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					                                   My Teachers Favorites

Teacher/Assistant Name: Kelly Hoskins          Grade: K

My favorite foods are:
Pasta, chicken, pineapple, chocolate covered pretzels, chips and salsa

Cold/hot drinks (non-alcoholic) I enjoy are:
Hot chocolate, water, Diet Pepsi/Diet Coke

I like to snack and/or indulge in the following foods/treats:
Mint Oreos

A special treat (something I do just for me) is:
Take myself to Kohl’s once a month________________________________________________

My favorite color(s) is/are:
Green and yellow

I like to collect the following:
Anything with butterflies

I don’t need anymore:

My favorite scents/fragrances are:
Anything from Bath & Body Works

Some reading materials I enjoy are (i.e., favorite authors, series, types of books, magazines):
People magazine, mystery novels, stories about the Holocaust

My favorite stores/restaurants/grocery store is/are:
Bath & Body Works, Kohl’s, Target, Harris Teeter, Mama Ricotta’s, Brixx

My favorite gift card to receive is:
Lakeshore Learning or Education Express

My hobbies include:
I don’t really have any hobbies

My favorite type of music or band/group is:
Love 80s and 90s music

One “tidbit” of information someone might like to know about me:
My 2 favorite flowers are daisies and lilies

My Birthday is: _______November 25_____________

***Please return this form to your designated room parent.

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