RIVER RAFTING IN LADAKH
River Rafting in Ladakh takes you through its picturesque landscape, consisting of deep canyons, hill top
monasteries, hill-side villages and its wildlife.

A season for River Rafting in Ladakh is only for four and half months. It starts from early June and
remains till early October.

Leh Ladakh region of India provides very good opportunity and atmosphere for River Rafting. The Indus
and its major tributaries and Zangskar have many stretches for River Rafting. Many professional
agencies are ready to guide you. The best stretch guided by professional is on the Indus river between
Spituk and saspol. The river’s white water becomes difficult and funning. So it requires technically skilled
participants under the guidance of careful organization. The Indus river has easiest stretch between
spituk and Karu. It is ideal for basic training and day return and attractive floating for a matures.
Nowadays, rafting the Indus has become an attractive alternative to trekking. The most difficult and
exciting river rafting in the Zangskar between Padum and Nimo. If you choose this site for River Rafting
in Ladakh, then you should be prepared for several day of river running. You have to camp in wilderness.
Participants should be trained rafters and get arrangements under a dependable professional agency.
An adequate arrangement for rescue is an essential in water expedition on river Zangskar.

Zangskar River Rafting expedition’s trip starts with a flight over the expeditions trip starts with a flight
over the Himalayas into the Himalayan region of Ladakh in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Stay a few
days in Leh town of Ladakh to acclimatize yourself at 11000 above sea level. You can get the pleasure of
visiting the ancient monasteries, palaces and villages around the town.

Take a drive to Kargil (180Km). Here again take a drive up to Remala. It the way you have to pass
through exiting few of parkachik, and magnificent view of the Nun and Kun, hanging glaciers and
meadows. Remala is the starting point for the rafting trip on Dada river, a tributary of Zangskar river.
When you are rafting sports in this river. You will observe the pleasure of the game which enables grand
views of Zangskar peaks at the bottom of which is the Drug Durang glacier.

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