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									                            SURVEY – AUGUST 2007
                       COMMUNICATIONS AUTHORITY
Survey question: Please respond if you offer a Section 125 plan; whether you
have a third-party administrator (and their fees) or whether you administer the
plan in-house. If in-house, what position is responsible?

City of Alhambra
In-house; Assistant Finance Director.

City of Bellflower
Yes we offer a 125 plan. TLC is our plan administrator.

City of Culver City’
Section 125 plan is administered by a third-party (AmeriFlex). Their monthly
flexible spending administration fee is $6 per participant. Our employees enroll
through our broker and Personnel initiates the payroll deduction.

City of Dixon
We use AFLAC as a third party administrator. They charge an up front fee plus
$5 per employee/per month , enrolled in the program.

City of Dublin
We have a plan that is administered in-house. At previous employers I have
used third party administrators, which I would recommend doing if you have a
choice. The HIPPA issues, eligibility determination and other administrative
tasks are best handled by people who do this for a living. It also tends to keep
the plan in alignment with changes in the law (my opinion). The third-party I used
was Creative Benefits in San Diego County. www.creativebenefits.com.

City of Fullerton
Yes we do, and we administer the plan in-house. An Accountant ll is responsible
for the program.

City of Irwindale
Has a Section 125 Plan and we contract with Conexis to administer the plan.
Fees are $125/mo.

City of Lake Forest
Has a 125 plan for flexible benefits. Conexus administers the plan for us.

Local & Regional Government Authorities
We don’t have a plan in place this year, but will 1/1/08. we’re going with Flex-
Plan Services, Inc. as the administrator. Fees are in several pieces, but should
be about $1,300/year plus the $5/month participant charge (which we’re going to
pay for the participant).

Montecito Water District
                            SURVEY – AUGUST 2007
                       COMMUNICATIONS AUTHORITY
Our District administers our Sec 125 plan in-house. Our office administrator is
responsible for administering the plan. The person in the position handles most
of our payroll and personnel as well as accounts payable functions.

City of Palos Verdes Estates
Has Section 125, third-party administrator is Flex-One, through AFLAC. Cost per
employee $5/month. City is paying the amount on behalf of employee. We only
have 10 enrolled.

City of Placerville
Is contracted with American Fidelity for Section 125 administration. American
Fidelity does not charge a fee as long as the employer allows American Fidelity
to market other products such as disability, cancer, and life insurance plans to its
employees. Please let me know if you would like some contact information.

City of Rancho Cucamonga
We’re implementing a Section 125 plan effective September 1. We’ll have a third
party administrator. They’re charging us a one-time establishment fee of $1,000;
monthly administration fees of $4.30 per participant with a $110.00 monthly
minimum; and an ACH (direct deposit) monthly fee of $12.00.

City of Redondo Beach
Yes — third party administrator (Benesyst)

City of San Clemente
We are implementing an in-house Cafeteria Plan, to be administered by HR.

City of Santa Ana
Section 125 plan has recently transferred to a 3rd party administrator, Process
Works Inc, effective 8/1/07. Previously payments were processed by the Senior
Personnel Services Specialist in the Benefits division of the Personnel Services

City of Seaside
Section 125 plan is administered by AFLAC. Because we offer their other
insurance plans to our employees, they waive the admin fees for the 125 plan.

City of Shafter
City of Shafter has a 125 cafeteria plan that we self administer. We only have
un-reimbursed medical, un-reimbursed child care and AFLAC insurance products
that can be purchased pre-tax. AFLAC helps us with the annual election and the
City administers the un-reimbursed child care (2008 4 participants, prior years
has never been more than 7) and un-reimbursed medical (2007 - 11 participants
2008 – 20 participants, big jump this year).

City of Temecula
                         SURVEY – AUGUST 2007
Yes. 3 party - www.goigoe.com - fees are reasonable

City of Walnut Creek
We offer such a plan and have an outside company administer the plan.

The City of West Covina
Uses AFLAC to administer our 125 plan. We pay no fees which was in
inducement on their part for the opportunity to sell their other lines of insurance to
our employees.

 The City of Yorba Linda
Offers a Section 125 plan. We have 16 employees participating (we have 105
full-time employees). We administer the plan in-house. Since medical
information is considered confidential, manual checks drawn on a trust account
are prepared by either the Financial Services Manager or Finance Director.

City of Yountville
We brought it in house 2 years ago. We have 22 regular employees and the
Third Party Fees made no sense given the participation levels. Human
Resources (Administrative Services Supervisor) is responsible.

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