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					                                                The Japanese Language School Project
                                                       The Interpreter
                                      Archives, University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries
 Number 34                         Remember September 11, 2001                                                          November 15, 2001

  The Japanese Language                  Camp Churo Alive                  took on new dimensions for me.        on Nakatsu sensei (Ms. Masako
                                                                           I was elated to find out more         Nakatsu), the late Teshima
  School Archival Project              My husband and I returned to the    about the JLS and those young         sensei (Mr. Ray Ichiro), and
                                       U.S. mainland in April, after       students who walked the same          Yamasaki         sensei      (Mr.
  In the Spring of 2000, the           serving as curators for nearly      walkways, and occupied some of        Tomomasa Yamasaki), who
  Archives continued the origi-        three       years      at     the   the same classrooms where I           moved to Kyoto to become a
  nal efforts of Captain Roger         Commonwealth of the Northern        spent so many hours as a student      Buddhist Priest after the war. I
  Pineau and William Hudson,           Mariana       Islands     (CNMI)    in the 1970s.                         contacted Mrs. Grace Igasaki,
  and the Archives first at-           Museum,       on     Saipan   (in       I personally want to thank        daughter-in-law of the late
  tempts in 1992, to gather the        Micronesia). I was perusing the     those of you who donated this         Igasaki sensei (Mr. Masao
  papers,       correspondence,        February issue of the Coloradan,    invaluable material to the CU         Igasaki). Each person I have met
  photographs, and records of          (the University of Colorado         Archives. I hope to obtain copies     and spoken with via email (a
  graduates of the US Navy             Alumni magazine) in our             of the photos and information for     large number of sensei actively
  Japanese Language School,            forwarded mail, when I spotted      incorporation in future exhibits      correspond over the internet) or
  University of Colorado at            the photo of a Japanese soldier's   at the CNMI Museum, to                over the telephone has provided
  Boulder, 1942-1946. We               WWII flag (from the Swanfeldt       bringing history alive for the        me      with    more      detailed
  assemble these papers in             Collection) - there is one such     islands' residents.                   information about both their
  recognition of the contribu-         flag at the CNMI Museum.                                    Gigi York     personal experiences and about
  tions made by JLS graduates              The snapshot of the joyful              Archaeologist and Museum      the historical moment when all
  to the War effort in the Pa-         Asian children on Tinian eating                              Specialist   Japanese      Americans      were
  cific, the successful occupa-        sugarcane (from the Captain                         September 8, 2001
                                                                                                                 suddenly unsure of their future.
  tion of Japan, the creation of                                           [The CNMI Museum web page is
                                       Roger Pineau Collection), for                                                 I hope to compile the results
  Japanese language programs                                               www.saipan.com/community/museum
                                       good reason, resembled others       /. And, you can reach me at           of my survey for an oral history
  across the country, and the          I'd seen of kids in the civilian    rgyork@yahoo.com]                     project that will deepen our
  development of cultural rec-         internment camps on Tinian. I                 _______________             understanding of the former
  onciliation programs after           read with great interest the                                              language instructors as Japanese
  World War II.                        article, "Boulder Boys Shape             Sensei Project II                Americans in a time of crisis.
                                       Japan-U.S. Relations" by Teresa
    60th Reunion                       Watanabe about the students         So far, results of this survey are
                                                                                                                     In addition to sending out a
                                                                                                                 survey to former JLS sensei I
of US Navy JLS at CU                   (men and women) of the              better than I had hoped. I have       have also compiled a list of the
    6-9 June 2001                      Japanese Language School (JLS)      successfully contacted three          151 former language instructors
                                       at CU Boulder during WWII.          former instructors and received       of the JLS by gleaning the
    Will Dedicate                          Only a couple months before,    either their responses to the         University of Colorado Board of
   JLS/OLS Plaque                      I had completed cataloguing 14      survey or the commitment to           Regents Minutes from 1942 to
                                       large boxes of souvenir items       send their surveys when they are      1946 in the Archives at the
One of the feature events at the       that a young Navy LT Henry          completed.                            University of Colorado. Using
60th reunion will be the               Groehn had gathered from the            Hoshino       sensei      (Mr.    employment information such as
dedication      of    a    plaque      Mariana Island in 1944-5 and        Hiromichi Hoshino) and Inoue          hiring date, salary increases,
recognizing the US Navy                sent home to his wife in Detroit.   sensei (Mr. Ari Inoue) are both       resignations, re-hirings, and
JLS/OLS at the University of           Groehn was stationed at Camp        currently living in California and    payroll lists I have pieced
Colorado, 1942-1946. We had            Churo on Tinian, a civilian         Hirabayashi sensei (Mr. Martin        together a list of all language
hoped to keep this event a             internment camp for Japanese,       Hirabayashi) is living in             instructors at the JLS/OLS
surprise. But we did not want to       Okinawan, Korean, and Chinese.      Minnesota. Furthermore, I have        school from the opening in 1942
hear, “If I’d known about the          Five decades later the items        received information regarding        to its closing in 1946. Though
plaque, I would have come.” So,        returned to the South Pacific,      Ike sensei (Dr. Nobutaka Ike)         this list may not be entirely
now you know about the plaque.         donated to the museum by LT         and await a response from him. I      comprehensive, I can say with
Its appearance, size, and              Groehn's widow (via the Nimitz      also have spoken with several         confidence that I obtained the
included material will remain          Museum in Fredericksburg,           wives of former language              names of all former instructors
sub rosa.                              Texas).                             instructors who have passed           who received a paycheck from
    Ms. Maxine Pineau recently             When visiting Boulder, I went   away and obtained even more           the University of Colorado. I
wrote us to say that each time         to Norlin Library at CU to find     contact information for sensei        have been using this list along
she saw her husband’s name, she        archivist, David Hays, and to       whom I might still contact. I         with search engines to try and
felt as if he was being honored. I     learn more about the JLS. Hays      spoke with Mrs. Sadamu Eejima         locate more sensei in order to
would like to tell her, on behalf      graciously and enthusiastically     (Eejima sensei) and received          contact them in the future.
of the Archives’ US Navy               regaled me with "Boulder Boys'      information on Miyamoto sensei            I have had much help with
JLS/OLS Archival Project, that         (and Women's)" history and          (Mr. Sumio Miyamoto) who,             my research along the way,
every time we write his name, or       stories. As we looked through       interestingly, was also selling       especially from a former student
those of other graduates, we           photos of Tinian and the camp       insurance during his employment       of the JLS, Mr. Glen Slaughter
intend to honor them.                  and literature files donated by     at the JLS in Boulder. I spoke        who was kind enough to lend me
             David M. Hays, Editor     the "Boulder Boys" (and             with Mrs. Etsuo Hirose (Hirose        his video tapes of the Pomona
         Bringing                      Girls/Women), Camp Churo            sensei) and received information      Conference held in April 2000
that looked at the U.S. Navy                                                $Donations Accepted                               Contact
Japanese Language School at           Archives is located in the
Boulder Graduates and Japanese-       basement of Norlin Library at the     There are those of you who may        David Hays, Archivist,
American       Relations.      The    east end of the historic quadrangle   not have papers to donate to the      Archives,
"Bridge to the Rising Sun"            on the Boulder campus of the          Archives, but who may wish to         University of Colorado at Boulder
Conference also included a            University of Colorado.               support the Japanese/Oriental         Campus Box 184
videotaped        segment        of                                         Language       School      Archival   Boulder, Colorado, 80309-0184
interviews with two former            The Archives is open MWF,             Project in other ways. We are         Phone (303) 492-7242
sensei of the school, Dr. Ike and     1100-1700, but is staffed from        setting up a cash account to fund
Mr. Okamoto along with an             0800-1700, M-F. Out of town           Archives activities regarding the     Fax (303) 492-3960
interview with Mrs. Imai, the         researchers may arrange for early     JLS/OLS Project. To date, the         Email:
wife of former sensei, Yuji Imai.     and      every     day     entry.     Archives has spent in excess of       arv@colorado.edu
Though brief, these interviews        Photocopying       and      both      $10,000 of its own funds on the
have also helped me in piecing        photographic and audiovisual          project. If you wish to donate,       New JLS Website:
together a narrative of the sensei.   reproduction     services     are                                           http://www-
                                                                            make your check out to The
          _______________             available.                                                                  libraries.colorado.edu/ps/arv/col/
                                                                            University of Colorado and mail
                                                                            it to our contact address.

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