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									Connecting to Media Literacy
             Alice Tope

Education Technology South Eastern Ohio
Media Literacy Workshop for
Eight OETCs : PBS partners
       techETSEO #23
Teaching Media Literacy Skills

   Charlotte Brontë
Thirteen Hour Workshop

Charlotte Brontë
    WebQuest Approach:
   True Grit and Media Lit

   Charlotte Brontë
 Charlotte had True Grit
                   •   Born in 1816
                   •   Jane Eyre - 1847
                   •   Shirley - 1849
                   •   Villette - 1853
                   •   The Professor - 1857
                   •   Jane Eyre online
Charlotte Brontë   •   http://www.literature.o
True Grit for Media Lit

            Big Russ and Me
               by Tim Russert
    Media Lit & Info Lit
                   • Related topics-
                   • Information Literacy:
                   • The ability to recognize a need
                     for information, and then be
                     able to identify, locate,
                     evaluate, and use that
                     information for the issue at
Charlotte Brontë
        Media Literacy
•   The Ability to
•   Access
•   Analyze
•   Evaluate
•   And Communicate
    Mass media information in a
    variety of formats including
    print and nonprint.
        Big 6
                    • Ability to
                        –    Access
                        –    Analyze
                        –    Evaluate
                        –    Communicate

                              • INFORMATION
                                 – Find what you need.

                 Big 6 Steps
•   1. Task Definition
•   2. Information Seeking Strategies.
•   3. Location and Access
•   4. Use of Information
•   5. Synthesis
•   6. Evaluation               Hold     mail!

                   Media Lit
                       • Use Info Skills:
                          –   Accuracy
                          –   Point of View
                          –   Fact or fiction
                          –   Misleading info
Charlotte Brontë
                          –   Appropriateness

                          – Mass media messages
Updated Definition:
What is Media Literacy?
Media Literacy is a 21st century approach to
It provides a framework to access, analyze,
and create messages in a variety of forms
- from print to video to the Internet.
Media Literacy builds an understanding
of the role of media in society,
 as well as essential skills
of inquiry and self-expression necessary
for citizens of a democracy.

            “Media rich lessons”
                     • We live in a media
                       saturated society.

                     • Children spend 5.5 hours
                       per day using media.

                        – Positive experience!

  Charlotte Brontë
“The Heart of Media Lit is
                    • Projects are
                       –   Engaging
                       –   Fun
                       –   Related to real life
                       –   Educational

 Charlotte Brontë
     Iditarod: March 5, 2005

Technology -                PBS Teacher Source
Infolit Workshop!               Mathline
                                    Iditarod
    WebQuest Workshop: Iditarod
Technology and Information Literacy Workshop

             Inquiry Based

             Content Standards

             A “real life” project

             Fun AND Educational
The Repository
             • The Arts
             • Engage past nine


    Charlotte Brontë
Easy way to start!
                     • Advertisements:
                       –   Last drop
                       –   Reach out
                       –   Yellow went
                       –   Melt in mouth
                       –   Little dab
                       –   Golden Arches

  Charlotte Brontë
Media Lit: Advertisement

           • Check the Z
Media Lit: Advertisement

           • Check the Z
Appropriate Advertisement?

            • What do you

            • Read
              pictures, too!
Media Lit: Advertisement

           • On TV?

           • Write an
             honest ad.
True Grit and Media Lit
                       • A WebQuest
                       • BYOW from WGTE

    Charlotte Brontë
True Grit and Media Lit Navigator
                        • Google:
                        “True Grit and Media Lit”

    Charlotte Brontë

Center for Media Literacy
                            • Download a kit.

 Charlotte Brontë

            PBS TeacherSource
                             • “Test Your Media
                               Smarts Quiz”

       Charlotte Brontë
          ECB Surf Report
                        • Download CyberPigs
                          Game. Quiz at end.

Charlotte Brontë
    More Links and Resources
                             • Who’s the top
                               celebrity endorser?

       Charlotte Brontë
      Chalkwaves Ohio -
Digital Video Media on Demand

Chalkwaves Ohio
       • Search Term:
           – Media Literacy

       •   Advertising - Junior
Chalkwaves Ohio
       • Search Term: Literacy

       •    Data: How Do You Show It?
           - The creation and use of
           graphs in many arenas

       • -Access with Information -
         How to plan a project

       •    -Information Literacy in
           Action - Teaching the
           research process
Chalkwaves Ohio
       • Search Term: Information lit
       • 15 hits including

       • Mission Noun

       • Media Law

       •   Static to Noise

       • Media and Elections
Instructional Video & Media Literacy
                  • HANDOUT:
                  • Creating Critical Viewers

                  • Life Skills 101: Media Wise

                  • In the Mix
                  • Students Turn For a Change
Media Literacy
          • Looks good!

          • But Jane says, “Not!”

          • And

          • Bloggers back Bush.
• From a Media Lit Website - Social Studies:
Facilitate a discussion of the relationship between
  media and terrorism . What use do terrorists make
  of various media? How do terrorists manipulate the
  news media into communicating their messages and
  furthering their causes? In recent years, how have
  terrorists used self-produced Web sites and video to
  achieve their objectives? How dependent are
  terrorists on media messages about their activities?
  Prepare for this discussion by defining the word,
  “terrorism”. How is terrorism different from any
  other combat? Then, have student groups analyze the
  media coverage of a selected terrorist act based on
  the questions listed here and then share their findings
  with the class.
Terrorism: a political issue.
               • We need courage as a

             Help children be brave!
 Adventures from
The Book of Virtues
          •   30 segments (gr 3-5)
          •   No dup rights
          •   Book by William Bennett
          • Courage Clip
     Think about it!
• How does the media influence us?
• Who controls the media?
• Was life different before mass
• Why is television so trashy?
• How can media be incorporated in
  classroom activities?
True Grit and Media Lit
• Get ideas!
INFOhio and HCESC Workshops
             • New Literacies for the 21st
               Century Classroom
             • March 11 - BG
             • April 5 - Columbus
             • April 15 - Centerville
             • April 22 - Auburn Tech

Media Literacy / Traditional Literacy

                  • Reading & Writing

                  • Critical analysis

                  • Evaluation

                  • Life long learning
                      True Grit!
                            Educational Technology
                                for South Eastern

   Charlotte Brontë
True Grit!

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