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         Literacy in CTE

    Looking for a few good teams!

WHY---reading, writing and
speaking in my CTE class?
Premise: Learning and applying
academics in context provides the hook
to keep young people in school.
Rigorous learning stimulates interests
and prepares young adults for careers
and postsecondary options.
    Workshop outcomes

       Oct 27—Reading to Learn              January 26—Writing to Learn
         Teacher teams will learn and           Teacher teams share results from
          practice strategies that help           Reading activities
          students enhance reading
                                                 Language Arts teachers share
          skills in their CTE classes.
                                                  rubrics and CTE teachers learn to
          Take activities back to
          classroom                               identify writing opportunities in

       April 20—Speaking to show            May TBA share with others
        Learning                              about the project
         Teacher teams share results
          from Writing activities            June TBA Summer work for
         Teachers brainstorm                 teams to polish and publish
          activities that are a natural       lessons.
          fit for presentations
    How this helps students

       Perkins Program of Study
         CTE teachers reinforce naturally occurring, embedded
          academic content within their technical instruction
         Data collected on CTE students on Writing and Reading
          from state tests

       Essential Skills for High School Diploma
         Read and comprehend a variety of text

         Write clearly and accurately

         Listen actively, speak clearly and coherently


              One Language Arts and
              two CTE teachers
              One team from each of the 11 school
              districts in the PAVTEC consortium
     Soooooooo—What do I have to
     Apply                          Obligations
        Inform your building           Participate in all three
         administrator and get           sessions 12:30-4PM
         their support                  Implement the activities
        Contact your Perkins            and report back to
         Point person in your            group the results
         district                       Share at an end of year
        Find a committed                event
         Language Arts teacher          Spend one designated
        Contact me with your            day in the summer to
         team’s players by Oct 1,        polish lessons to post
         2010 (optimally)                (this is paid time)
+ This is about the students’ learning
 This is NOT making CTE teachers into Language Arts
 teachers, but bringing easy, effective, and relevant lessons
 to CTE students in reading, writing, and speaking for their
 career choices ------ Using the right tool for the right job!

See me, call me, e mail me:

Lynn Wilson-Dean

PAVTEC Program Manager

503 614 7735/

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