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					There is a certain rise of fire within. The flame does not recognize emptiness. It burns throughout your soul,
in and out sometimes filling you completely, sometimes staying away from your reactions. The flame is the
perfectionist of destruction; it devastates your mind and plays such a game with you which you can never
complete. It makes you addict of this game and you run wildly inside the puzzle of flame, not knowing
where it is leading you. It leads you to the worst place of this universe; this place is full of hate, ignorance,
bad attitude, negativity, lie, evilness, pain and to such a state where your mercy being completely
This flame is ego, and the ego burns, its heat is more than the heat of the fire. The heat of ego kills you
slowly showing you the most evil part of your life, and the heat of fire kills you giving you the most evil pain
of your life. Kill is a friendly word for these flames. This is such a simple and normal thing, if somebody plays
with your feel or your concept than the flame of ego rises so high that you can only afford win. Either, by
words or by power either, using technique or just by creating some moves. This simple phenomenon is
leading humanity towards the dark path of praising power. Praising power is one of the worst situations in
today’s world. Leaders are those who have the problem of supreme ego, they want people to follow them
and want many powers to control the life style of many creatures. These acts are only for self satisfaction,
no one leads to glory. The person who has knowledge debates with many people just to prove his
knowledge right and perfect. He who knows everything and can win over any situation is only one supreme
controller of all these energies.
So, there is no use of proving yourself right or showing to the world that you have so many people
following you and you have such a legal power which can turn around anyone’s life. If you have knowledge
share it, create such a environment that it will lead your knowledge to a good path which is helpful for
others. If you have a problem of supreme ego, follow spirituality. Even the great sages say that every
politician should be touched by spirituality in order to have a perfect leader to lead the normal civilians.
All these examples are of the flame that burns inside you. Even in the circle of friends, if somebody plays
with the balance of your thinking and imagination you cross some limits either this way or that way, which
you will regret after the flame, settles down. The flame rises, be careful, in every sentence you speak and
hear control your flame, otherwise it will roast you from inside. A wise man once said to his son before
leaving his physical body, that sentence changed the life of that boy, who was only nine years old, the man
said “never make anyone angry and never get angered by anyone, but if somebody creates anger in you
then leave the place and return after 24 hours to reply to that person who created anger in you.” This is
just a simple phenomenon to take over the inner flame. There are lots, offered my psychiatrist and doctors
but the inclination towards spirituality needs no suggestion or technique at all. It automatically settles the
flame inside you and the space of rising flame is occupied by the power and vision of your peace loving
Let, the flame settles down and free the ego from your soul, try it, it is amazing experience to live without
ego in your mind and brain. You feel like the falling leaf from the branch of the tree which has no complaint
with the branch, why did it let go down from its birthplace, but it enjoys its fall passing through small layers
of air. Follow peace and happiness, the real peace and happiness, not the fake one and you will love
yourself for the first time, you will know the meaning of LOVE.

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Description: Ego is a spark of fire that leads to fire in the whole forest, so beware. If you want to get rid of ego and its amazing featurers, READ THIS!!!