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   Java Script is one of the most pervasive
    languages found on the internet and World
    Wide Web.
   Java Script is useful in making web pages
    more interactive.
   The pages can be made to react to the
    actions of the users in the form of special
    effects, both visual and otherwise.

   Java Script began as a joint effort between
    Netscape Communications Corporation and
    Sun Microsystems beginning in the year
   Java Script is an object-based, client-side
    scripting language that can be used to make
    web pages more dynamic.

   Java Script can make use of items called
   The use of objects is different in Java Script
    because, here the objects are not class based.
   There is no distinction between classes and

   Java Script is run on the client systems.
   Here, Java Script is run on the web browser
    rather than on the web server which is
    serving a page from the website.

   A Scripting Language is very different from
    the conventional programming languages.
   One of the main differences is that a scripting
    language does not require a compiler to run
    the program.
   In a scripting language the code is
    interpreted as it is being loaded. This saves
    the time of the client.

   Script Tags are used to trigger the beginning
    and ending of a scripting language in a HTML
   In the most basic forms, these scripting tags
    are seen as just any other HTML tags.

   External Script file is a text file that
    contains Java Script code.
   This is external script is used to run the code
    on a multiple pages.
   This is a time saving act for the client.

   A Variable is used to hold value. A variable’s
    actual value can be altered at any point in
   Variables are used when the coder does not
    know the kind of values that will be used in
    the script.

   Variables can save time in writing and
    updating the scripts.
   Variables include data types such as null
    value, number values, Boolean values, string
    values, etc.

   A Function can be defined as smaller script
    within a larger script.
   Functions are particularly useful for
    performing small tasks or a series of tasks.

   Functions are useful in dividing the whole
    script into smaller parts so that each task is
   This makes it easier to run the whole script
    and debug it quickly and easily.

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