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									                          Maharaja Agarsain Public School
                                Holidays Homework
Note- All homework should be done in separate notebook.


Learning:- Learn short notes and exercise questions from chap 1 to 4. Project work/Activity work:-1).
Draw the following diagrams according to roll no. on chart paper
Topic                     Roll No.
1. Digestive system       1 to 8
2. Respiratory system 9 to 16
3. Heart                  17 to 24
4. Parts of flower        25 to 32
5. Pollination in flower 33 to 40
6. Water cycle            41 to 45
2)Write down about digestive organs with picture in project file. 3) to prepare birthday card for your
mother by applying turmeric paste on white plain paper and drying it. Draw a beautiful flower on that
paper with soap solution with the help of cotton bud. You will get a beautiful greeting card. 4)Photocopy
fig 3.9 from fibre to fabric and cut out pictures of these stages of life history of silk moth and paste them
on drawing sheet or project file and also write down about life history of silk moth.
                                             Subject:-Social Study
1)Learn lesson no 1(History), 1 (Geography) , 1 (Civics) 2) Draw a maps of India on a chart and locate
all the stages and their capital. 3) Listen the news daily and note five important news of daily. 4) Visit
any historical place or city and write a short note on the places , what you see them Or Prepare a list of
current affairs which takes place during the vacation. 4) Prepare a Project file based on lesson no-
1(Geography) topic are:-Roll no (1 to 22) topic (Natural Environment) Roll no (23 to last) topic( Human
1) Chapter 1 “Integers” revise ex with example 2) chapter 2 “fractions and decimals “ revise ex with
example 3) chapter 3”data handling” revise ex with example. 4) draw four geometrical shapes in chart
only (roll no 1 to 15) 5) Write any four formula with diagram on chart (i) Area of square (ii) perimeter of
square (iii ) Area of rectangle (iv) perimeter of rectangle only (roll no 16 to 30). 6) Write any four
formula with diagram on chart (i) Area of parallelograms (ii) area of triangles (iii) area of a circle (iv)
circumference of a circle) Only roll no(31 to 50).
                                             Subject: - Computer
1) Read and learn Lesson :-1(Introduction to computer) Lesson :-2 (Operating system) 2) Draw a chart on
memory concepts includes primary and secondary memory and all its types.
                                             Subject: - Sanskrit
1) Lesson 1,2 :- Learn the answer of the chapters and sabaddart also . 2) Write in notebook and Learn the
„lata‟ rupe 3) Write and Learn DhatuRupe(Path‟ in all Five lakar‟ ).
                                             Subject:- English
1) Learn/w question and answer of lesson 1,2 of “An Alien Hand “ and “Honey comb also. 2) Learn/w
paragraphs i) pollution ii) planting trees. 3) Letter :-Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper, drawing
attention to the insanitary condition of the city streets . 4) Write a letter to your younger sister advising
her to concentrate on her studies. 5) Learn and write antonyms and synonyms and three forms of verb. 6)
Make a chart on the following:- R.N. 1-10-Articles, R.N. 11-20-Preposition, R.N.21-30-Tenses, R.N.31-
40-Forms of verb.
                                             Subject :- G.K
 1) Learn page no- 5 to page no – 21. 2) Write the name of all the states and their capital in a separate
copy. 3) Read newspaper and write any five headlines daily in copy. 4) Make a chart by pasting of out
national festivals.
                                            Subject:-Art & Craft
Still life, tree with shade, animals, bird(parrot),land scape , one chart “save electricity”.
                                            Subject:- Hindi

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