, and paucity of funds. However, this notwithstanding, the mission
      and vision goals of the Department will not be adversely affected.
                                                COMPENSATION DEPARTMENT
                                     NATIONAL SALARIES, INCOMES AND WAGES COMMISSION


                                                               NAME OF DESK OFFICER                     CLENTELE
                        SERICE PROVIDED
a.   - Evaluation of requests for adjustment in salaries,
     allowances and fringe benefits                                 Mr. I. M Uko        Ministries, Extra Ministerial Departments and
         of Harmonised Public Service agencies;                                         the Harmonised Parastatals
     - Responding to enquiries on the Harmonised salaries        Mr. S. Y. Abdulkadir
     and allowances.
     - Pay survey of the Public and Private sectors
     - Salary Inspection of the Public Service
b.   - Evaluation of requests for adjustment in salaries,        Mr. A. C. Adighiogu
     allowances and       fringe                                                        Ministries and Extra Ministerial Departments,
         benefits of self-funded public service agencies           Mr. C. P. Ochor      Self-funded parastatals, Authorised Public
     -    Responding to enquiries on salaries allowances and
     fringe benefit of self-funded                                  Mr. A. S. Abe
          public service agencies.
     - Pay survey of Public and Private Sectors
     - Salary Inspection of Public Service
c.   - Responding to enquiries on pension matters
     - Preparation of draft circulars                            Mr. S. Y. Abdulkadir   Ministries, Extra-Ministerial Departments
     - Relation with International Agencies                                             Parastals and authorized public
     - Pay survey of Public and Private sectors                  Mrs. E. F. Ogunboye
     - Salary Inspection of Public Service
d.   - Updating of survey list
     - Collation, distribution and storage of circulars,                           Ministries, Extra Ministerial Departments,
     reports and file movements and                           Mr. I. A. Bakare     Self-funded Parastatals, authorized Public
        creation of departmental files.
     - Storage and retrieval of compensation secret files
     - Pay survey and salary inspection
     - Collection of departmental share of stationery
e.   - Data processing
     - Generating of reports                                Mrs. J. O. Jesugbemi   Departmental Officers
     - Production of letters, minutes and briefs
f.   - Receiving and recording files
     - Receiving, recording and filing of letters                 G. Ale           Departmental Officers
     - Dispatching confidential letters and circulars                              Authorised public
     - Collation of reports, briefs and memorandum
g.   - Receiving and recording files
     - Receiving, recording and filing of letters              W. Williams         Departmental Officers
     - Dispatching confidential letters and circulars                              Authorised public
     - Collation of reports, briefs and memorandum

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