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									              Protocol must be NONE                     How to Check Communication Port                                                                                            21. Press F4 (ENT) to Enter
              Port number depend on the USB port        (Windows XP)                                                                                                               B=Back sight Point
               assigning                                 Right Click “My Computer” Icon on Desktop                                                                                  22. Press F2 (INPUT)
              Baud must be set according to TS
                                                         Select Properties                                                                                                          23. BKS PT    1B       Press F4(ENT)
                                                         Click Hardware Tab then Device manager                                                                                     24. PCODE     TX       Press F4(ENT)
              Data Bit set to “8”
                                                         Click Ports (COM & LPT)                                                                                                    25. R.HT      1.350 Press F4(ENT)
              Stop bit by default “1”                                                                Quick Reference Manual
               Parity set to “NONE”                      See Communication Port
14. Click (OK)
                                                                                                                                                                                    FOCUS THE TARGET PRISM
                                                         Ex: (COM1)                                                                               FOR 352R (Prism less)
                                                                                                      SHORT PRESS           LONG PRESS            PRISM MODE OPERATION              26. Press F3 (MEAS)
15. Click Comm                                           How to Check Communication Port
                                                                                                      TO POWER /ON          TO POWER /OFF         Press Power On                    27. Press F3 (NEZ)
                                                         (Windows Vista & Windows 7)                                                              Press Star icon ()
                                                                                                                                                  Press Menu                             If the instrument reading is set to Tracking
                                                         Right Click “My Computer” Icon on Desktop                                                (Prism)/(Non-Prism)/(Sheet)
                                                                                                      CONTRAST ADJUSTMENT                                                                 or Repeat mode measurement
                                                         Click Device Manager
                                                                                                      Press Star Icon ()                                                                Press F4 (SET)
                                                         Click Ports (COM & LPT)                                                                  FOR Laser Plummet
                                                                                                      Press Arrow Upto lighten                                                     28. Press F4 (YES)
                                                         See Communication Port                                                                   TO ACTIVATE LASER PLUMMET
                                                                                                                                                                                    29. Press F3: FS/SS
                                                                                                      Press Arrow Down  to darken                Press Star Icon ()
                                                         Ex: (COM1)                                                                               Press ESC to escape               30. Focus the prism
16. Select Download 600 Data                                                                                                                                                        31. Edit the Pcode or Remark?
Confirmation                                                                                          Tilt Over             Change Feet to Meter Unit
                                                                                                                                                (Prism)/(Non-Prism)/(Sheet)         32. PRESS F4 (ALL)
                                                                                                      Press Star Icon ()   Press (Menu)-Press F4 ()                               33. Press F4 (YES)
                                                                                                      Press F2 (Tilt)       Press F2 (PARAMETERS)                                   Continues collecting data
                                                                                                      Press F1 (ON)         Press F1 (Unit Set) - Press F3 (Distance)                    If you set another station you must
                                                                                                      Press F3 (OFF)        Press F1 (Meter)                                        RECORD the Point number/PCODE/Remarks...
                                                                                                      Press F4 (OK)         Press F4 (Ok)                                                Ex.       POINT   1_________
17. Click (OK) or ENTER on computer then press                                                                                                                                                    PCODET2________or remark
    F4(YES) on total station in a second                                                              TOPO / TRAVERSE / SIDESHOT
                                                                                                                                                                                         Ex. Output: 1/T2
    Ex. Data download output                                                                          OPEN OR CLOSED TRAVERSE PROCEDURES
                                                                                                          1.    Press MENU                                                      Next Station Settings
                                                                                                          2.    Press F1: DATA COLLECT                                          OPEN OR CLOSED TRAVERSE PROCEDURES
                                                                                                          3.    Create File: _______________
                                                                                                                                                                                    1.   Press MENU
                                                                                                                     Create or type file name using keypad
                                                                                                                                                                                    2.   Press F1: DATA COLLECT
                                                                                                                     F1(BACK) to edit                                                        Press F2 (LIST) to look up the file use
                                                                                                                     F2(LIST) to search existing file                                        Use Up or Down arrow to select file
                                                                                                                     F3 to change number to alpha numeric                                    Press F4 (OK)
18.   Click Transform
19.   Select CASS Coordinate (600)                                                                                   F4(ENT) to confirm or enter the file name                     3.   Press F4 (ENT)
                                                                                                                      you’ve created(selected)                                      4.   Press F1: OCC.PT INPUT
20.   Click (YES)                                        SURVEYTECH TRADING                                                                                                         5.   Press F4 (OCC)
21.   Click Transform                                                                                           Ex. FILE: ACE_______________
      Select CASS Coordinate->TXT2-output text file
                                                         SERVICE CENTER                                   4.    Press F4 (ENT) to enter (confirmed)                                 6.   Press F1 (INPUT)
                Type a Filename                         1F SURVEYTECH Bldg.,                             5.    Press F1: OCC.PT INPUT                                              Input Point number of your next station recorded
                Click Save                                                                               6.    Press F4 (OCC)                                                           Ex. POINT: ________1
                                                         #175 Ilocos Sur near Cor. Ilo-ilo Sts.,                                                                                    7.   Press F4 (ENT)
                                                                                                         7.    Press F3 (NEZ)
                 SUCCESSFULLY        TRANSFORMED   100   Bago Bantay, Quezon City, Philippines                  Input Coordinate Assumed or True                                    8.   Press F4 (YES) ( Check the coordinate)
                 POINTS (Click [OK]) OPTIONAL            Tels. (02)453-9426/359-8128                      8.    NO :20000.000         Press F4 (ENT)                                9.   Press F2 (INPUT) to edit the information
22.   Click Transform                                                                                     9.    EO :20000.000         Press F4 (ENT)                                      of the next station occupied…
      Select CASS Coordinate->DXF – output ready to      Mobile. 0917-956-2410                                                                                                      10. OCC.PT2A              Press F4 (ENT)
                                                                                                          10.   ZO :20.000            Press F4 (ENT)
      open Auto Cad.                                     Website.                     A=occupied point                                                    11. PCODE T2              Press F4 (ENT)
                Type a Filename                                                                                                                                                    12. INS.HT 1.540          Press F4 (ENT)
                                                                                                          11.   Press F2 (INPUT)
                Click Save
                                                                                                          12.   OCC.PT 1A            Press F4(ENT)                                 13. Press F4 (YES)
                Confirmation             SUCCESSFULLY
                                                                                                          13.   PCODE                 Press F4 (ENT)                                14. Press F4 (YES) < COMPLETE >
                 TRANSFORMED 100 POINTS                  Technical Staff: Roger Roluna                                      T1
                                                                                                                                                                                    15. Press F2: BACKSIGHT
                 (Click [OK])                                                                             14.   INS.HT      1.540 Press F4 (ENT)
23.   Or highlight all the data then right click copy
                                                         Mobile (Globe)     :   09053376118               15.   Press F4 (YES)                                                      16. Press F4 (BS)
                                                                                                                                                                                    17. Press F1 (INPUT)
      directly and paste into EXCEL                      Mobile (Smart)     :   09496104314               16.   Press F4 (YES) to record you can see the
                                                                                                                                                                                         Ex. POINT: 1A_________
24.   Open EXCEL.exe                                                                                            COMPLETE word on the Screen.
25.   Right Click and paste in a cell
                                                         Mobile (Sun)       :   09336014988               17.   Press F2: BACKSIGHT                                                 18. Press F4 (ENT) check the coordinates
                                                                                                                                                                                    19. Press F4 (YES)
26.   Click Data                                         Email Address      :       18.   Press F4 (BS)
                                                                                                                                                                                    20. Press F2 (INPUT) to edit information
27.   Click Text to Columns                                                                               19.   Press F3 (NE/AZ)
                                                                                                                                                                                    21. BKS PT      2B        Press F4(ENT)
28.   Select Delimited                                                                                          If there is no true coordinate press
                                                                                                                                                                                    22. PCODE       T1        Press F4 (ENT)
29.   Click Next>
30.   Check  Comma                                                                                                                                                                 23. R.HT        1.350 Press F4 (ENT)
31.   Click Next>
32.   Click Finish
                                                                                                          20. F3 (ANG)
                                                                                                              Ex. HR: 0 or 180 type “0” or “180”                                    FOCUS THE TARGET PRISM
     24. Press F3 (MEAS)                                            28. F3 (NEZ) to get as built of the point                        Process                                                   Press F1: USE FILES (internal memory)
     25. Press F3 (NEZ)                                             29. F4 (NEXT) to set another point to layout                     Then input the measured                                   Press F2: MEASUREMENT (actual reading)
         If the instrument reading is set to Tracking or                                                                             Instrument height using the keypad               6.   Press F2 – Measurement
         Repeat mode measurement Press F4 (SET)                 MLM- Missing Line Measurement                              Ex. INS.HT:1.432__________                                 7.   Press F1 – Measure
                                                                   1.   Press (Menu)                                 9.    Press F4 (ENT)
     26. Press F4 (YES)
                                                                                                                     10.   Press F3 (NEZ)
                                                                                                                                                                                      FOCUS THE TARGET PRISM
     27. Press F3: FS/SS                                           2.   Press F4 (P) Proceed to Page 2/3
         Continues collecting data                                 3.   Press F1 (Programs)                                         Input or type coordinate using the keypad        8.  Press F1 – Measure (0000)
     28. If you set another station you must RECORD the            4.   Press F2 (MLM) Missing Line Measurement      11.   N:20000.000          Press F4 (ENT)                        9.  Press F1 – Measure (0001)
         Point number/PCODE or Remarks...                          5.   Press F2 (Don’t Use)                         12.   E:20000.000          Press F4 (ENT)                        10. Press F1 – Measure (0002)
                                                                   6.   Press F1 – MLM-1(A-B,A-C)                    13.   Z:21.123             Press F4 (ENT)                        11. Press F1 – Measure (0003)
          Ex.       POINT   29____________                                                                                         Input or type coordinate using the keypad    The Result Appear in the Display (m2)
                   PCODET6___________ or remark
                                                                         FOCUS THE TARGET PRISM                            Ex. R.HT:1.300__________                               DOWNLOAD DATA
          Ex. Output: 29/T6                                                   Press F2 (R.HT) if needed             14.   Press F4 (ENT)                                         SOUTH TOTAL STATION SETTINGS
                                                                    7.   Press F1 MEAS                               FOCUS THE TARGET PRISM                                           1.  Press MENU
LAYOUT                                                                   If the instrument reading is set to                                                                          2.  Press F3: MEMORY MGR.
                                                                                                                               Resection by ANGLE minimum of (3)                     3.  Press F4 (P) Next Page 2/3
    1.  Press Menu                                                       Tracking or Repeat mode measurement
                                                                                                                                references(Known points)                              4.  Press F4 (P) Next Page 3/3
    2.  Press F2: LAYOUT                                                 Press F4 (SET)                                        Resection by DIST minimum of (2) references           5.  Press F1: DATA TRANSFER
            Press F2 (LIST) if you have file in the internal   STEP2                                                           (Known points)                                        6.  Press F2: NTS-660
            Use Up or Down arrow to select the file                   FOCUS THE TARGET PRISM                      15.   Press F4 (DIST)                                                NOTE: If you have not set the parameter
                                                                                                                               If the instrument reading is set to Tracking or            of the SOUTH TOTAL STATION then
            Press F4 (OK)                                                   If the instrument reading is set to
                                                                                                                                Repeat mode measurement                                         a.  Press F3: COMM.PARAMETERS
    3.  Create Any filename                                                   Tracking or Repeat mode                                                                                           b.  Press F1: BAUD RATE SELECT
    4.  Press F4 (ENT)                                                                                               16.   Press F4 (SET)
                                                                              measurement Press F4 (SET)                                                                                            Must be 9600b/s for faster download
    5.  Press F1: OCC.PT INPUT                                                                                       17.   Press (ESC) in the keypad
                                                                             Display the dHD & dVD of point A-B                                                                                    Press F1 (ADD) to add BAUD:
            F1 (INPUT) Input point number stored in mem                                                             18.   Press F3 (NEZ)                                                           Press F2 (MINISH)
                                                                    8.   Press F4 (P) to view the slope distance
            F2 (LIST) searching point number in the mem                                                                       Input or type true coordinate of the next point                     Press F4 (OK)
                                                                         and the azimuth reading of the two points
    6.  Press F3 (NEZ)                                                                                                          N: 20001.000              Press F4 (ENT)                        c.  Press F2: PROTOCOL
                                                                    9.   Press F1 (NEXT) measure another point
        Input or type coordinates of the occupied station                                                                       E: 20001.000              Press F4 (ENT)                            Must be One Way or NONE
    7.  NO:20000.000        Press F4 (ENT)                                                                                      Z: 22.123                 Press F4 (ENT)                            Press F2: One Way
                                                                REM- Remote Elevation Measurement                              If you use Elevation during the process
    8.  EO:20000.000        Press F4 (ENT)                                                                                                                                                          Press F4 (OK)
                                                                   1.  Press (Menu)                                             Then input the measured prism height.                           d.  Press F3:CHAR./PARITY
    9.  ZO:20.000           Press F4 (ENT)
                                                                   2.  Press F4 (P) Proceed to Page 2/3                        Using the keypad                                                    Must be 8/NON
    10. Input INS.HT: if needed        Press F4 (ENT)
                                                                   3.  Press F1 (Programs)                                 Ex. R.HT:1.300__________                                                 Press F3:8/NON
    11. Press F2: BACKSIGHT
                                                                   4.  Press F1 (REM)                                19.   Press F4 (ENT)                                                           Press F4 (OK)
            F1(INPUT) Input point number stored in mem
                                                                            Press F1: Input
            F2 (LIST) searching point number in the mem                                                             FOCUS THE TARGET PRISM                                                     e.  Press (ESC) in the keypad
                                                                            Press F2:Direct measurement                                                                              7.  Press F1: SEND DATA
    12. Press F3 (NE/AZ)                                                                                             20. Press F4 (DIST)
                                                                             (pr0ism ht must (“0”)                                                                                    8.  Press F2: COORD.DATA
        Input or type coordinates of the backsight station                                                                     If the instrument reading is set to Tracking or
                                                                   5.  Press F1 (INPUT R.HT)                                                                                          9.  Press F2 (LIST)
    13. NBS:20000.000       Press F4 (ENT)                                                                                      Repeat mode measurement                                   Used up or down arrow to select the file
                                                                   6.  Input R.H:__________using keypad
    14. EBS :20000.000      Press F4 (ENT)                                                                           21. Press F4 (SET)
                                                                   7.  Press F4 (ENT)                                                                                                              EX.  OJING
    15. ZBS :20.000         Press F4 (ENT)                         8.  Press F1 (MEAS)                                         RESEDUAL ERROR will appear in the screen
        Calculated Angle will display                                                                                                                                                              Press F4 (OK)
                                                                   9.  If the instrument reading is set to           Ex. dHD:             +(-) 0.001 m                                10. Confirmation
     FOCUS THE TARGET PRISM                                            Tracking or Repeat mode measurement                dZ:             +(-) 0.003 m                                    Ex. COORD. DATA
     16. Press F4 [YES] to set the reference angle.                    Press F4 (SET)                                22. Press F1 (NEXT) if you have another reference point                        Are you sure?
                                                                                                                     23. Press F4 (CALC) to calculate the unknown occ point                                   F3 (NO) F4 (YES)
     17. Press F3: LAYOUT                                           10. Tilt the telescope   Up or Down to         24. Press F4 (CALC)
             F1 (INPUT) Input point number stored in mem
                                                                       the target point To get VERTICAL distance.    25. Press F4 (NEZ) to view calculated coordinates
                                                                                                                                                                                   (STANDBY    ). . . . . . . . . .
             F2 (LIST) searching point number in the mem                                                                                                                         SOUTH SOFTWARE SETTINGS (COMPUTER)
                                                                RESECTION                                                 Ex.         N: 20000.000
     18. Press F3 (NEZ)                                                                                                                                                               11. Open the SOUTH SOFTWARE
         Input or type coordinates of the point to layout           1. Press Menu                                                     E: 20000.000                                    12. Click Comm
                                                                    2. Press F2: LAYOUT                                               Z: 19.999
     19. N:20000.000         Press F4 (ENT)
                                                                    3. Create any filename                           26. Press F4 (YES) to set the occupied point
     20. E :20000.000        Press F4 (ENT)                                (BACK) to Edit
     21. Z :20.000           Press F4 (ENT)                                                                                    If you make a DATA COLLECT or LAYOUT
                                                                           F2(LIST) to select a file                           SETTINGS using SOUTH TOTAL STATION
     22. Input INS.HT:____ Press F4 (ENT)                                  F3(NUM or ALPHA)
         Display Calculated Angle and Distance                                                                                  The calculated coordinate of the resection
                                                                           F4(ENT) to Enter or confirm
     23. Press F1 (ANG) to set angle of the set out point                                                                       process automatically store in the occupied
                                                                                 Ex. FILE:SAN FRANCE__
         Ex.        dHR = (+-) 23°45'56"                                                                                        point F1: OCC.PT INPUT is SET                         13. Select and click Parameter
                                                                    4. Press F4 (ENT)                                                                               END…
     24. Rotate the instrument to get dHR=0°00'00" is set           5. Press F4 (P) Next Page 2/2
     25. Press F1 (DIST)                                                                                             AREA CALCULATION
                                                                    6. Press F1: NEW POINT
         dHD: must set to zero”0”                                                                                    1.   Me n u
                                                                    7. Press F2: RESECTION
                             Ex.        dHD: 80.123 m                                                                2.   Press F4 (P)         Page 2/3
                                                                    8. Press F3 (SKP)
                                                                                                                     3.   Press F1 (Programs)
         dHD: 0.000 m is set
                                                                                                                     4.   Press F4 (P)         Page 2/2
     26. F1 (MODE) change the instrument reading                                                                     5.   Press F1 (Area)
     27. F2 (ANG) returned to calculated angle and distance
                                                                                  If you Use Elevation during the

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