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									                      PANGONG LAKE Ladakh
Pangong Lake is situated in Himalayas. Its height is about 4,350 ft. It is 134 km long. It Extends from India
to Tibet. 60% length of Pangong Lake lies in China. The lake is wide about 5km. Its water is saline. But
lake freezes completely in winter season. But lake freezes completely in winter season.

Distance between Leh and Pangong Lake can be discovered in a five hours. This route is a rough and
dramatic mountain road through the village Shey and Gya and crosses Changla pass. Many Army men
(guard) and Tea shops will be seen on your way. It is said that once the lake had an outlet, Shyok River, a
tributary of Indus River, which was destroyed by a natural dam.

After a journey full of difficulties we reached Pangong Tso from Leh. Camping at Spangmik village will
give great opportunities to admire the beauty of the lake and ladscape. Spangmik is a small village,
spread across a narrow stretch of earth between the lake and adjoining mountains. Spangmik village is
next to Pangong Lake, where the inhabitants are now finding additional income from tourist inflow. You
need nothing to enjoy yourself, the lake and the mountain make sure you are kept happy contented.
The lake spread so long that I can’t see the other end.

Change of shade in Lake can be observed as the day progresses. It has deepest hues of blue when the
sum I high and deeper hues in the middle of the lake. It looses colour later in the day and turns dull as
the sun moves towards the west. At times when the is no wind, the clear surface of lake becomes
mirror, so it reflects the brown mountains surrounding it. The water near the shore looks black when
there are strong waves.

The mountains are in various shades of brown, their colours doubled by the scorching sunlight and
shades come due to small patches of clouds blocking the sun. Waterways on the stopes formed by
melting snow have made long thin lines.

The lake is an ideal site for bird lovers as well various migratory birds including the black- naked Siberian
Crane and Brahmini ducks can be seen in the cool colourful water of the lake. The best time to visit thin
lake is between June to September. An inner permit is required to visit the lake as it lies on the line of
Actual Control. Indian can get individual permit. Others must have group permits (minimum of 3
persons) accompanied by an affiliated guide. You can get permit from the tourist office of Leh. India
government does not permit boating due to security reason.

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