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Third Eye by shakilregmi


The secret and perfect tactics of creation, which you can gain through some silent practice. Read this to find out more about third eye.

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									An invisible creation, secret yet tactical creation of the lord, it belongs to every creature in this planet.
You can realize about this precious part in your body, but very few have experienced and achieved this
power. The power of inner strength which leads you to the eternal bliss, and crowns you to the state of
being, being of being in perfect consciousness and knowing yourself completely. It is the Third eye.

Mahadeva as knowledge of third eye; moderns take it as a fiction, knowledgeable take it as a source and
bliss of life. Most of the Hindus know about this third eye center because of the lord they worship, but
other religions are out of this. Even though following some religion means fake for many people today,
but people related to religion are observers of this thing, only observers and analyze according to the
tales of gods. Lord Shiva symbolizes the perfect human structure, reaching that point means knowing
the truth of you. Everybody is filled with Shiva, but no one realizes that it is within you. The third eye is
within you, inside your forehead, you just need to open it. How can you open it? A perfect time will
arrive in your life when the third eye opens. It is all about concentration and knowing yourself. Even
though there are some meditation techniques for the opening of third eye center but they all are the
result of high concentration and self trust. I am not going to share those techniques here because they
might be used negatively by someone who does not know him or herself completely. A human soul can
be controlled by some negative soul which is truth and is not accepted by modern world. But as the new
age advances further these type of things will be exposed slowly creating a huge influence in human
mind which can change this world either in a god way or a bad way.

Today I see spirituality as a healing medicine to the people living in this world. Third eye consciousness
might disturb some one’s mind but I hope it will work as I have thought. In the direction of positivity,
once your third eye is opened after knowing yourself completely then you can see such things which you
have never imagined. I will share a technique in which you can only feel your third eye, but opening or
gaining full control over it is not possible for today’s people like you all. You need to grow and know
yourself for this.

The technique is:

   Feel the golden ball in between your eyebrows just at the center of your forehead.
   Then feel the ball moving inside your head and stop it in the mid part of your head.
   Then, a silver ball comes from the back side of your head and blends with the golden ball.
   Now, it glows with such a white presence that it makes your head shine brightly and your whole
    body too.
   Let the ball move outside and arise in the center of your forehead. Feel its power and feel its glow.

 You will feel a pain in the middle of your forehead, where your third eye is present. You will feel the
 strength and this motive leads you to happiness. This will be the start and let it flow. Know yourself and
 concentrate to win your mind. Finally, you will see the universe with your third eye. It has no limitation
 at all and neither there will be any obstacle.
 This is the power of truth and the power of your soul which lets you know the reason of your presence
 and arrival in earth, where you were before taking this form and what lead you here. To know yourself
 completely means you see yourself and the universe with the tactical third eye. The solution of every

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