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Freedom of speech on internet


Internet is the biggest democrat. Here you can say and do whatever you want to, but what happened when some people started to take it as a negative thing. Read Here!

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									Effect of freedom of speech in internet

“The best thing about internet is that anyone can say anything” and the worst thing is
that majority of people cannot live without internet. Even though if someone wants to
avoid it, he or she has to use it, it is one the most common means for communication.
It is true that anyone can say anything in internet; it is a real democratic world but
sometimes democracy leads to manipulation. If you want to express anything than
internet will be your best medium and if somebody does not likes your view or
opinion than he or she can easily criticise you, not only criticise but can humiliate you
also. There is always a “beware” in internet in your expressions and posts. These
days’ social media network and blogs have increased a lot, and in social media
networks your friends or your contact person can openly comment everything about
you and in blog the comments can be dangerous sometimes. Not only offensive but
sometimes full of viruses also, these viruses are also the language of internet, they can
do a lot in your blog.

I have my own personal blog “BIRD AND THE CLOUD” it is related with
spirituality and things like nature and literature, and also “GRADUATE FROM
MIKKELI” it is related with the student life of Mikkeli University of Applied
Sciences, in various posts sometimes I receive comments with exactly opposite view
and opinion and also I have received spams many times. Here, I express a part of my
thought and I am free to any extent to say and comment on whatever I would like to
and whatever I can see, but vision differs in everyman’s eye. Some agree while some
disagree, this is a law of nature and this law exists in everything of this world.
Computer and internet is created and developed by humans and as humans are natural
being, natural laws are forced on human made materials also. Although I have a great
facility to automatically cancel the comments, which consists spam and ruthless words
but even with all these facilities I receive some perfectly designed sentence with
charming words, but the meaning will be very ugly and offensive. This is the biggest
disadvantage of democracy, although I may be wrong but it is my view, why should
they interfere? Now this can be an advantage also, see at least I got to learn
something, but no, this is a human mind and human mind has changed its layout and
ego has filled up human minds and these egos reflect in internet these days, everyone
must be careful and should faithfully fulfil his or her responsibilities among the
society of internet users and among all of us. There must be limitation and appropriate
standards, but these things will decline the graph of business. Money talks, since
history to future, this factor will stay strong.

This is a huge issue in many big website and software developers, because of this
problem there are many such features and facilities provided. If there are any
offensive or vulgar word present than it will not be aired, but bad use of speech not
only means vulgarism or offensive things, there might be something which is not
vulgar but yet it is offensive. Bad use of speech, violation of copyright laws, exposing
some secret or valuable materials, harming someone’s self respect and creating a bad
environment with the effects of word, I have seen cold war between citizen of
different countries in internet also, this is really a big and bad issue. What can be done
to prevent this? Not much, you can setup some laws to avoid these things, but for that
each and every country must be capable to implement these laws because material and
words can travel to each and every country without visa and some words can be
thrown by a country with improper implementation of law to the country with proper
implementation of law. Therefore, in this case what is the meaning or purpose of the
law in the country where it is properly implemented? Nothing, what can it do to
defend those attacks? Very limited things, thus for proper control there must be self
realization in people that this world is to live happily and with proper love and care,
next thing is that there must be proper monitoring and evaluation of each and every
country with these types of activities going on there. From this observation we can
prepare some statistical data and use it as a reference while working with all the
people from around the world, in places like convention and conferences.

Education is not as important as knowledge, therefore, knowledge must be spread
from internet to internet users to stop doing these type of activities and to stop creating
these type of environment in the pages of internet, they have some history, many
sweat and blood were poured down to create this connection of internet, internet must
be respected by using it properly, with good words and good environment, we should
not abuse it and should not take it as granted. This is the main thing that people must
be aware of, rather than going technically if we go socially or emotionally than we
will succeed and this succeed will lead to a healthy society of internet.

According to UN’s telecommunication agency the users of internet has reached two
billion in 2011 A.D. this shows how vast is it, really very vast. How can we monitor
this number and those data’s that they use and transfer each and every second in
internet? It’s almost impossible, but not completely, to monitor these billion people
we need some million people and these million people are the part of those billion
people so when someone works for internet than he or she is likely to work honestly
and if not all of them then at least some million will work properly and this means
some million is purified from these billion people who use internet, and out of these
billion I think all of them don’t use this freedom of any speech in wrong way, so there
is a possibility of monitoring these factors but it will be very expensive and a huge
task. For this each and every company providing web services and internet services
must be responsible for controlling this factor. With this phenomenon, of each
company or provider taking responsibility of freedom of speech it can be evaluated for

At last, public must be aware of the environment in web pages and companies and
service providers must maintain the quality so that the law of internet of respective
country won’t ban them. There must be a mutual understanding between internet users
and users who affect the environment either positively or negatively. We can see and
feel that nature is being polluted but why can’t we feel that internet pages are also
being polluted. We must work together to create a healthy environment within internet
so that, “The best thing about internet is that anyone can say anything” remains

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