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                                                                                                               JUNE 2009 / 2 VOL 7

In this issue (among other topics):                                                        The EU-Japan Centre
   European Commission-funded activities for the benefit of EU companies                   for Industrial Cooperation
   New! WCM course in Europe managed by the EU-Japan Centre                                is a joint venture co-financed by the
   New! EU-Japan intercultural 2-day seminar in Europe managed by the Centre               European Commission and the Japanese
   EU Gateway Programme business missions                                                  Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
                                                                                           (METI). Its aim is to foster the development
   Vulcanus in Europe programme - Call for host companies’ applications                    of industrial cooperation between compa-
   EU-Japan Centre’s news                                                                  nies from both regions through training
   Japan-related European Commission news                                                  programmes for businesspeople, for EU
                                                                                           and Japanese students and researchers,
   Seminar - The Future of Employment in Europe and Japan                                  and through information services and an
   EU-Japan Cooperation Forum on ICT Research                                              industrial dialogue.
   German-Japanese Environment Dialogue Forum
                                                                                           This occasional newsletter is produced by
   News in "Brief" and EU-Japan-related events calendar
                                                                      CA                   the EU-based office of the EU-Japan

Forthcoming EC-funded activities
                                                                    APP LL FO              Centre, and is primarily intended to provide
                                                                       LICA R              EU-Japan-related news.

Programme dates: 5 – 9 October 2009
Application deadline: 24 July 2009

The EU-Japan Centre is organising a 5-day "Productivity Improvement Course"
focusing on World Class Manufacturing techniques in application in manufacturing
plants in Europe. Based at the European Centre for Japanese Studies (CEEJA) in
Alsace (France), participants will follow an intensive course including 3 days of on
the job training and a visit to two Japanese factories in the region. This course is
aimed particularly at engineers with managerial responsibilities working in
automotive, machinery, tooling and component supply industries wishing to boost
the efficiency of their production methods.

Costs: No course fees for participants from SMEs (€1,000 for participants from
large companies), free on-site accommodation.
                                                                                           LAST CALL

EU-JAPAN INTERCULTURAL BUSINESS SEMINAR                                                    < World Class Manufacturing >
                                                                                            5-day training mission in Japan
"Transforming Cultural Differences into Business Strength"
                                                                                           For EU managers working for manu-
                                                                                           facturing companies in the EU
Event dates: 19 & 20 November 2009
Application deadline: 9 October 2009                                                       This programme is specially designed
                                                                                           for European managers responsible
This 2-day intercultural seminar in November will bring together European and              for developing / improving their
Japanese managers based in Europe and who are interested in improving their                company's production practices.
business communication skills to allow more effective communication with                   The course assists them to acquire a
colleagues and business partners regardless of cultural differences.                       better understanding of how Japanese
                                                                                           companies continually reduce their
The seminar will highlight the main differences in communication techniques                manufacturing costs by constantly
between Europe and Japan, and will identify potential solutions through lectures           innovating using "KAIZEN" manufac-
and problem-solving activities. Based at the European Centre for Japanese                  turing methods (continuous improve-
Studies (CEEJA) in Alsace (France), this course will be led            ment), "JIT" (Just in Time), "TQC"
by the Japan Consulting Office which specialises in Japanese-European cross-               (Total Quality Control) and "TQM"
cultural training                                            (Total Quality Management) practices.
Costs: €80/participant to cover food costs, no tuition fees, free on-site accommodation.
For more information, please contact Margherita Rosada at    
and mention any specific topics / cases, that you would like to be included in the
           page 2                                                                NEWSLETTER - JUNE 2009 / 2 VOL 7

Forthcoming EC-funded activities
5-DAY TRAINING MISSION IN JAPAN - DBP 2010                                                   EU GATEWAY PROGRAMME
                                                                                             BUSINESS MISSIONS TO JAPAN
For EU managers working for EU companies
such as Export Managers
                                                                                             The EU Gateway Programme is funded
                                                                                             and managed by the European Com-
Training dates: 22 - 26 February 2010
                                                                                             mission to support EU companies in
Application deadline: 10 December 2010
                                                                                             developing business in Japan by pro-
                                                                                             viding support at the critical early stages
“Distribution & Business Practices in Japan”
                                                                                             of their market penetration strategy.
mission (DBP 2010) will help EU companies
acquire useful tools for building an effective
                                                                                             Apart from pre-arranged individual
marketing strategy for the Japanese / Asian
                                                                                             meetings, this business mission will
                                                                                             also include two business days where
The course will also help participants understand how existing distribution channels
                                                                                             companies will be able to introduce
successfully adjust their strategy to develop segmentation and product differenti-
                                                                                             their technologies and products to
ation in the Japanese market.
                                                                                             sector related manufacturers, importers   and trading houses, users, and gov-
                                                                                             ernmental organisations.

EU-Japan Centre’s News                                                                       In the run-up to, during, and after the
                                                                                             visits, companies will have access to
                                                                                             professional mentoring and coaching
FUTURES CHALLENGES FOR THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY                                               on how to develop their business ideas
IN THE EU AND JAPAN                                                                          and come up with a potent business
                                                                                             strategy tailored to the Japanese
On 24 April 2009 in Tokyo, the EU-            • The lack of funding creates difficulties     marketplace.
Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation       for consumers to finance the purchase
organised a seminar entitled "Economic        of new cars;
& Environmental Challenges for the            • The Japanese and the European mar-
Automotive Industry in the EU and             kets are in overcapacity;
Japan" with speeches by Messrs                • The evolution towards an ageing and
Philippe Jean, Head of the Automotive         a "no car" society is predictable on the
Unit, and Akira Matsunaga, Director of        structural long-term.
the Automotive Division of the METI.
                                              The seminar outlined that Japan and
The seminar was attended by over 100          the EU have adopted similar policy             Upcoming events:
participants from business, industrial        responses to address these issues
federations, Japanese public organisa-        such as:                                       -Interior Design Business Week:
tions and administrations, EU Member          • Financing the sector in the short term;      2-6 November 2009
States’ embassies and media.                  • Elaborating short-term schemes to            Application deadline:
                                              favour demand;                                 10 June 2009
The automotive sector, a key industry         • Restructuring the sector on the long
for both the European and Japanese            term;                                          -Information and Communication
economies, is currently facing three          • Financing R&D and clean cars;                Technologies Business Week:
major challenges:                             • More specifically in Japan, improving        30 November- 4 December 2009
                                              traffic flow and promoting efficient use       Application deadline:
                                              of transportation.                             17 July 2009
A full report is available at:
                                                                                             -Construction and Building Technologies
                                                                                             Business Week:
                                                                                             1-5 February 2010
                                                                                             Application deadline:
                                                                                             2 October 2009

                                                                                             -Environment and Energy-related Tech-
                                                                                             nologies Business Week:
                                                                                             1-5 February 2010
                                                                                             Application deadline:
                                                                                             2 October 2009

          page 3                                                            NEWSLETTER - JUNE 2009 / 2 VOL 7

Vulcanus in Europe Programme
HOST A TRAINEE!                                                                         FROM BUDAPEST
Japanese students’ industrial placement at EU companies                                 On behalf of Babolna Bio Ltd -
                                                                                        Vulcanus Host company
The EU-Japan Centre is inviting applications for the 15th
                                                                                                  Under the Vulcanus Programme of
session of its “Vulcanus in Europe” programme

This programme offers EU industrial companies the opportunity
to host a Japanese university student from high-tech, scientific
and technical fields and thereby gain a valuable addition to the
companies’ workforce and an insight into Japanese business culture.

Your company will design the content of the placement and will choose your
placement student. (S)he will have followed a 4-month course in the language
                                                                                        the EU-Japan Centre we had the honour of
                                                                                        hosting a young Japanese trainee at our
                                                                                        company between August 2008 – March
                                                                                        2009. We believe that this opportunity has
                                                                                        given us a great chance to exchange and
                                                                                        better understand the different educational,
                                                                                        knowledge, economic and company-cultural
                                                                                        backgrounds. We felt, that both the trainee
                                                                                        and ourselves gained a lot of experience
                                                                                        from the other, and have managed to
spoken in your company before joining your company.                                     establish a long-term friendship and working
                                                                                        relationship. Not only the knowledge of the
Costs: The net amount the student will receive from the company will be € 6600          trainee was superb, but we were more than
(to be paid either via the EU-Japan Centre or directly, depending on applicable laws)   happy with his character, working capacities
                                                                                        and thoroughness. We are also confident
Placement dates:
Application deadline:
                         1 August 2010 – 31 March 2011 (8 months)
                         30 September 2009

Feel free to contact:
                                                                                        that by sharing our knowledge, work and
                                                                                        everyday life has contributed a lot in estab-
                                                                                        lishing a deep and mutual respect towards
                                                                                        each other. I can only say, that should a
                                                                                        similar opportunity arise, we would be more                                     than happy to accept the trainee again, or
                                                                                        anyone else at our company.

European Commission News
                                                                                        Janos Szilagyi - Babolna Bio Ltd.
                                                                                        Head of Development & Regulatory Division

                                           2009 EU and Japan Summit                     Policy Javier Solana. Prime Minister
                                           discussions on climate change,               Taro Aso represented Japan. The main
                                           economic crisis and other global             focus was to strength cooperation on
                                           challenges                                   key global challenges such as climate
                                                                                        change and the financial and economic
                                           Summit talks between the European            crisis. The summit leaders also re-
                                           Union and Japan were held in Prague          viewed progress on bilateral issues
                                           on 4 May 2009. European Commission           since the last EU-Japan Summit, in
                                           President José Manuel Barroso to-            areas such as science and technology,
                                           gether with Czech President Václav           aviation, financial services, judicial
                                           Klaus represented the EU.                    cooperation and development policy
                                           They were joined by the Commissioner
                                           for External Relations and European          Useful links:
                                           Neighbourhood Policy, Benita Ferrero- 
                                           Waldner, and the High Representative         tions/japan/index_en.htm
                                           for the Common Foreign and Security   

Seminar on Japan-related European Commission programmes for EU companies

PromoMadrid in co-operation with ICEX and the Regional Business Confederation, CEIM, in the
framework of the Enterprise Europe Network programme is going to organise a seminar about the
EU programmes related to the Japanese market, on 22 June in Madrid, Spain.

Although Madrid companies tend to overlook Japan as a priority destination, it can offer very interesting opportunities to the
companies. Cultural and physical distance should not stop them trying to reach this important market.
This seminar will show the different programmes and tools set up by the European Union with the aim of bringing the
Japanese market closer and will focus on European programmes covering Japan: the EU-Gateway Programme and the
activities offered by the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation. Also, two companies will explain their experience in
these programmes and their subsequent experience in Japan.
           page 4                                                                NEWSLETTER - JUNE 2009 / 2 VOL 7

European Commission News
The Future of Employment in Europe and Japan                                               EU-Japan Cooperation Forum
24 June 2009 - Brussels, Belgium                                                           on ICT Research
                                                                                           2 July 2009 – Brussels, Belgium

                                                                                           The 2nd "EU-Japan Cooperation
                                                                                           Forum on ICT research" organised
This seminar will look in depth at the        The challenges for both Japan and the
                                                                                           under the aegis of the European Com-
prospects for employment in Japan and         EU are big. Protectionism is a real
                                                                                           mission (DG Information Society and
Europe as the current economic and            threat to both. Civil society involvement
                                                                                           Media) and of the Japanese Ministry of
financial crisis develops. It will work to    and support will be essential to find
                                                                                           Internal Affairs and Communications
identify and pursue constructive steps        long-term solutions. To maintain and
                                                                                           (MIC), will be held on July 2, 2009 at the
to alleviate the continuing threats to        create jobs both Europe and Japan will
                                                                                           Radisson SAS Royal Hotel in Brussels.
jobs. It will identify and quantify the on-   need to give far much greater empha-
going impact of the crisis and evaluate       sis to training, retraining and reskilling
                                                                                           The first edition of this Forum took
the stimulus packages adopted so far.         for all age groups.
                                                                                           place in Tokyo in March 2008. This
                                                                                           year’s event will provide European and
Japan – EU strategic cooperation will         New ideas and approaches will need to
                                                                                           Japanese organisations interested in
be essential to overcome the effects of       be developed including flexicurity and
                                                                                           the development of joint R&D projects
the crisis. Our challenges are shared:        new management techniques, involving
                                                                                           in the ICT area (particularly projects to
both EU and Japan have ageing popu-           greater input from youth, civil society
                                                                                           be presented at FP7 calls for propos-
lations, an rising need to maximise           and other wider audiences.
                                                                                           als) with another opportunity to get to-
youth employment, to maximise the
                                                                                           gether, network, and discuss such
work-life balance and ensure stability in     For further information contact:
our post-crisis social security networks.

The seminar takes place at the European Economic and Social Committee                                                   For further information contact:                

27 July 2009, Kyoto, Japan

                         The VPH NoE is a project which aims to help support and progress European research in biomed-
                         ical modelling and simulation of the human body. This will improve our ability to predict, diagnose and
                         treat disease, and have a dramatic impact on the future of healthcare, the pharmaceutical and
                         medical device industries.

The European project VPH NoE will host a Satellite Symposium on "Building the Virtual Physiological Human Community",
in conjunction with the Ritsumeikan University' Department of Physiology and Biophysics at the 36th International Congress
of Physiological Sciences in Kyoto on 27 July 2009.
The meeting will be open to 80-100 participants with invited attendees from EU FP7-funded projects and other initiatives
around the world.
Currently, confirmed attendees include Denis Noble, Jim Bassingthwaighte, Peter Hunter, Chae Hun Leem, Andrew Mc-
Culloch, David Nickerson, Peter Coveney.

Information on the EU Framework Programme 7 and open calls in eHealth can be found on:
           page 5                                                                    NEWSLETTER - JUNE 2009 / 2 VOL 7

EU-Japan Centre’s news
Nissan India                               Another lesson learnt although quite             ERTEKIN - Made in Tokyo
GEICO’s Success Story!                     harsh can be extremely useful also for
                                           elsewhere."                                      Known for its romance and charm the
Dr. Ali Reza Arabnia, President & CEO                                                       Esmé Ertekin shoes collection has
of Geico Industrial Group, is an old       The plant is to apply protective coating         previously enjoyed a rich fan base in
friend of EU-Japan Centre. He was one      for Nissan’s passenger cars with a               Japan.
of the fourteen European managers          capacity of 150 000 units per annum.             "I love working in Japan", said Mrs
selected to attend the HRTP in 1992.       This is quite a strategic plant for Nissan       Ertkin, the company owner.
Since then he has had quite a number       and is the only one going ahead with             "The Japanese have such a refreshing
of success stories with the Japanese       the original schedule despite the                attitude towards fashion and my designs
market in various fields.                   current economical turmoil in the global        have always been well appreciated
                                                       automotive industry.                 there. So I decided to start trying to
"Thanks to the HRTP training,                                                               produce in Japan as they are highly
I truly learnt how to be respectful                                                         skilled and their exacting quality stan-
and effective with my Japanese                                                              dards match with mine."
business partners. The HRTP                                                                 Esmé Ertekin was trained at Central St.
was a great human and cultural                                                              Martins in fashion and print design.
experience that has been                                                                    She then went on to work as a fashion
fundamental for me to oper-                                                                 designer for Kenzo in Paris and then
ate in Japan"; he said.                                                                     Moschino in Milan.

The most recent success                                                                     Esmé started her business in 2000 in
he has experienced is with                                                                  partnership with an Italian shoe pro-
Nissan. Geico, which is specialised in                                                      ducer. This is the first test collection
providing turn-key, green field, and                            Geico                       she has produced in Japan. She is
complete original coating plants for the
                                                                                nt          looking forward to producing acces-
vehicle industry, has been commis-                                                          sories and womenswear collection in
sioned to construct a completely new       Ali Reza Arabnia – Gecofin S.p.A. - Italy        Japan soon too.
Pre-Treatment and Electro Coating
Plant for Nissan in Chennai (India) on a   Former participant in the "HRTP-Japan            Esmé ERTEKIN - UK
green-field site.                          Industry Insight" course                         Former participant in both the "HRTP-
                                                                                            Japan Industry Insight" and "Distribu-
"This was quite a complex and educa-                       tion Practices in Japan" courses
tional negotiation with a bidding                                                    
process that took 55 weeks before we
were awarded the contract.

In Brief
2nd German-Japanese Environment Dialogue Forum
Efficient energy supply, storage and use as keys to cli-         Storage Technology Center of Japan, the Bundesministerium
mate protection                                                  für Umwelt, Naturschutz und Reaktorsicherheit (BMU),
9 - 10 June 2009 - Tokyo, Japan                                  the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF)
                                                                 and ECOS Japan Consult
Researchers from Fraunhofer ISE (Institute for Solar Energy      In cooperation with:
Systems), UMSICHT (Institute for Environmental, Safty and        the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI),
Energy Technology) and IFAM (Institute for Manufacturing         the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), the Bun-
Engineering and Applied Materials Research) will participate     desministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie (BMWi) and
in the 2nd German-Japanese Environment Dialogue Forum            the Deutsch-Japanischer Wirtschaftskreis (DJW)
and give lectures about efficient energy supply, storage and
use as keys to climate protection.                               Language:
                                                                 German and Japanese (simultaneous translation)
Hosted by the New Energy and Industrial Technology               Participation:
Development Organization (NEDO) and the Deutsche                 Free, number of participants limited, reservation required on:
Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU)                            
Co-hosted by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial
Science and Technology (AIST), Heat Pump & Thermal               mentForum.jsp
           page 6                                                            NEWSLETTER - JUNE 2009 / 2 VOL 7

In Brief
                                             East JapanRailway Company (JR East)        The Ministry of Internal Affairs and
                                             opened its Brussels                        Communications, Japan and the
                                             Office in April 2009.                      Embassy of Ireland in Japan hosted the
Where the world meets for Life Science       The Office will focus                      first joint Japan-Ireland Forum on
Reflecting the challenges of an in-          on collecting infor-                       Ubiquitous Innovation on Wednesday
creasingly globalised world, life science    mation on rapidly                          27 May 2009.
technologies, investment opportunities       changing railway and transport policies,
and research collaborations are all          standardisation and business models in     The Japanese and Irish Prime Ministers
becoming increasingly international in       Europe. Moreover, the office is aiming     during their meeting in Tokyo in Janu-
their perspectives. Striving to enhance      to promote dialogue and collaborating      ary 2009 agreed that Ireland and Japan
Medicon Valley´s position to one of the      with Japanese industries in Europe.        should work together to realise the
top five life science clusters in the                                                   opportunities that developments in the
world, Medicon Valley Alliance has           Contact:                                   area of ubiquity presents for both
launched the Life Science Ambassador         Naoya Koide, Head of Brussels Office       countries. This joint Forum has exam-
Programme; a strategic network of con-       of JR East:       ined how Japan and Ireland, at a public
tacts and active collaborations with 12                                                 and private level, can work together to
of the leading life science clusters.                                                   facilitate, encourage and further enable
                                             WEBSITES SPOTTED…                          these developments.
One YearAnniversary with Good Results                                                   Participants from a focused range of
The first partner cluster for Medicon                                                   key companies, research institutes and
Valley is the Kobe-Kansai cluster in                                                    policy makers operating in this field
Japan. After only one year in operation                                                 attended that forum.
the programme has established a
strong partnership between the Kobe-                                          
Kansai and Medicon Valley cluster at                                                    aspx?id=81855
many different levels. Universities in
Medicon Valley and Kobe-Kansai are
conducting shared seminars and are                                                      LATVIAN FOOD WEEK IN JAPAN
planning future projects together, SMEs                                                 For the first time in Japan, the Embassy
are using the ambassadors for estab-                                                    of Latvia, with Japan-Latvia Music
lishing contacts with potential collabo-                                                Association and Pleasaurant restaurant
ration and licensing partners, and major                                                organised a Latvian Food Week in
pharmaceutical companies in both                                                        Tokyo. The campaign took place at the
regions have used the programme to           Japanese-English legal terminology         Pleasaurant restaurant in Shibuya from
assess more than 130 early stage             On the 1 April 2009, the Japanese          27 April to 3 May.
in-sourcing possibilities.                   Ministry of Justice has launched a
                                             Japanese Law Translation website to        During this time all restaurant guests      help foreign firms understand Japan's      were able to enjoy Latvian cuisine.
                                             legal system                               Japanese guests strongly appreciated
                                             It offers translations of laws and ordi-   Latvian food and around half of the
90TH ANNIVERSARY OF DIPLOMATIC               nances based on a newly compiled           customers chosen a special Latvian
RELATIONS BETWEEN FINLAND                    dictionary of Japanese-English legal       lunch menu for their meal.
AND JAPAN IN 2009                            terminology.                               Historically, Latvian cuisine was very
Under the 90th anniversary                                                              much influenced by neighbouring coun-
celebrations, the Embassy              tries’ eating traditions (paticularly
of Finland in Japan and the Finnish In-                                                 German cuisine). Latvians are proud of
stitute in Japan will organise a joint se-                                              delicious and ecologically-clean dairy
ries of events.                              Japanese contemporary Music                products such as cottage cheese,
                                             The main objectives of JaME are to         yogurt, sour milk as well as rye bread
Among others, "Suomi September" will         spread the popularity of contemporary      and traditional herb liquor “Riga Black
present a large variety of events to         Japanese music to the people of            Balsam” (which dates from the middle
commemorate the signing of the               Europe and America and to assist           of 18th century).
contract that established the warm and       Japanese artists to export their music
friendly relations between Japan and         worldwide.                       
           page 7                                                              NEWSLETTER - JUNE 2009 / 2 VOL 7

In Brief
DESKTOP FACTORY FOR FRIENDLY                                                               MOVES
MANUFACTURING.                                                                             CzechInvest’s Japan office moves to
                                                                                           seat of Czech diplomacy in Tokyo
In the era of nanotechnology is it possi-    A seminar was organised in Archamps
ble to imagine smaller manufacturing         (Haute-Savoie, France) in May with            Since April 2009 the Czech Republic
equipment?                                   French and Swiss companies involved           moved all of its representative offices in
                                             with the Desktop Factory as users,            Japan to a single location. CzechIn-
                                             developers or suppliers. The contact          vest’s Japanese operations is now
                                             between Japanese and European                 housed in a common location. The new
                                             industry was very fruitful as usual, but      office was opened by Jaromír Novotný,
                                             especially on this subject as Japanese        the Czech ambassador to Japan, and
                                             industry is leading and so creative in        the acting CEO of CzechInvest, Alexan-
                                             " the art of manufacturing"(Monozukuri).      dra Rudyšarová.
                                             Small machines are not a new concept          "Our Japan office has long been one of
                                             but were so far limited to soft materials,    our most successful foreign branches",
                                             prototyping or training. What is new is       say Rudyšarová. "Last year alone, the
                                             that now all manufacturing processes          office assisted in bringing investments
                                             are concerned, for real industrial pro-       worth nearly CZK one billion to the
Reducing size is not only a benefit in       duction. Their size is sufficiently small     Czech Republic and we also managed
terms of footprint or weight, it is also a   (A3 or A4) to fit on a table (the "Destop     to obtain new orders from Japanese
means of saving resources and energy,        factory"), for significantly reduced prices   firms for Czech companies – this most
while increasing flexibility, lowering in-   (€ 6000 for manufacturing equipment).         recently involved the signing of a con-
vestment and reducing manufacturing          Research in ongoing on more advanced          tract worth several million crowns an-
costs: "The dream of manufacturing"!         concept such as "wireless electric supply     nually for the production of gardening
                                             network" to further increase flexibility.     equipment under the Canycom brand
                                                                                           at Agrostroj in Pelhřimov."
                                             After the seminar and business meet-          "The main advantage of the move is
                                             ings, the delegation visited CHARLY-          that the various Czech representative
                                             ROBOT(**), one of the most famous             offices here will be able to quickly and
                                             French companies specialised in "desk-        easily inform each other of all events
                                             top" machining equipments. After this         organised in Japan", explained Ondřej
                                             first mutual discovery of companies,          Votruba, director of CzechInvest’s
                                             people, projects, products and strate-        Japan office. "In addition, we will also
                                             gies, the next step will be to concretise     be closer to our clients – potential
                                             collaboration ideas generated during          investors. Compared with our former
                                             this visit.                                   location in Yokohama, Tokyo is a some-
                                                                                           what more impressive address. And
                                             Contact about collaboration with Japan        because all official Czech representa-
A Japanese delegation from Nagano            in mechatronics at Thesame: Olivier de        tive offices in Japan are being moved to
prefecture visited Europe to meet            Gabrielli          the same place, the Czech Republic’s
industry and to discuss about possible                                                     costs will be reduced in the long term."
technical and economical partnerships
on this topic, in the scope of JETRO’s       (*) Desktop Factory Research Consortium:
RIT programme. This delegation was                       vests-japan-office-moves-to-seat-of-
composed of 6 top managers from              (**) CHARLYROBOT:                             czech-diplomacy-in-tokyo
member companies of the "Desktop   
Factory Research Consortium" in
Suwa, Nagano region.


                   Brussels Export announced with regrets the death of Mr. Shuichi Yamamoto, the economic and
                   commercial attaché in Tokyo for the Brussels-Capital Region.
                   The Brussels-Capital Region’s office will always remember him as a very professional and warm hearted
                   The Brussels-Capital Region’s commercial office at the Belgian Embassy will temporarily be run by
                   his assistant, Miss Yuko Miyake.
               page 8                                                                              NEWSLETTER - JUNE 2009 / 2 VOL 7

Date/Location                                                 Details                                                              Contacts
10 June 2009                                                 Seminar                                          UBIFRANCE
Paris, France                       Acquisition et post acquisition d’une entreprise japonaise :    
                                                     les étapes de la réussite                      
21 June 2009                                             Seminar                                              Association ScienceScope France-Japon
Tokyo, Japan                     25th Sciencescope Seminar: Celebration of Women in Science         
24 June 2009                                               Seminar                                           European Economic and Social Committee
Brussels, Belgium                        The Future of Employment in Europe and Japan              

2 July 2009                                                Forum                                   
Brussels, Belgium                        EU-Japan Cooperation Forum on ICT Research                

21 July 2009                                                   Forum                                         Außenwirtschaftszentrum Bayern
Nürnberg, Germany                                Asien Pazifik Forum Bayern 2009                   
3 - 5 September 2009                                      Symposium                                          Optical Society of Japan (Japan Society ofApplied Physics)
Tokyo, Japan                                   OIE '09 - The Eighth Japan-Finland                            Next-Generation PhotonicsApplication Research Division,
                                            Joint Symposium on Optics in Engineering                         Tokyo University of Science
5 - 9 October 2009                        European Commission-funded Programme                               EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation
Alsace, France                                   KAIZEN Workshop in the EU                         
                                                 <World Class Manufacturing>                       
                                               Application deadline: 24 July 2009                            training/world-class-manufacturing-europe.html
19 - 23 October 2009                      European Commission-funded Programme                                EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation
Tokyo, Japan                                      Training Mission in Japan                         
                                                <World Class Manufacturing>                         
                                              Application deadline: 11 June 2009                              training/world-class-manufacturing.html
19 - 20 November 2009                                       Seminar                                           EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation
Alsace, France                              EU-Japan Intercultural Business Seminar                 
                                    "Transforming Cultural Differences into Business Strengh"

21 - 26 November 2009                                         Event                                
Graz, Austria                                            Japan Week 2009                           

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