Minutes 8 September 2010

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					   Food Safety Working Group
                 8 September 2010 at 6:30pm

1. Present: Christine Karabourniotis, Leanne Auricht, James McCrory, Vesna
Lijovic, David Dannock, Philippe Dodin, Pauline Almarez, Cathy Burgess,
Chris Papagianis, Judy Lynch, Esther Apos

2. Apologies: Nola Linnane, Nick Mandas, Sue Mandas, Sandy Ashman,
Georgina Makin, Ben Nguyen

3.1 Welcome and Introduction - Christine and James welcomed and
    introduced everyone to the meeting.
3.1.1 Information packs were provided to all the representatives. The
        information pack included the following documents :-
        (a) Agenda
        (b) Terms of reference and objectives
        (c) Food Safety Survey Report
        (d) Online training document
        (e) Legislation changes
        (f) Meeting dates and times for 2011

   Agenda items
3.2 Food Safety Survey Update - James provided an update of the food
   survey results. A total of between 1200-1300 food surveys were distributed
   to registered food premises and 145 were sent back and completed. The
   majority of the results found that the community would like training about
   the changes to legislation, Food Safety Supervisors, food handling, and
   food allergens. 89% would like to receive a newsletter quarterly.

   It was suggested by the group to email the newsletter and send a
   hardcopy and to link the newsletter to the council website.

3.3 Food safety Working Group objectives
    The objectives were reviewed at the meeting. A copy of the objectives was
    enclosed in the information pack provided to each representative.

3.4 Terms of reference
    The terms of reference were reviews at the meeting and a copy of the
    terms of reference was provided to the group.

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3.5 Update on legislation changes and the impact on food businesses -
    Vesna provided an update on the changes to the upcoming legislation.
    There are 3 legislation change phases. First phase commences on 1 July
    2010, Second phase commences on 1 March 2011, and a third phase
    commences on1 July 2011.

   Food premises are now classed in 4 classes. There is a guide on the
   Department of Health website see link.

   The new Food Safety Programs template No 1 version 2 was provided to
   representatives from Class 2 premises at the time of the meeting.

   Other items discussed:-
       Inspection fees
       Council CEO new powers to close premises
       Infringement Notices can be served
       Online free training
       Register of convictions
       Councils to report data
       Choice of Food Safety Auditor
       Single registration for mobile / temporary food premises

3.6 On line food safety training (Department of Health Website)

   Discussed the new free online training to access the website see link
   below. A handout document was provided to the group.

3.7 Other Business -

3.7.1 Distribution of Class 2 Food Safety Programs (FSP) template 1
      version 2-
      Suggestions included:-
          FSP to go out with registrations for renewal
          Drop in time to pick them up from the office
          SMS, twitter, facebook, mass email to collect program from
             Hawthorn office.
          Information session to distribute programs

3.7.2 Food Safety Survey winner for completing the survey:-
      Congratulations to the winner Sarah Craig - 648 Glenferrie Road,
      Hawthorn who was chosen to win the movie tickets.

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3.8 Next schedules meeting - Decided to have another meeting before the
    end of the week for October.

   Meeting dates for next year have been confirmed:-
   16 February 2011
   13 April 2011
   13 July 2011
   5 October 2011

4 Meeting Closed 8:45pm

5 Next Meeting at the City of Boroondara on 27 October 2010 at 6:30pm
  room to be confirmed.

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