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China's seven big most secret about the introduction of scenic spot, and at the same time about travel.

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									China's seven big most secret scenic spot

The source of the: the world end
Looking for a big river source is a rich of the temptation of things, since come the Tibet, we
decided to go to the yarlung zangbo river source jie MaYang Pope. Jie MaYang Pope glacier
elevation 5590 meters, hidden deep in the Himalayas at the western hinterland of snow
mountain face, administrative areas and xigaze area located in ali JieRangChu. It is a wonderful
place, the glacier nearby, buddhist, Hindu heart is the center of the world-and god together and
the sacred tm and yongzheng wrong. Is not a coincidence, or to god arrangement

White jade: cold fairyland occupy a mountain of white jade temple
The first time I saw white jade suspected when fairyland, a little staggered, white jade is
located in uptown and between the downtown sichuan-tibet highway, 70 s highway just fix to
the county, 991 kilometers away from chengdu. Tibetan compatriots in BaiYuCheng is not big,
a main street is almost all, the street is basic it is simple KangBaRen, it is easy to make friends,
so can to make many many friends.

Six library: a bath conference
Yunnan province have a six nujiang autonomous prefecture library county, local a well-known
"leaps bridge hot spring", because every year Spring Festival holds "baths will" and famous, we
went to the meeting is a bath.
Reindeer ewenki: stray experts
The XiBeiLu, ergun river right bank of the primitive forest, have a little-known minority tribes,
they are "aoluguya ewenke" (place, meaning poplars lush local) ewenki of reindeer. For this
part of the main * people kept reindeer and hunting, wandering the greater hinggan mountains
all year round in the primitive forest, so also said the use of reindeer ewenki or ewenki hunters.
Figure watts: time only need to kill
In xinjiang, the beautiful lake kenaz, life more than 2000 secret residents, they have been in
the sweet water, a few in kenaz flat isolated life, no one know their past and in the future, they
is--a figure watts.

Black hole: never unknown journey
Have you ever done this kind a dream: in stretched out his hand and unable to see the dark,
suddenly attach the depths, never end...... To do in reality this dream, suggest you go to
ground hole right, those dark cave no end, absolute can stimulate you 100% think strong
nerves. By one estimate, China's underground cave hundreds of thousands of a size, mostly
belonging to the "virgin" without exploring. In southwest China, is the world cave landscape
(also called the karst landform) the most concentrated distribution area. KARST, English
transliteration KARST, words from the name of Slovenia. "Karst" refers to the TianRanShui and
carbonate role of the generation after the unique landscape and caves.
The ink from: for the conquered the pleasant sensation and exist
Into the ink to take off more than necessary, the mountain pass, permanent snow, over a
tropical scene behind the ink to take off, if the conditions permit, the ink to take off, it is every
good swimmers are the place to be, China last impassability highway of the county.

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